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 My Fanmade Cover of The Avengers of Literature and Beyond! :D (I AM SO BORED)
OHMYGAWD I AM SO BORED D: So I made a cover for a story I MIIIIIIGHT write. Took me a while and badly edited but I tình yêu IT ANYWAY :D THOUGHTS?
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This True Writers tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by Problematic129
    “Is this true?” The man whispered, not wanting to get his hopes up.
    The two intimidating men nodded in their polished looking suits. “Reports have been made there,” one of them spoke.
    “The reports?”
    The other man nodded. “Yes sir, the time has come, the book has been found.”
    “You’d better be correct,” the man whispered threateningly. “Or I won’t take it to kindly to dead ends.”
    “Were sure.”    
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posted by Problematic129
    Chapter 8
    Old enemies
    “Welcome everyone! To Club Aprenta!” Ali laughed excitedly and clapped her hands, Sage whistled, I jumped up and down, and Beth bowed in front of the newest additions.
    “Club Aprenta?” Scotty asked. “What kind of name is that? And what do we do anyways?”
    I shrugged. “Nothing really, we just made this up to spend thêm time together, bạn know how can school be.”
    “In other words,” Honey put her hands up in the air. “FREE...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter 11: When It All Comes To An End

Senior Year
      This was the most legendary party ever. All of the seniors were invited to meet up at Glynn Academy. They was going to throw the wildest and most illegal party ever and it was all thanks to Jason Rivers, Jena Ross, Joseph Knight, Marco Martinez and Carter Stone. They all were in the D.B.E together hoặc Drive bởi Enterprises. Sammy Mitchell had chosen Jason who chosen his Những người bạn to be apart of this business.
      This business was to help make the world a better place. If someone has a problem with somebody else, bạn have to kill that...
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Chapter Eleven: I Don't Hate bạn But If bạn Were On Fire, I Would Laugh

      "Nice to see bạn again, McKenna," says Arnold Stuart, my father's best friend and researcher. He handles anything and everything my father needs to know about. Arnold comes in handy one missions and assignments. Arnold was able to track down the guy who lấy trộm, đánh cắp my wallet right out of my dad's truck. Let's just say that the guy had a punishment much worse then prison. 
      "Hello, Arnold," I greeted. "Is this important? bạn could have just called. I might be a spy but I do own a cell phone."
      "I didn't...
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Welcome all to the một giây issue of Everything Eden, your nguồn for…well, everything Eden. In this issue, we'll be looking at the finall six sách of the Eden Chronicles. These six volumes tell of love, life, death, and hatred. Let's have a look.

As this volume has been discussed many times, it is not necessary to reveal anything here.

Young Areana grew up sheltered from the battles her parents fought. Now, with the demons rising, new threats will make themselves known.

This book deals with the Failed Revolution. Crown Prince...
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posted by Problematic129
    Chapter 7
    The three letter word
    “I never really liked gym,” I say, in attempt to make conversation.
    Grey grunted as he continued attacking his poor food, Ali glanced at me, uninterested, and Talia looked ready to jump off a bridge.
    Oh lunch, how they were ruining it for me.
    “Come on guys,” I say frustrated. “Gym is over, we won’t see it until the ngày after, and anyways, it’s not like those buttheads can just come and play with us, we can leave.”...
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posted by sadiebugz00
This one, we were told to write a story about someone who was either bad hoặc good, but couldn't use any words related to those, i.e. Righteous, villainous. Let me know in the các bình luận what bạn think she is!

She glared at me as I was circling her, observing her... ugliness. She had scraggly deep purple hair, ripped sweat pants, and a torn up heather gray t-shirt. "Look, dude," she said, she had clearly had enough of my observations. "I was just trying to save my family from that beast of a guy, Dr. Hatch. I saw the looks in their eyes as I was dragged away, gagged, bởi bạn and stupid Hatch. I could...
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posted by sadiebugz00
In class we had to say if we would be a protagonist hoặc antagonist in what genre? This is what I put.

I would be the protagonist in a realistic-fiction novel because I would want it to be sort of realistic, but not completely. My character's name would be Sage, she would have electric vôi green eyes, and fiery red hair. I would want to be Sage because, 1, I tình yêu green eyes, 2, I tình yêu red hair, and 3, I like the names Lily, Luna, and Sage. Sage would have a funky-fun, colorful personality. She wouldn't be perfect, but have enough spunk and spirit to keep moving on. Her yêu thích color would be an electric blue, and she would tình yêu fried chicken. Her two best Những người bạn would be named Luna and Lily.

[i]Sorry if ya didn't like it, it might seem trashy to you, but that's okay! Everyone's got an opinion.
posted by alicia386
August 25

      Shea Wainwright wore her red heels and the white miniskirt that looked fab with her white tank top. Her mother decided that it was a little too tight so she made Shea wear a white blazer over it. She stood in front of his door. She was read. Her friend Terra was standing bởi a bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush with a camera. This was step one in the plan to destroy Chloe. If Eric was the kind of guy she knew him to be, then he will easily be jealous. It wasn't Eric she wanted to see. It was someone else.
      She ranged the doorbell a few times before glancing at Terra. Terra was also getting bored...
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added by hgfan5602
posted by Problematic129
Chapter 6
    Major boy problems
    “TALIA,” I yell, hitting her with my pillow. “Shut up!”
    Talia glared at me. “I’M CALM!”
    I raised my eyebrow, and Talia sighed. “Fine! I’m not!-”
    “Inside voices Talia,” I remind her.
    Talia groans. “Ugh, I keep on forgetting, each time I look back to the way I acted, I was a freak!”
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posted by Problematic129
    “Okay, so nothing bad has happened, shouldn’t we be happy?” Iris asked.
    I shrugged. “I just can’t stand waiting.”
    Stilere picked up the stone. “The stone stopped glowing.”
    “Maybe it’s resting,” Iris suggested.
    “Yeah, stones should totally rest.” Stilere said, shaking her head.
    Right now it was just Iris, Stilere, and I, looking at the glowing stone. Trying to…I don’t know,...
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Music: Never Alone bởi Lady Antebellum. Relay for Life 2012 Luminaria Ceremony, in Los Alamitos, California.
lady antebellum
added by hgfan5602
posted by Problematic129
Chapter 5
    The school routine
    By the một giây week, I was firmly in my school routine. Wake up, breakfast, school, limited fun time, sleep, repeat. We had an official Gal table, and I believe we have three new gal’s. Though bạn can’t be sure, I only know the one we confirmed.
    Believe it hoặc not, Talia. Yep, crazy pants is with us now, though she’s still crazy she’s not insane anymore. In fact, the doctors were surprised she miraculously recovered. My theory? School changed her, it did to me.
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posted by alicia386
One thêm chapter left!

Chapter 10: Do bạn Swear to Tell the Truth and Nothing But the Truth

      Simone stared wide eyed through the bars locking her into the cell. It was the only thing that kept her from snapping everyone's heads off. The guard was gone but replaced bởi another man. He was tall, muscular, and had the most unscrupulous  grin on his face. It made Simone feel extremely uncomfortable. He had jet black hair and light green eyes. His eyes were sincere at time when he looked at her, but other times he made the hairs on the back of Simone's neck stand up. She didn't like this guy...
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added by alicia386
One of my yêu thích songs bởi Train.
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xin chào soul sister
posted by alicia386
August 24

      "But I can't," sputtered Eric.
      "You can and bạn shall," replied his mother. "Mrs. Sanders has to defend a client today and poor Chloe has no way of getting to school. bạn have a car so take her. What is the big deal?"
      The big deal is that he gets nervous whenever he is around her. She is probably sick and tired of him anyways. She must hate him since he is dating Shea. "I can't," he đã đưa ý kiến once more. He had to think of a really good excuse. "Shea might see us and get the wrong idea."
      "Then I will talk to her about it," đã đưa ý kiến his mom.
      Arguing would...
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posted by Problematic129
    It seemed as if everything went quieter when Alex and Iris sat down, I could see we were all tensed and hopeful. Although it didn’t seem Iris had gotten over her anger of us how she never đã đưa ý kiến a word and just frowned at her tray unless Alex was saying something to her.
    What irked me was that when Alex would talk to Iris, bạn could tell it was really important bởi the way they looked, but the geniuses had the conversations between the two in different languages. One một phút there speaking what...
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