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chey:last time we hit mexico & i got to push off heather i ,ve been wating a long time for that what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
duncan:how did we lose again
gwen:your wrong it was you
duncan:i tình yêu bạn gwen
team beaks but duncan:huh
courtney:what were though
leshawna:it`s a good thing were all girls
sierra & bridgette:yep
*winner part*
tyler:what up lindsay
lindsay:you made us win i tình yêu you
sadie:come on forgive me
chey:song time the boys bạn start wearing these girl hawiian suits
*song starts*
duncan:were dressed...
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 [Creator] - Lolly4me2 [Yes, drawn bởi me]
[Creator] - Lolly4me2 [Yes, drawn by me]
"It's starting," Bridgette screamed from below the third floor. When an answer did not return, she angrily ran/stomped up the stairs to my room, and pushed open the door. There, she found me, sitting on the floor, isolated in thick knit blankets staring into a tiny Nintendo DS screen.
"Just one thêm game, Mom..." I muttered.
"Sofie," Bridgette grabbed the DS from within my grasp and held it above my head. Even without it, my eyes didn't leave their position.
"Almost to the cave of enchantment, Mom..."
"You poor child." Bridgette sighed, taking my hand and dragging me step bởi step down the way she...
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posted by TDIlover226
Name: Amy
Friends: Brandi, JG, Seiamica,pretty much everyone.
Possy: JG's possy and Bryanna's possy.
talent(s):speed texting, gymnasics.
phrase:hold on Vicky, this Chris guy wants me to get off the phone.

Amy was known for constantly talking on her cell phone, she hardly ever payed attention to what was going on around her in the show. She texted so fast that bạn could hardly see her fingers and every word was perfect with no typo's. She was in Bryanna's possy for most of the show, only because bryanna payed her. Brandi was the only other person in Bryanna's possy, after Bryanna told Amy off,...
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