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Ashley Greene
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This Seri chạng vạng bức ảnh contains playsuit, người chơi, hip boot, and thigh boot. There might also be đôi chân trần, pantyhose, quần bó sát, bó sát, chân trần, skintight quần, skintight, trần chân, skintight quần skintight, hàng dệt kim, ống, sản phẩm bít tất, vòi, chemise, áo sơ mi, shift, trượt, bông, shimmy, slip, teddy, and chống trượt.

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Chapter 4: Sit in the corner and think about what bạn did.
Renesmee was having a dreadfully bad day. Jacob was out on patrol, Alice and Jasper were off on another pointless shopping spree with Esme. None of her usual pastimes could hold her attention for thêm than a few minutes. She thought about working on the watercolour painting she started last week, but was afraid in her present mood she would only ruin it. Jacob, I need you!
“Hey Little Spider, where are you?”
Crap! Emmett. Why can't he just leave me alone?
“Come out, come out where ever bạn are,” he called in an annoying singsong...
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This is my first Twilight fanfiction ever!:) So plz be nice and give me a bình luận on what bạn think about it, please!:D

Bella is the origin of vampires, but she was put to sleep for the past century and forgot most of her memories! Her and her siblings di chuyển to Forks and find... a family of vampires?! Will Bella be able to remember her Mất tích memories? E&B

1. Beginning

this is where we're moving?" I asked Annie——my 'sister,' though we're really just best Những người bạn who claim each other as sisters. And Kyle, my actual older brother.

We were standing at the, "Welcome to Forks" sign——all...
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