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Ok let's first start off with Lindsay. Lindsay is a beautiful but dumb (no offense) girl she always wants to make Những người bạn and she has a crush on Tyler that relationship moved fast because they made out in the 5th episode ok back to Lindsay I like Lindsay because she is friendly,and creative however she is scared of roaches hoặc anything that climbs hoặc crawls I also don't like how she focuses to much on her looks I also tình yêu they way she roasted heathers đít, mông, ass in that's off the chain but the way she got out was a little weird but it didn't really matter because she loved the loser island she even...
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Ever wanted to know which TD Character bạn are? Well now bạn can! Just copy and past this into the comments, erase the X's and there bạn have it.


( ) You're Latino

( ) You're manipulative

( ) You're evil

( ) bạn fall for King/Queen Bees

( ) You've been severely burned/injured

(X) bạn have an annoying brother/sister

( ) bạn speak thêm than one language T

Total: 1


( )You are a wannabe at sometimes

(X) bạn have a best friend

(X ) bạn wear/used to wear braces

( ) hát is one of your hobbies

( ) bạn easily fall for the eye candy

( ) One of your các sở thích màu sắc is pink

( ) bạn work on a farm

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Chris: last time on total drama letters, the campers had to tell a joke about Total Drama, and Sadie won, with a joke that didn't even make sense. Will Noah's voice come back? Will Tyler's blackeye fade? Will the Otters ever lose? Find out on Total. Drama. Letters.

(theme song)

Chris: campers, this challenge is gonna be solo. Who ever wins the race gets the reward. There will be no elimination. It's a dare contest. We got the wackiest dares from the internet, and they aren't very fun! he he he. Meet me at the flagpole tomorrow at 10 am, don't be late.

Sierra: Cody, bạn haven't kissed me today......
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posted by CommanderCody
"Hey" đã đưa ý kiến Bridgette "Lindsay there's gonna be a school dance." "Cool" Lindsay said. "Who yah askin' out?" đã đưa ý kiến Leshawna. "I don't know,someone?" Lindsay đã đưa ý kiến "Well better get goin' you're runnin' out of guys" đã đưa ý kiến Heather. "Who'd bạn ask out?" đã đưa ý kiến Leshawna. "Noah." đã đưa ý kiến Heather. "I asked out Harold." đã đưa ý kiến Leshawna. "You go out with nerds?" đã đưa ý kiến Lindsay. Then Tyler came. "Hey" he đã đưa ý kiến "ummm wanna go to the dance?" Lindsay's tim, trái tim beated fast she didn't know what to say. "uhh uh." Then the new kid came his name is Alejandro. "Tyler" he đã đưa ý kiến "how's my good friend?" "Good" đã đưa ý kiến Tyler. Then he...
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posted by bubble_babe
 f*uck you, don't like it, don't look
f*uck you, don't like it, don't look
Heather Brushed her teeth with furry. Her Teeth where ice cold, beacaus of Leshawna and Beth! 'Grr they are so dead!' Heather thought to her self as a sneez flew out of her mouth.

'God why does everyone hear have to be so stupied?!' Heather asked Herself. she was just out raged! Who could that rap wanna bee and goth girl still even be in the show?

"Grrr..." Heather let out as she brushed her teeth.

"That will just break your teeth babe." someone đã đưa ý kiến at the door way, heather turned to see Duncan.

"W-what do bạn w-want?" Heather asked still shoken up bởi the massise amount of cold her body had...
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posted by superDUNCANfan
 The guys of the Payne family.From left to right:Shawn, Duncan, Terrian.
The guys of the Payne family.From left to right:Shawn, Duncan, Terrian.
Terrian, Shawn, Natile, Natasha.

Duncan and Courtney met on Total Drama Island. They dated outside the show, when TDI was over Courtney was pregnat with their first kid: Terrian, Duncan hadn't found out he had a son until TDA. 2 years later Shawn was born, Then a năm later Natile was born. Then another năm later the youngest of the family was born: Natasha. But when Terrian was 5 he ran away. He is now wanted in half the states in the u.s., But when Terrian was 18 he came back.(His mother was upset that he is a criminal, his dad was proud.)

The only goodie two shoes besides Courtney in the family is Natile.

Duncan ain't to fond of his young daughter dating Chris Mclain's son Drake(Christopher Dallas Mclain the 2).Courtney isn't fond of Natile dating Justin's RICH son Armond. Shawn's dating Jacilyn(Geoff and Bridgette's daughter), Terrian is dating Amanda(Gwen and Trent's daughter).
 The girls of the Payne family. The left to right: Natile, Courtney, Natasha
The girls of the Payne family. The left to right: Natile, Courtney, Natasha
in i triple dog dare bạn heather had to lick owen's armpit (do to Duncan's awesome dare). but, who would know if heather actully liked it? who knows! she might even wanna do it again! but can't because every one would know! who do bạn think would be most surprised? probably owen,'s his armpit!!!! i cracked up laughing when heather licked owens armpit! it was sooo helarious! I wish some one would find heathers diary and read it.then every one would get back at her! let's just try to remember some thêm funny moments about heather and tell me them, cause i'm going to be heiping my sis make a utube movie about it so give me and lee some help

JG and Lee
zukki:yes were in highschool
jared:yeah hope theres no bullys this year
ellen:duncan leave jared alone
ducnan:oh what will happen some other goth kid will beat me up
duncan:OH GOD (gets into ellen arms)
ellen:god your a baby
sabrina:hey guys the bus is here
ellen:come on duncan
(theme song)
(at school)
chirs:welcome ill be your teacher for the rest of the năm let me hiển thị all of u around...
travis:your ass
chirs:just come on
(everyone get's inside the highschool)
gwen:wow this like totaldramaisland
chirs:yes gwen your right we change the island into a highschool and yeah...
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Ray: (not wearing chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm anymore) I should have remembered my silicon allergy...I'm voting off Buddy, because all he's doing is killing things.

Alejandro: It's hard to chose. Ether Ezekiel, Jordan, Draven, hoặc Jared. I mean Ezekiel not cool at all so i might wanna keep him in to keep me in. Jordan is taking Bridgette from looking at me so he needs in. hoặc no...... well than Draven is taking all my girls. and than Jared....... not usefule. Draven hoặc Jared.

Jordan: *trys to open the vote box with a screw* I can't opan this. come on i need Jared off! *trys to open and he falls back...
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Chris: bạn all votted and If bạn got sự bỏ phiếu bạn got thêm than 1 besides 2 peple. I willl give bạn micky chuột cookies, the frist ine with no sự bỏ phiếu gose to.......... Jake.
Jake: yes!
Chris: Ray
Ray: Yes! *bites cookie* that's good!
Chris: Jar3d!
Jar3d: yes!
Chris: Lindsay
Lindsay: Yeppie!
Chris: noah!
Noah: Booya!
Chris: DJ
DJ: Yes!
Chris: Less!
less: YEs!
chris: The finale person with no vote is................ Rayven!
Rayven: Yes!
Chris: O If i call your name bạn had only one! The 2 people that hate each other Jax and bridgette!
Jax and Bridgette: Yes!!!!!!!
Chris: This person had only 2 votes............................ Avan!
Avan: Yes!
chris: I only have 1 thêm cookie and it gise to........................................ Jamie!
Jamie: Yay!!!!!!!!!
Chris: see ya Sierra!
Sierra: well bye guys!*jumps off plane*
Ray: she took it well!
posted by TdiFan4Everz
Oh And bởi Katie I Mean Sonicluver101.

Katie: "I Need A Blue Sweater So I Can Cosplay As Bridgette?"
Lindsay: "Hey! Wanna Go To The Mall To Look For The Blue Sweater?"
Katie: "Sherre."
Lindsay: *Runs To Car Place* "Let Me Get My License First!"
Katie: "Mkay."

*1 giờ Later*

Lindsay: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I Failed Because I Didn't Have The Paperstuff To Take The Test?"
Katie: "Then Why'd Ya Take An Hour?"
Lindsay: "I Kept Argueing With The Guy!"
Katie: O.O
Lindsay: "Tyson Can bạn Take Me And Kaylee To The Mall?"
Tyler: "Um..........No."
Lindsay: "Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?"
Tyler: "Alright. You...
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posted by megaDUNCANfan
Haley:Well, Duncan.How's Terrian?
Duncan:He's great.
Trent:Who is Terrian?
Haley:Duncan's new born son.
Trent: REALLY?
Haley: yep, and my new name is Michie.
Duncan and Trent: k.
Chris: Wow, first Trent has a son then Duncan and now Izzy's pregnant witrh mine!
Michie: I'm pregnant too!
TrenT: WHAT??
Michie: No, not really!
Dunacn: whew!
Courtney: Hi!
Michie: OMG! Terrian is sooo cute! my I hold him?
Courtney: sure.
Michie: awsome!
Chris: Well this has been a short episode. Michie sing 3!
Michie: k,Here is Terrian court. 1,2,3 I don't need bạn with me....(by brittney spears)'

*fade out*
posted by shellgirl54
ok i found this on this is not mine its the owners anyways the tác giả is the narrator so lets go to the show

We start at the hàng đầu, đầu trang of a pyramid in egypt. A certain A-type princess and goth girl were deep in an arguement over how to finish the challenge.

Using a bò đực, con bò, bull horn to get his voice over Courtney and Gwen's petty arguement. "Oh kids~" A chuông, bell sounds in the area. "Recognize that sound? Time for whoever's not finished yet to give us a musical reprise!"

Feriously, everyone's yêu thích green mohawk wearing delinquint was the first...
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Welcome back to Total Drama High School, Season 2!
Let's pick up where we left off.
Ilana: Hello everybody, today there will be no
challenge. We will jump straight to elimination in 10 minutes.
Kirby: W-what?!
Ilana: Rene was eliminated this morning, bởi the way.
*All girls gasp*: WHY?!
Ilana: I had another elimination last night while the others
weren't looking.
Sammy: I'm so worried...
Lexxi: I'm not really afraid.
*10 phút Later*
Ilana: Alright, girls, it's time for elimination!
Let's watch the confessionals to see who will go home!
Kirby: Sammy. She's been gloating about almost winning
and was rude to others.
Lexxi: Sammy.
Lia: >.> Sammy...
Nikita: Sammy.
Corabella: Sammy :(
Andrea: Sammy.
Sammy: Nobody. :)
Rikki: Sammy.

Ilana: Well Sammy, it's time to go.
Sammy: UGH! I don't care! >:T
Ilana: Who will go trang chủ tiếp theo on TDHS 2? Find out tiếp theo time!
Ray: I'll miss you!!!!!
Noah: win for me!
rAY: i WILL!

Sadie: Hi I'm Sadie!
Katie: and i'm Katie!
Sadie and Katie: and this is the TDA aftermath show! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Eva: xin chào dumbos! where's Geoff????
Sadie: Like oh my gosh. I don't know!
Katie: Billy told us to be the host!
Eva: I will be the host.
Billy: with who?
Eva: where's geoff?
Billy: Crying.
Katie: Like oh my gosh about what?
Billy: I don't know.
Josh: I know!
Sadie: Like oh my gosh! It's Josh from CMH!
Josh: Yes i am.
Eva: I'm bạn co-host! bạn got it?
Josh: ok!
Billy: so why is he crying?
Josh: have bạn seen Total draMA awsomeness??? Bridgette is cheeting...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
Before bạn read please understand this was 100% random. How did I do it? I wrote all the TDI guys and used this link link to randomize it. I assure you, if I get complaints hoặc acusions I will NEVER do a người hâm mộ story like this.

Also because I was so short on guys/lesbians I will do two versions. 1 of the những người hâm mộ that will be đã đăng here, and another that will be đã đăng on

That is all.

Thank you. The first person will be up ASAP.
posted by Renella170
người đi đòi nợ, dun người đi đòi nợ, dun người đi đòi nợ, dun DUN

Renella: Good evening, im Renella, and welcome to a Total Drama Island edition of the Weakest Link! If bạn are wondering where Chris McClain is, I locked him in the closet because I am thêm funnier than him. Anyways, lets meet the Total Drama Island team.

DUN người đi đòi nợ, dun người đi đòi nợ, dun DUN

Beth: Hi, im Beth, and it is so great to be here. Some day, im gonna be a ngôi sao like no one else. Go TDI Team!

DJ: Sup guys? Im DJ, and I am the man with the plan. (Thinks: I hope I don’t get voted off first.)

Gwen: bạn already know my name and im not gonna say it. (Sigh) Why did this tác giả put me in this người hâm mộ Fiction...
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posted by sexybaby9087
"Welcome to Total Drama Elementry.I'm your host Chris Mclein and today we will have 22 mini kids joining us today find out all the kids in Total Drama Elementry (5 mim later on break)"Chris I have to go potty"said Trent "sorry where about to come back on"
Trent:I can't beleve Chris would not let me go potty that bull
"Welcome back to Total Drama Elementry here comes our first kid comin out the bus Beth whats up"said Chris"hey Chris it so crediluis to meet bạn ur much taller in real life"said Beth"A... thanks,DJ"said chris "Yo Chris whats up hows it goin bạn sure u got the...
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vamp_grl_123 and me worked hard on these they are......

"Leave me alone Chris!!!"Courtney said,"come on please be the co-host in the new season???Please???"Chris got on his kneese and pleaded"PLEASE!!!!"He said."ok."Courtney đã đưa ý kiến "meet me at my trailer at 8 so bạn can sign."later at 8 "hey courtney" chris đã đưa ý kiến Courtney walked in, at 9 she walked out of the trailer and headed to Duncan's house "Hey prinsess, wat r u doin here?'he đã đưa ý kiến flirty,"here to visit."she đã đưa ý kiến kissing him and he pulled her in.

*in the morning*

*knock on Duncan's door*"Duncan!!!!!We need to talk!!"His mother...
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Chris: When bạn get your ngôi sao that means your safe!

Jared: I always wanted to get a star!

Chris: JARED! *throws Logan Henderson at him*

Jared: I didnt mean that kinda of star! OOWWW

Chris: HOLLOW! *Throws Miley CYrus at her*

Hollow: SLUT!

Miley: EMO!

Hollow: OHH THATS IT! *attacks her*

Chris: LINSAY!! *throws Lindsay Lohan at her*

Lindsay: xin chào LINDSAY!


Jared: I so wish Lindsay didnt go blonde!

Lisa: Wasnt Lindsay always Blonde?

Trent: No! I think he means the other Lindsay!

Hollow: Why the hell is this so hard? They both look totally Diff- OH CRAP! *Looks at them and their both the...
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