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twilight saga
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Robert Pattinson
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Two hours to go... 1 giờ to go... 50 minutes... 45 minutes. I was starting to get sick of waiting. Why couldn't time di chuyển faster? Edward, my boyfriend, had promised to pick me up 10 o clock. Okay, wrong choice of word. the word boyfriend doesn't really illustrate enough of my eternal commitment for Edward, but it's the closest I can get without sounding stupid. Anyway, it was New Years Eve and Edward and I were going to spend the last few hours of the năm concentrating on being together. Then we were going somewhere special to see the New năm in. That's all Edward would tell me. The rest...
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I felt cold hand's embracing me. Quickly, I turned to Edward, he smiled to me. I saw joy in his eyes, my tim, trái tim fell apart. How could I say goodbye to him?

"Bella what's wrong?" Edward asked me, when he saw my sad eyes. Suddenly I felt angry, he acted like nothing happened. How could he? How could they?

"What's wrong? Is it Renesmee?" He panicked "Answer me" If I could cry, I would. So much pain was in me.

"I saw" I said. Surprise appeared in his face.

"You saw what?" I tried not to look into his eyes, but it failed. Pain, just pain in me.

"I saw bạn with" my voice beaked. I took a deep breath "with...
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The Twilight Legend
Book 4 of the Chronicles of Sam Devine

Chapter One: Prologue
If bạn have been asleep for the last 3 sách then I suggest bạn pick them up and read them but if bạn have read all the trước đó sách then that’s great. But for all bạn people who haven’t here is a summary from the Twilight Archives.
On earth 1992, a human was born, His name was Sam but he was no ordinary human, his fate had been decided bởi a race of aliens who called themselves the Guardian thiên thần who were the sworn protectors of the galaxy hoặc were they. They had decided to gain trust throughout the Milky Way...
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sry for the wait! :(
i haven't been getting much feedback and i kinda feel like people don't like my articles. if i don't get any feed back after this it'll probably be the last one.
chapter five: Heavenly's POV
"What happened?" asked Jake after he got in the car and we started driving.
"uhh, no one got hurt. i'm happy, i geuss. we just talked and i don't think we'll be talking to the Cullens for a while, but i got you." he đã đưa ý kiến smiling the whole time.
i was confused. that was weird for what i had seen earlier.
"you know that really scared me Jacob."...
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This is a new Fanfic I'm working on, called When Worlds Collide. I'm posting the link, hoping everybody will give it a chance.
my story, Edward is a smart over achiever, Emmett is in jail, and Bella is a mysterious tiếp theo door neighbor with some issues.
Edward has to decide if he's going to risk everything for Bella, hoặc if he's going to continue to please everybody around him and forget about her.
It's E/B AU-AH with heavy drama.
LINK---> link

"La Bella Vita" is a Angst/Horror One-shot featuring a ngày in the life of the disturbed Edward Cullen. It's a 'Mentalward' Contest entry.
LINK---> link
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Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
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