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Robert Pattinson
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I am Renesmee Charley Black well i used to be cullen but i married then tình yêu of my life Jacob Black 1 năm cách đây i am now 22 years old.I live in a big beautiful house that my grandmother made for me and jacob.
It is 11 o'clock at night and i am sitting in my front room watching Romeo and Juliet on my tv.I tình yêu this film it is the best film ever and my mum likes it too.Romeo was just about to kill himself when jacob comes in the door.
"Nessie your still awake?"jacob asked,everyone calls me nessie and i call jacob jake.
"Yes i was watching this and its not that late is it?i answered back to him sounding...
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Hey. I'm making a một giây story, tell me if bạn like, please be truthful!:) P.S. I don't have a 'title' for the book, any suggestions will be awesome.

I've been a vampire for years. My creator left me. I've been digging for information about my past. That's what she told me before she left.

I've beeen digging and found somethings. I found out who I was named after. My deceased aunt. We have the same first name. But I liked to me called Mary. I even had the same last name as her.

Mary Alice Brandon. My mom was attached to her, before...
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twilight saga
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Robert Pattinson
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