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posted by eclipselov
Here goese the part two!! Hope bạn like!!

Im jolted bởi Bella's shake. Of course i can hear Emmets booming laugh. Everyone is looking at me. I plant a smile and shake my head.
"Did bạn have a vision?" Esme asks with full concern.
"Oh no. I just doosed off." I smile to calm the ease.
They all go back to what they were doing. I can feel his eyes on me.
'Im alright,really' I tell him in my mind.
He still doesn't look convinced. I roll my eyes and look at nessie. She's grown a lot since she was born. She talks thêm now and she's very curious about life.
"So were did bạn doose off to?" Bella asks with a smile.
"I was thinking about your outfit. Bella I gave bạn close for a reason." I scold her.
Bella sighs and rolls her eyes. Bella's wearing a black longsleeve T. Some dark jeans. At least she's wearing flats. The căn hộ give off a girly tone. Bella isn't into fashion like me. I look over to Edward who's smiling at me. I know he's still worried so I put something else on my mind.
He busts out laughing.
Everyone stares at him. I can't help but grin. Bellas confused but has a smile. Like always Nessie laughs. That makes everyone laugh. The laughter dies down once Jacob enters the room.
"Whats so funny" he asks.
"The way you'll look if I kill you" Rosalie spits at him.
"Im here for all of Two giây and bạn want to rip my throat out?"Jacob says with a smile.
Rosalie growls at him. This always happens when Jacob comes over.
"Calm down Rose."Emmet tells her.
bởi the way Edward and Jacob are smiling Jacob has a lot to bình luận on this.
I roll my eyes and pick up my magizine.
"So what was so funny?" Bella asks.
Edward shoots me a glance.
'Go a head. Tell her' I tell him in my head.
"Alice was hiển thị me your driving skills of this morning" He says with a smile.
Bella hits me on the arm.
"Why'd bạn tell him! I told bạn not to tell" She yells at me.
"Sorry. It just slipped." I reply with a smile.
She groans and walks away to the poarch.
Edward sighs from the couch.
"I shouldn't have told her. Now she's mad." He starts to get up but I push him down.
"Sit down. I'll talk to her." I walk out side to find Bella on the bottom step."Sorry. I had to get him out of my head."
"I'm not mad. I just don't like to drive the ferrari. It's to fast." She complains.
I never get why how she has the patients to drive an old Chevey truck. It's to slow.
"So what were bạn actually thinking about that made bạn want Edward out of your head." She asks.
I sigh. I knew she would guess.I'm usually really good at hiding my secrets.
"I was thinking about before I found my family." I tell her. Her eyes widen. I've never told her about it. Only small details that the whole family knows. Only Edward knows what I went through before coming and finding them.
"Do bạn want to talk about it.Or.."She asks.
"Do bạn really want to know?" I ask.
She noods her head.
Chapter 37: Sacrifices of the tim, trái tim (Jacob’s POV)

“Renesmee!” I growled as I tried to break free of the power that the little Volturi vampire had over me but it was no use. I watched in horror as Seth lay crumpled on the ground, and Renesmee and Amore were out of my reach. I closed my eyes and in my mind I shouted, “Edward where the hell are you!” I wished that I was in chó sói, sói form so that I could call for Leah, and Sam’s pack. Yet part of me was secretly glad that I couldn’t involve them, it would have been a senseless massacre. We couldn’t beat them alone not with Jane and Alec’s...
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Chapter 34: The First Night of Forever (Amore’s POV)
It was so odd to be up all night long not even so much as be sleepy bởi morning. Aunt Bella and Uncle Edward returned after a few hours and informed me that they found Seth and spoke with him and he had headed trang chủ agreeing to come and see me in the morning. I drew all night long. At first I could only draw myself with the mystery guy and then it started to freak me out so I forced myself to focus on other things. I drew my mother as she sat and watched TV. I saved it for a present for my father for the tiếp theo holiday. I had to say it was pretty...
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Chapter 31: She Was So Young
Jake and I walked through the door of his house completely drained. The memorial had taken so much out of us. I had to watch Seth fall apart all over again. Jake drove my car to the memorial I rode in front with him and Leah and Seth were in the backseat. During the ride to the memorial he freaked out, “What if she doesn’t want me anymore?” Jake tried to reassure him, “nah, bạn imprinted on her it is forever.” Seth looked at him fiercely, “Jake she is 100% vampire now. This changes everything.” I looked at him wide eyed, “Does it change how bạn feel...
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Chapter 27: Awakening
As I opened my eyes one of the first things that I noticed (amongst the fact that I wasn’t in any pain) was that I no longer had the urge to blink. The room looked amazing; everything was surrounded bởi prisms of brilliant color. I could hear every sound inside of the house as well as what was going on outside. I could hear Nessie and Jake leading a very anxious Seth into the woods, towards Nessie’s parent’s house I was assuming. I wondered why they didn’t stay to come and see me and then with a shudder, I remembered what Nessie’s mom had said. I was dangerous....
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posted by Twi-Freak14
The party was pretty quiet yet it was a total crazy house, Nessie had wrapping paper all over the floor and had stuck cake in Jacob's hair.
While Leah and Jacob tried despretely to get the frosting out of his shaggy doo I went to my house to get the ticktes, they were last on the surprise list.
I looked for them on the counter, there was no sign of them.
I looked everywhere, trying to remember where I had put them.
"Love, they are under the giường in the little purple gift bag."
"Thank you." I kissed his cheek and then darted out of the room.

When we got out of the house, Jacob had được trao up and...
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Chapter 25: All the Kings ngựa and All the Kings Men
I was panicking I knew that something was not right. Jake and I continued dancing for a couple of songs after Sienna left for the bathroom. She is not the type of girl to take forever in the bathroom applying make up, so I was suspicious. Jake, Seth and I went into the hallway. “Sienna?” I called as I stepped into the empty bathroom. I went back into the hallway, “She isn’t in there, “I told Jake anxiously. “Alright, calm down maybe she just stepped outside to get some air it’s stuffy in here.” All of a sudden Seth, who was...
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posted by UchihaYuki
Well, this is my một giây fanfic story This one's mainly just about Jasper, Alice , Edward and Bella. it takes place after breaking dawn also :)
My bestfriend gave me the idea for this so, i thank her for the idea :)
I'm gonna be nghề viết văn thêm to this, in different chapters, The tiếp theo one's gonna be about Alice and Bella shopping.
Well I hope everyone Likes It!
tell me in các bình luận what bạn think Kay?

OHH. P.s - I don't believe I've đã đăng all of the chapters.
There are 11 chapters as of now.
And I just recently đã đăng the last and final chapter, so If bạn want to read it link <-- go there, that's...
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Perhaps if I had not so tightly clutched the rose, its thorns would not have pierced my flesh so deeply.

* * *

The creeping vines finally reached the branch on where I sat. They touched my cheek and gently wiped my tears away. I realized there were two options left for me: Either I sit still and ignore the pain hoặc gather enough courage and walk away. I sighed. I could not do either one.

“I’ll be okay.” I whispered softly in the dark. I hoped that could be true.

I looked around me. Every tree’s leaves droop. Every single hoa bowed on the ground. My sorrow permeates the stillness of...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Charlie’s POV

    I sat watching the game. Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs. The Cubs were leading bởi 2 points and they were in the 8th ending. I was trying to keep my mind off of Bella and her boyfriend Edward. Bella is too young to have a boyfriend if bạn ask me. I didn’t want her to have a boyfriend until she’s at least in college. I must just be talking from a father’s point of view. No father wants to see his little girl grow up.
    Well, I didn’t like Edward Cullen so much anymore. Ever since my little girl went into a depression, I’ve never...
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posted by Spotty_Vision21
I have come to a logical conclusion from some data I reviewed. Edward is not in fact Edward, but a female Edwina.

1.    Meyer claims “his” ability to knock up Bella is because they are like the incubi. Incubi were pretty much sex demons who knocked up innocent women. Why could they do so? They could change into succubi, the female version of the incubi and would sleep with men to steal their sperm.

2.    “He” wears lipstick. ma cà rồng are dead. They do not have blood flow. And yet “his” lips are darker than Bella’s.

3.    “He”...
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I hate twilight. It is not addictive, it is not well written, the character's are not fascinating hoặc likeable and the storyline makes me want to pull my hair out in frustration. I am 100% lying, of course. I imagined a definition of the twilight saga out of the norm might grab people's attention. The sách are brilliant, god bless Stephanie Meyer.
I'd heard of the sách a while back, being quite the geek and spending abit of time on the old, reliable imdb, and I read that Robert Pattinson was starring in a film called 'Twilight'. Seeing a ten một giây xem trước of the trailer made me curious,...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
The glare of the sun woke me; I had to shield my eyes from its brightness. A bright glitter just out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned my head towards it.
"Gah!" I jumped a foot and slamming into the headboard. I rubbed my head. "Aunt Alice! What are bạn doing here?" "You sleep forever!" she complained. "I've been waiting for ages to talk to you! Did bạn take sleeping pills hoặc something? Never mind, it's over with. But why didn't bạn tell me?!?!" she demanded, glaring at me. I was still groggy and my head ached. "Tell bạn about what?" "You know." she glared pointedly at...
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posted by vampiress015
Okay, I'm a little confused. I just watched the movie online-shock horror- I live in the UK, do bạn want me to wait another 3 weeks, I was dying over here. bạn guys were tempting me with scenes, it was gonna happen eventually. And I promise to see it at the cinema so Summit get some money.
So anyway... I was watching, and I'm a big Emmett fan, so I couldn't wait to see him going 'she's not one of us' just like on the trailer- and maybe thêm :)

 Emmett- where are you??
Emmett- where are you??

So I waited, and I waited, then I waited some more, then it got to the part where Victoria does her little 'Ha ha I'm still...
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As Seattle is ravaged bởi a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded bởi danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her tình yêu for Edward and her friendship with Jacob—knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one thêm decision to make: life hoặc death. But which is which?

Yes, yes, here it is…the long awaited third book in the Twilight series bởi Stephenie Meyer. It’s been...
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Well I tried to post this in the link section but it just didnt work so I figured that I would put it here...

Here is a link to a Twilight/New Moon extra- Being Jacob Black....

It is the story of Jacob from when we meet him first in Twilight until the end of New Moon. It is interesting.

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