nhân vật nữ trên truyền hình Yêu Thích Female Character Contest

alemenmann posted on Apr 07, 2012 at 08:51PM
Every character starts with 10 points you take 1 and give 1 to your favorite and least favorite. Only one post every 24 hours. Add characters you think about!

Serena (GG)- 10
Blair (GG)- 10
Elena (TVD)- 10
Caroline (TVD)-10
Bonnie (TVD) -10
Katherine (TVD) -10
Brooke (OTH)-10
Haley (OTH) -10
Peyton (OTH)-10
Quinn (Glee)-10
Rachel (Glee)-10
Santana (Glee)-10
Britanny (Glee)-10
Tina (Glee)-10
Mercedes (Glee)-10
Spencer (PLL) -10
Aria (PLL) -10
Hanna (PLL) -10
Emily (PLL) -10
Rachel (Friends)-10
Monica (Friends)-10
Phoebe (Friends)-10
Annie (90210)-10
Silver (90210)-10
Naomi (90210)-10
Adrianna (90210)-10
Ivy (90210)-10
Meredith (Ganatomy)-10
Cristina (Ganatomy)-10
Izzie (Ganatomy)-10
Faye (TSC)-10
Diana (TSC)-10
Melissa (TSC)-10
Cassie (TSC)-10

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