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posted by xcv_2013
Last Time on Total Drama High:
The 22 students went back to school. They haven't seen each other in two years. Now the once 16 năm olds are 18 meaning this is their last năm in high school. Duncan & Courtney saw each other for the first time in two years in their first period till Chris called on the speakers for them & everyone else to head down towards the auditorium. Now they're gonna see each other for the first time in two years. What happened to them all? Have they changed? & What will they say about this? Why are they here? Read on.

Geoff was the first one in the auditorium....
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posted by TDIlover226
I havn't seen him in years, I don't know if he even remembers me. I use to laugh at those phim chiếu rạp where women almost killed them selves over dudes they loved, but now I understand.

Courtney looked out the window of the plane, She had never been so depressed. "What's wrong with you?" đã đưa ý kiến Vanita, "You've been depressed for how long now?". "there's apsolutly nothing wrong with me and there never will be" đã đưa ý kiến Courtney, raising her voice. "I just wish I wasn't" She mumbled, to where no one would hear her.

They were flying to Chicago, some kind of big meeting her dad just had to go to. Not only was...
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Ezekiel!!-"Canadian Idiot"-Wierd Al

Eva-"Down With the Sickness"-Disturbed

Noah-"Viva la Vida"-Coldplay(THANK bạn sk8ter!!)

Justin-"I'm Too Sexy"- Right đã đưa ý kiến Fred

Katie and Sadie-"Best Friend"-Toy Box

Tyler-"Eye of the Tiger"-Survivor

Izzy!!-"Axel F"- Crazy Frog

Cody!!-"Girls"-Beastie Boys

Beth-"You're Beautiful"-James Blunt

Courtney-"Bad Boy"-Cascada

Harold-"White and Nerdy"-Wierd Al


Bridgette-"Hey There Delilah"-Plain White T's

Lindsay-"Plastic Surgery Slumber Party"-Jeffree Star

DJ-"Dear Momma"-Tupac (GREAT song)

Geoff-"Party Like a Rockstar"-Shop Boyz

LeShawna-"Baby Got Back"-Sir Mix-a-Lot(ROTFLMAO!!)

Duncan-"Fuck Police Brutality"-Anti-Flag

Heather-"I tình yêu You"-Tila Tequila(I HATE YOU, HEATHER)

Gwen-"For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic"-Paramroe

Owen-"Eat It"-Wierd Al

*Mr.Coconut!!!-"Stir It Up"-Bob Marley
R.I.P Mr.Coconut!!!!! ='(
posted by EarthBoundShine
Here is the cast:

The Bachelorette:
Heather! (She's nice now)

The Guys:

Heather: I got 11 cool guys to do this hiển thị with me. Only ONE (that's right, I đã đưa ý kiến ONE) will win. Your first challenge is two-parted! bạn guys will first get in your swimming suits, and then bạn have a swimming race.


Heather: Okay, for the first part... Justin is safe... Geoff is safe...
DJ is safe... Duncan is safe... Trent is safe... Noah is safe... Cody is safe... Tyler is safe...

Bottom 3:


Heather: Okay, bạn 3 have the worst bodies out of EVERYONE....
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“Good evening everyone, I’m Stella Carver. Welcome, to Total Drama: The tiếp theo Generation!” A girl said. She had long blond hair and a purple dress; she wore red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow over her already blue eyes.
“Today,” Stella continued. “A group of teenagers will tham gia the Total Drama game, each being the son hoặc daughter of a past contestant. What will happen when the contestants learn that everyone here has a parent that once played this game? Will they follow in their parent’s footsteps and play the game ruthlessly, hoặc will they be sympathetic of each other? You’ll...
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Duncan:Good morning, Babe!
Courtney:Good morning, Dunky!How are you?
Duncan:I wanna ask bạn again:Do bạn want to go out with me?
Courtney:Yes!Can I say at the girls?
Duncan:Yes, babe!*kisses Courtney*

At the girl's room...
Courtney:Girls, girls!I have to tell bạn something!
All the girls:What?
Courtney:I'll go out with Duncan!
Gwen:Wow!*envy* And I don't had a ngày with Trent!
Courtney:Maybe bạn will have a ngày with Trent another day!
Gwen:I think...
Courtney:I go at Duncan to see at what the hour!

At the living-room...
Duncan:What happened, babe?
Courtney:At what the giờ is the date?
Duncan:At 19:00 we've...
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 The chịu, gấu costume that Izzy was wearing. It's like the one in The Sucky Outdoors.
The bear costume that Izzy was wearing. It's like the one in The Sucky Outdoors.
This is based off of a dream I recently had. I wrote it in script form because I'm lazy.

Tuxedo: NO!
Izzy: THERE bạn ARE! *drags him to wall* Why did bạn kill Owen?
Tuxedo: I-I..didn't mean to-um...but...
Izzy: NO BUTS! *stabs Tuxedo Mask*
Tuxedo: OH GOD! *knees to floor* Why are bạn dressed like a bear?! *lying on ground* NOOOOO!!!!!! *dies*

The end :D

Sorry, Tuxedo Mask fans, but I felt like I needed to share this. This is not fake. It's an actual dream that I actually had recently.
This bài viết is on the new characters, Alejandro and Sierra. It shows the possible POV’s (point-of-views) for each character before the show.

{Sierra’s POV}

“I remember the ngày when I found out I had been chosen. To be on Total Drama the Musical. I had squealed like crazy; phoned all my Những người bạn and spent hours on my new outfit. I was obsessed with the Total Drama series, I really couldn’t believe I would be starring in the show. I wouldn’t miss one episode of it, especially where that cute guy, Cody, was starring. Too bad he wasn’t on TDA. Grr. Oh well, I knew everything, I repeat,...
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Hi my name is Juno and im the host of the hiển thị TOTAL DRAMA REALITY!-Juno
Hi im courtney from tdi/tda and me and duncan are co-hosting the show-courtney
uh hi-duncan
ok time to meet our first camper,we will be meeting them in the order they are in the picture (left to right)
Hi im vannessa-vanessa
hi im Juno im your host-Juno
hi im Keira is this where were staying ewwww-Keira
yep this is the place-Juno
im Ava supp-Ava
cỏ khô, hay trang chủ skilette-dawn
nice dawn and ava lets see who's next-Juno
hi im kaitlan-kaitlan
ok we dont wanna waste any thêm time so i'll read em to ya from where we left off-Juno
Theresa,Tappy,Juno(me"the one who looks like girl duncan"),Summer, Jared, "The totaly awesome"Andrea!!!, Kylie, and Andi!!-Juno
ok lets chẻ, phân chia, split bạn into teams-courtney
The KILLER âm bass, tiếng bass, bass and the SCREAMING GOFFERS-duncan

Bridgette: Courtney, bạn must to tell him!
Courtney: I know, i know, it just only i don't know how, hoặc when, hoặc where!! ARGH!
Bridgette: When bạn are going out with him?
Courtney: Well, today... we are going to cinema, at 7 pm
Bridgette: Ur... Um... Courtney... now are 7 pm...
Courtney: What? Are bạn telling me that...? *ding dong*

Duncan:(Outside the door) Heeeey Courtney! Are bạn ready to go?
Courtney: OMG! it him! what i'm going to do??
Bridgette: bạn must to tell him, Courtney! bạn can't hide this for a long time... bạn know!
Duncan:*Ding dong(again)* Coourtney???
Courtney:(to Duncan)I'm cooooming!...
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*Gwen's prov*
Ok this isnt your normal romance this is an awakawrd tình yêu relationship I never felt this away bout anyone before I mean as soon as Trent got voted off Tdm I had no feelings for him but I did have feelings for another guy he was nice to me on TDI but tht time I didnt have feelings for him but now I do he was coming my way
"Hey Gwen, Duncan told me to give this to you" đã đưa ý kiến Cody "Thanks tell him Ill read it soon"said Gwen
*Cody's prov*
The letter was from me but I didnt want to tell Gwen cuz I knew she doesnt like me. When I...
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posted by PeachyKeen1994
Harold- Trent told Harold to quit the game, stating that it's his own fault for Team Victory's loss.
Bridgette and Geoff- Trent seduced Bridgette and left her stuck to a pole.
Leshawna and Heather- Told Leshawna to seize the day, bởi slapping Heather across the face. In TDAS, Trent eliminated Heather unjustly, bởi using the immunity idol she found and eliminating her with HIS sole vote. Trent admits that he did that, as retribution for how Heather eliminated him in Season 1, when she kissed him in front of Gwen.
DJ- Sabotaged DJ's run in the trượt băng, bobsledding challenge.
Noah- While Trent didn't get Noah...
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The first thing I would like to point out is that thêm than half of them are in my liking some aren't but I'm basing out-ter beauty for this danh sách so if bạn please don't complain if I have your lest yêu thích character on this list. Now let's start.

You guys are already to fight over this aren't you.Look I like her look there are just thêm beautiful girls in total drama that I just liked the looks more.But to tell bạn the truth I do think she's adorable and that her big blue eye are cute.I

No, I didn't put her on my danh sách because she's my yêu thích character! And if I was doing...
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It's................the tiếp theo episode! XD So, yeah, I've recently figured out I've been stealing things from Starburst-Rock! D: NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate people who steal, and......and I'm now a total hypocrite! :'( But, we worked it out, and everything's totally thạch, sữa ong chúa man! B) Anyway, lets get this episode rolling! X3


*At elimination ceremony*

Chris: Hello everyone! It is now time for bạn all to send someone...........home. So, if anyone has the hidden immunity idol, present it at this time.

Alejandro: ….Chris.....that's the guy from Survivor...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
All 10 of the survivors. Gwen, Duncan, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, Al, Heather, Noah, Harold, Chef, and Chris were all around the funeral home. The contestants that died on the ship were all in caskets around them. Gwen felt a little unsettled about the whole experience still. 2 and a half walks had passed but she still couldn’t shake away that dark feeling, the vision of everyone dying had stayed in her mind and she knew it would be there for all eternity. It was replaying in her mind over and over like a broken DVD.

Gwen stood there dressed up in a pitch black dress for the occasion. Her hair...
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At 19:00...
Duncan:Go, Courtney!
Courtney:Now, Dunky!I'm so happy!
Courtney:Bye, Gwen!

In the car...
Courtney:Are bạn happy?
Duncan:Yes!I'm happy like you!*hugs Courtney*
Courtney:*hugs Duncan back*I tình yêu this date!Where will be?
Duncan:You will see it.

At the restaurant...
Courtney:Wow!That's so cute!
Duncan:I know!And this is your favourite food!Soup with vegetables, pizza, bánh pizza with cheeze and thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói and at the món tráng miệng a cake with dâu, dâu tây and banana.
Courtney:How do bạn know these are my favourites?
Duncan:Help from Bridgette and Gwen, your friends!
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posted by KARIxTRENT
duncan rapping eminems songs:
Im slim shady.yes Im the real slim shady.all bạn other slim shadys stop imitating.Im slim shady yes I'm the real slim shady.
duncan disses courtney:(instead of mariah carey)
bagpipes from bagdad:
âm nhạc to my ears! oh man how can I describe the way I fear?how can I begin?locked in mariahs wine cellar all I had for lunch bánh mỳ, bánh mì wine,bread wine, courtney what happened to us?all I asked for was a glass of punch?(part of song)
duncan is a dequilant and raps like a deqilant wow.
Eminem I think was in jail,and so was duncan they have alot in common.and this just randomly came to mind.because duncan reminds me of emeinem/slim shady.ALOT!and this is supposed to be funny.(I did this out of pure boredom)

by: Vannessa Hart

I walk away,
no one wants me,
all alone,dark,gold
Dark complection,
vàng Heart.

I see their smiles,
I feel my frown,
Dark complection,
vàng Heart.

I turn away,
From all the pain,
Dark complection,
vàng Heart.

Many don't love,
they hate,
Dark complection,
vàng Heart

-V Hart
posted by LeshawnaGirl
What is Duncan's fear, yes we know it as Celine Dion âm nhạc Store Standees but really what is it? I have the answer, it it it it it it is. Well, isn't it obvious. His fear is mean, funny, and juvenille.

It hides under your giường and its everywhere. who is it, what is it! Is it Chris, Chef, the big sassy sista LeShawna, no its its its?
Its HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Himself!!!!!
Lip Molding and Benefits

Duncan woke up in a daze. He didn’t have a hangover luckily. Apparently Trent lied about having wine at the party. It was freaking táo, apple cider, Duncan thought bitterly. He should’ve known.

He felt something soft snuggle against him. He looked down and his eyes widened.

It was Princess; she was sleeping peacefully tiếp theo to him. He knew they didn’t do anything; he only remembered heavily making out with her.

Duncan smirked. Princess is aggressive, he thought smugly.

Then he started to blush. Duncan does not blush.

Princess wasn’t wearing a shirt! She was still wearing...
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