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posted by whatupiloveyou
Sorry that it has been so long…me and my husband went on a ‘electrical diet’…which is were we couldn’t use anything electric like cell phones hoặc computers for a week.

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer, I don’t own twilight!

Chapter 4: Bella’s POV

The look on my mom’s face told me I should have asked later. Renee was muttering incoherent things. Phil was trying to calm her down. She looked like she was going into shock. “Mom?” I asked. I look over at Edward who was just telling me to relax and stay calm. “Why do...
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posted by Darktimes104
Thank bạn for đọc please comment!!!

Emmett's POV:
The tiếp theo morning, there was no light shining through the window. I was still holding rose close,the anger had melted from her. That was the best night of my life, before I was a vampire and since I was a vampire. I wanted stay and hold her forever. "Carlisle đã đưa ý kiến bạn have to come down and be social and Emmett control your thoughts, I don't need to know that," Edward đã đưa ý kiến in a disgusted tone through the door, "If bạn both aren't down in five phút I will send Irina up."
"Mean Edward!" I called after him. I tried to get off the bed, but Rose...
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posted by ybet_cullen18
Chapter 2: Pregnancy

I woke up from my daydream and continued to face the present.

After he had left, i found out something that sent shivers on my skin.

I was pregnant.

It was difficult for me to accept the truth. Of course, any teenagers at my age who will get pregnant would feel what i felt. Nervous. I told Charlie about this and luckily, he accepted my teenage pregnancy very well and even supported me in my decisions. I could'nt let my child die, of course. But i also couldnt raise him without a father. But my mom confronted me. I shouldnt waste my time thinking of him.

Of course i hate him....
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posted by lollipopszx3
After that very long ngày with all that shopping and drama, I collasped on to my bed. I couldn't wait to go to sleep. Within phút I was already asleep. It started out as being dreamless, before it turned out into a nightmare. Sluts, hos, and whores were all around shaking their whoreish selves. I didn't like it one bit.

I woke up screaming. It wasn't because the hos advanced on me and tried to turn me into them. It was because there was something cold and wet on my bed.

"What the hell?" I asked through the water. I saw Tanya standing with a cup of water and her skanky clothes. "What was that...
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posted by decullen
I was quite of a second.
"Ummm......well I was pregnant with Edwards child.I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant if I told my parents the would of killed me saying we đã đưa ý kiến no sex before marriage.Then I got Edwards letter saying he was gone die so I was Mất tích I had no one only my baby.I got turned in to vampire before I had my baby."I đã đưa ý kiến and took a deep breath.Lots of arms were around me.
"I am so sorry I should of seen this"Alice said.
"What do bạn mean bạn should of seen it."I asked her.
"I am physic."She replied.
"I wish I could read bạn mind."Edward said
"What.You cant read my mind."I said.
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posted by BellaCullenHale
5:32 A.M.

I woke up cold. My hair tusseled in the attempted ponytail I had made last night. I really was out of it last night. Yesterday I found out the boy I'm in tình yêu with is a Warlock? A mythical creature that I didn't even know exsisted? I still wasen't quite sure if I believed him hoặc not. I didn't know what to do. Would Austin and I still be like usual? hoặc would it be akward now that I knew what he was? I wasen't sure what to do. But how could he be lieing? I saw the scenes of his memory at Witch School. How could he be lieing if he was able to get his memories in my head. Looking at his...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
Hope bạn enjoy. P.s The whole story is called Lifetime. I just Thought bạn might like to Know.


“GET AWAY FROM HER!” I shouted to Cynddylan, Aro and Caius. I desperately wanted them to get away from her. If anything happened to Renesmee, Edward and Bella in fact everyone in the Cullen family will be distraught. I thought urgently. I need to do something. NOW! I shifted my eyes to Felix. He was watching Cynddylan, Aro and Nessie. I decided to seize his chance. I kicked Felix in the shin leaving him in shock. I had just fed, before I had been kidnapped bởi Felix, and I was much younger...
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posted by Andressa_Weld
 Bella and Rosalie!!
Bella and Rosalie!!
Bella and Edward:

Their relationship is really balanced. Obviously physical attraction is as strong as the intellectual interest that one has over another. Like Alice and Jazz, she is exactly what he needs and he is exactly what she needs!


Bella loves read, and she also loves cooking and draw.
She take care of her parents, clean the house, go shopping and more.


She is totaly clumsy and that's why a lot of people loves her.

Before and After:

Before Edward, Bella wore men's clothes, and after him, she started to be thêm girlie.


Edward wasn't there! Bella only saw him...
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posted by Tatti
1915, June 06

The cell was cold, but I didn't feel it. The only thing I felt was numbness. Officers who sometimes come to look at me always have the same anger in their eyes though I don't care. But even in this depression visions don't leave me alone. I closed my eyes trying to imagine something so it would fade away...
It was a spacious and dark room. The only nguồn of light was a fireplace and a man was standing in front of it, I could see only his back. It was quiet when suddenly someone knocked on the door.
- Excuse me, mister Rowenson, but bạn have guests,- the man turned around and I...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
xin chào guys, Thank bạn all for your support!!! Sorry it took me so long to write. I had a lot of homework. And sorry I left bạn guys on a cliffhanger for so long. This is dedicated to 3434girl, Thank bạn for all your support! tình yêu ya!

Bella's POV

As I walked over too the single giường I woke up in, I wasn't feeling well, it must have been from hitting my head twice, why did I have to be such a Klutz? The Vampire sat down, I sat crossed legged tiếp theo to her.
"So bella, I know bạn probably want to ask me a thousand các câu hỏi right now but before bạn do i just want to say something first, if that's okay?"...
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posted by Darktimes104
I hope bạn enjoy, please comment!!!

Emmett's POV:
We have been driving for a few days now, I don't know how much longer till we get there. I'm now riding with Carlisle and Edward, and Esme with Rose. Carlisle was pulling to the side of the road, I knew we weren't there yet so, we must be hunting. We all got out of the car and Carlisle said, "Everyone meet back here in one hour. He took Esme's hand and ran straight into the forest, Edward followed to the right, and Rose and I followed to the left. We hunted a few bears and dear. We were going back to the cars when I realized now will be the perfect...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
 Nessie in the rain
Nessie in the rain
My eyes flutter open and I see Jake kneeling beside me. His face is crossed with worry.

"Nessie, can bạn hear me?" He says gently as he strokes my face. I feel a sudden pain on the back of my head.

"Ow.." I muster. I must have hit my head when I passed out. Normally I would not have felt that but I guess all that has changed.

Jake lifts me off the floor and carries me to the couch. He sets me down and leans in and kisses my forehead.

He starts to walk away, but I reach for his arm just in time to brush it lightly. "Wait," I say as he turns around. "where are bạn going?" I ask once his body...
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Hope bạn enjoy. and just so bạn know, Jakeypoo and nessie still tình yêu each other. :)

“You what? Sorry I just want to here it one thêm time.” Edward đã đưa ý kiến dangerously. His face was expressionless.
“Myself and Emmett gave Nes-Renessmee some money to get on a plane to Volterra where she could become apart of the Volturi.”
Carlisle answered Edward’s question. Edward shook his head and spoke angrily. “And she was brain washed bởi whom?”
“She wasn’t brain washed it was her own choice.” Carlisle spoke very softly. “It doesn’t make it right!” Edward yelled, his words venomous....
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posted by Jessie-Louise
It was time to set off to go to school,i đã đưa ý kiến bye to mom and dad and then i walked out the door ,I was so excited i couldnt wait to see Jacob tonight,i was round the corner from School and my cell phone rang it was him Ring* Ring*
"Hello" i đã đưa ý kiến down the phone.
"Hey its me,are bạn still up for tonight?"He asked me.
"yeah i sure am,icant wait it will be great."
"Good,me either anyways i gotta go tình yêu you"
"Haha Okay tình yêu bạn to bye"
I put the phone down i still had a huge cheesy grin on my face.
I walked into the school gates and Lucy came running up to me as usual.
"Hey,did bạn understand the science...
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posted by AnonymousXXX

It wasn’t an awkward walk but it wasn’t comfortable either. He had told me he and his family had seen what had happened in the meadow. He was a werewolf…
I still hadn’t responded to him I wasn’t quite sure what to say.
Finally I đã đưa ý kiến something stupid like “I’ve dreamed about you.”
He laughed. But it was a nervous laugh not what I was expecting at all!
“I know…” I was expecting thêm but as usual that was all I was going to get.
“That’s it nothing thêm to add?” I asked a little too curious.
“No… Why?”
After all… curiosity killed the cat.
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all of the cullens
Cassie-18,long light brown hair and green eyes
Story is in cassie's view
Chapter 1
Forks seemed pretty cold.....I liked it cold. It has been a năm since my parents died from an attack of some sort of animal and they had always promised to bring me to forks. They always thought ma cà rồng where here and I wanted to find out. After I leave the airport I head to the hotel after I unpack my stuff in my room. Then I go for a drive around Forks. After driving all around Forks...
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posted by kiwi12
Part 26

I couldn’t stay with vampires. That was insane. I shook my head in answer to Carlisle’s câu hỏi “It’s impractical” I sighed. “Why?” he asked. “It’s dangerous and I sleep and eat and…” He cut me off gently “Wait. Take a moment to collect your thoughts. Come up with a danh sách and we’ll go through it.” I stayed in his arms quietly and made my list. I nodded when I was done. He smiled encouragingly “Go ahead” I decided to start with one that had to do with his family, rather than my safety. “I have to eat and sleep it would be a significant incontinence for...
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bởi Twilight_News |

So there’s a bunch out there circulating. Here’s what we make of it.

Rumor 1: The Host casting in full lung lay, swing and Ian Somhalder cast as Ian. Now as much as Alphie would personally tình yêu nothing better than to have this be true, at the moment it’s rumor. A number of sources that we checked with were surprised to learn of this because the movie is still actively being developed. What we think sparked this was a German fansite stating Ian would be great for the role combined with a casting website that puts out general information about projects.

Rumor 2: Kristen Stewart is...
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According to HitFix, Academy Award winner Bill Condon will direct Breaking Dawn!

As reported earlier, Summit Entertainment has found its tiếp theo “Twilight” filmmaker and now formally locked up Oscar-winner Bill Condon to direct “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.” While none of the stars have signed deals yet, the entire cast including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are expected to return. This is possibly one reason the studio has not confirmed whether, as rumored, there will be one hoặc two “Breaking Dawn” films.

“I’m very excited to get the chance to bring...
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bởi Twilight_News has được trao us a sneak peek at the Most Beautiful danh sách for this năm and everyone’s yêu thích vampire has made the list. Here is what they had to say about Rob:

His pale, otherworldly complexion may make girls swoon, but the British heartthrob, 23, says looking the part of a lovesick vampire in the Twilight series isn’t quite as thrilling: “Having that makeup put on every single day, as soon as bạn get it taken off it’s like, ‘Oh, bạn do look normal. bạn look healthy now