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Just want to say, I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! I found it on and thought it was amazing. các điểm thưởng to owner!

Rated M

It all started at the end of a rock show. Gwen was walking home, enjoying herself. The night was dark and it was very late. She knew she should have been thêm careful, but the acts of an rebellious youth thought nothing bad will ever happen to her. She's Gwen, the scary goth girl of her high school. No one would even dare to come near her. She was safe. At least, that's what she thought.

Last memory she had was hand over her mouth and another over...
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hey! my name is courtney370 and im a courtney người hâm mộ and a leshawna người hâm mộ and i made mind over matter and i made this spot where leshawna and courtney can be Những người bạn for ever and i need người hâm mộ to make cool pic and everything,so plz tham gia anyway my fanfic is about courtney and duncan are getting married but gewn like him and duncan only like courtney but how will he say. part 1 the angel, duncan this is the cuteist ring ever đã đưa ý kiến courtney think bạn priness đã đưa ý kiến duncan then he kisses her. so,duncan how is my wedding dress going to look? đã đưa ý kiến courtney white with black đã đưa ý kiến duncan bạn think all my friends...
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Which total drama character are you?(For girls)

Quiz made bởi me.

Who are bạn most like?Gwen,Courtney, Heather, Izzy,Sierra..?

Find out!

NOTE:This is only for girls,i may make a câu hỏi kiểm tra for boys some other time.

1.What is the color of your hair?

a)Light brown
b)Dark brown
f)Like my BFF's!!
j)The color of my hair doesn't matter as long as i have my dear..
k)I'm a blonde

2.People say you're..

a)A bit*h
b)Why the hell would i care what people say about me?
c)A manipulative bit*h
f)A best friend 4 ever!
h)Someone was tallking bad about me??!
i)I think...
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