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Az Újhold bővített előzetese, magyar felirattal. (New Moon extended trailer with hungarian subtitle) Gondoltam ide is kiteszem. Jó nézegetést! :)
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Edward Cullen
Bella Swan
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 2 - OPEN BOOK

The tiếp theo ngày was better... and worse.
It was better because it wasn't raining yet, though the clouds were dense and opaque. It was easier because I knew what to expect of my day. Mike came to sit bởi me in English, and walked me to my tiếp theo class, with Chess Club Eric glaring at him all the while; that was flattering. People didn't look at me quite as much as they had yesterday. I sat with a big group at lunch that included Mike, Eric, Jessica, and several other people whose names and faces I now remembered. I began to feel like I was treading...
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Chapter 15: Who Takes the Blame (Jake's POV)

Three thêm days passed by. Renesmee slept a lot and was craving only mountain lion now. She couldn’t keep anything else down. It was increasingly hard to find mountain lion so Emmett, Sam, Jasper and Edward took turns going out together to hunt for her. She could take down three mountain lions in a sitting at least three times a day. They were concerned about drawing attention bởi hunting the mountain lion so close to Forks so they veered farther and farther away. No thêm Bones were broken but if the baby moved even the slightest bit it was excruciating...
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