nhân vật nữ trên truyền hình TV Female Characters 20in20 biểu tượng Contest [Round 39: Open - Deadline 12/8] *New Home*

twilighter4evr posted on Jan 07, 2012 at 09:49PM
According to the pick a majority of you wanted this contest to start again so I am going to run it =)

1.You have 20 days to make 20 icons about any female character.
2.No stealing.
3.Icons must be squared.
4.You must choose one character to make 20 icons with.
5.You can't use the same character twice in a row.
6.The same character cannot be chosen more than once in the same round.
7.You can't post same icon twice.
8.In each round you have to made 20 icons:
- 10 themed icons: each icon with different theme (new round/10 new themes)
- 5 category icons: one theme for five icons (new round/new theme)
- 5 artist's choice icons: icons of your choice
9.DON'T VOTE FOR YOURSELF (or you will be disqualified)

Participating: 1 prop
Theme winners: 2 props
Category winner: 3 props
Artist's choice winner: 3 props


Round 36 Themes: 
1.Keep Calm & ...: KarinaCullen
2.Half Circle: XxXrachellXxX
3.Bold Text: KarinaCullen
4.October: KarinaCullen
5.Half Saturation: KarinaCullen
6.Spotlight Effect: KarinaCullen & XxXrachellXxX
7.Misunderstanding: modernfan & jake_rose_4ever
8.Outfit you'd Wear: KarinaCullen
9.Color Focus Object: modernfan
10.Tagline: XxXrachellXxX
Category:5 Senses: KarinaCullen & modernfan
Artist's Choice: modernfan

Round 37 Themes: 
1.Costume: KarinaCullen & modernfan
2.Orange & Black: modernfan
3.Half Black & White: marakii
4.Halloween Clip Art: KarinaCullen
5.Correct: KarinaCullen
6.Frighten: KarinaCullen & marakii
7.Initials: XxXrachellXxX
8.+2 others: modernfan
9.Latest Season: marakii
10.Facing Right: CareMikaelson
Category:Single Episode Quotes: XxXrachellXxX
Artist's Choice:: marakii

Round 38 Themes:
1.Crowd - Winner
2.Coat - Winner
3.Thankful - Winner
4.Facing Forward - Winner
5.Wrong - Winner
6.Sunset Effect - Winner
7.Above - Winner
8.Safe - Winner
9.Blouse - Winner
10.Autumn Colors - Winner
Category:Same Image, Different Effects - Winner
Artist's Choice: - Winner

Round 39 Themes:
1.Spite (your pov)
2.Winter (your pov)
5.Yellowish Effect (found @fotor.com)
6.Distance (your pov)
7.Outlined Text
8.Gathering (your pov)
9.Hair Accessory
Category:Faceless Full Body (5 icons)
Artist's Choice: (5 icons of your choice)

Deadline: 12/8

Round 37 Sign Ups:
KarinaCullen (Cassie Blake) ◄
XxXrachellXxX (Talisa Stark) ◄
CareMikaelson (Caroline Forbes) ◄
modernfan (Elena Gilbert)◄
jake_rose_4ever (Hanna Marin)◄
marakii (Kate Beckett) ◄

Round 38 Signups:
KarinaCulle (Mary, Queen of Scots) ◄
modernfan (Katherine Pierce) ◄
XxXrachellXxX (Daenerys Targaryen)
CareMikaelson (Quinn Fabray) ◄
escada (Elena Gilbert) ◄

Round 39 Signups:
escada (Katherine Pierce)
energizerbunny (Peyton Sawyer)
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