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There are 2 Hosts, 1 Chef and 64 Contestants will be either on Santa Claus' Nice danh sách hoặc the Naughty List.

*Alejandro - ?
*Amy - Naughty
*Anne Maria - ?
*Silent B - Nice
*Beardo - ?
*Beth - Nice
*Blaineley - Naughty
*Brick - Nice
*Bridgette - Nice
*Brody - Nice
*Cameron - Nice
*Carrie - Nice
*Chef rìu nhỏ, rìa, hatchet - ?
*Chet - ?
*Chris McLean - Naughty
*Cody - ?
*Courtney - ?
*Crimson - Nice
*Dakota - Nice
*Dave - ?
*Dawn - Nice
*Devin - Nice
*DJ - Nice
*Don - Nice
*Duncan - Naughty
*Dwayne Junior - Nice
*Dwayne Senior - Nice
*Ella - Nice
*Ellody - Nice
*Emma - Nice
*Ennui - Nice
*Eva - ?
*Ezekiel - ?
*Geoff - Nice
*Gerry - ?
*Gwen - Nice...
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 Cody :D
Cody :D
Hi!! This Is A Supernatural / Kh / TDI/A/WT Fanfic :P
Enjoy!! Also Includes Yaoi :P
CPOV (Cody)
Right now, im sitting on a crowed bus, filled with anxious teens, waiting to get away. On my lefts is an annoying stalker girl, while on my right is a sarcastic high IQ. Then suddenly, he says it.
"Hello, students," đã đưa ý kiến the "hotshot" host happily. "What do bạn want?!" Duncan asked angrilly. "I wanna tell u dat theres another season !" A harmony of "NO" echoed the bus. "IN SCHOOL" He added. "What school" Asked a certain goth hottie blandly....
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Alcatraz! The haunted jail. Here, the contestants had to try not to scream to win invisibility. They Merged. Rochelle and Annie saw Al capone. Chilly saw a ghost. And Joss and Lia didn't really see anything. In the end, It has Layla who won indivisibility. And even though Liza was voted off, Joss quit to get his tình yêu of his life farther in the game and maybe win. But will she? Find out right now on Total Drama Around the World!

(Theme song)

(Non-first class)
Liza: (holding onto Joss's necklace) (sigh)
Amber: I might have voted for you. But we're...
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posted by GwenFanxxxx
*On the same moment bởi al and duncan*

A: Yes, i wanna go out with you, bye!
A: *girly scream* EEEEEEE
D: wazzup Bro?
A: Im going out with heather!
D: Did she yes?
A: She asked me!
D: Bro, in tdwt bạn where a womanizer,
But now bạn dont no thing about girls.
A: Your are romantic bạn say?
D: Yesterday i was with gwen in a punk buổi hòa nhạc and i let the band sings gwen's name in a song.
A: That is romantic!
D: Yes it is!
A: *panic* What Should i wear!
D: Bro we gonna cửa hàng tomorrow before the date!
A: THNXX *high five*
A: I tình yêu heather!
D: I tình yêu Gwen!

*Trent comes in*
T: Bro's why are bạn guys ngày dreaming!
A&D: Because we tình yêu somebody!
T: Let me quess duncan want gwen, al want heather!
D: Im stlill sorry bro of gwen!
T: Dont matter i want to be single for a time.
D: Ok
T: Bye have to go!
D: Im going to sleep right now
A: Me to!
 Rachlle Anderson
Rachlle Anderson
One ngày Rachelle Anderson was walking out of the house when a voice đã đưa ý kiến "LOOK OUT!" Rachelle got out of the way and asked"Who are u? "Tiffany,Tiffany Lently!"Rachelle:Why were u roller-skating in the side-walk?Nevermind!Tiffany:I am so sorry!Wait,who are you?Rachelle:I'm Rachelle Anderson,and it is ok!Need help?Tiffany:No.Then a voice came:Move!I have to get to the peircing shop!Tiffany&Rachlle:Who are you?Voice:Susan,but call me sue,and if u call me Susan I will Kill You!Tiffany:Jez,ok!Rachlle:Can we come?Sue:Sure,I guess?Part 2:Becoming spies coming soon!
 Tiffany Lently
Tiffany Lently
 Sue Harper
Sue Harper
I was walking down the hall with Uo-chan, Saki, kate, and tohru. i were a boys uniform because i dont where skrts hoặc dresses unless there black.

Kyo: *mumbles*
Yuki: what are bạn mumbling, stupid cat?
Nikole: bạn guys are fighting agian?
Kyo and yuki: He started it!
Kate: i swear bạn guys fright like a cat and a rat!
Tohru: *thinks that's because they are*
Momiji: *eyes sparkel and is whereing a girl unifrom* TOHRU!
Kyo: *hits momiji* DON'T EVEN TRY TO HUG HER bạn BRAT!
Yuki: what are bạn whereing? Momiji and Nikole?
Nikole and kate: GAA! MOMIJI...
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posted by Courtney370
xin chào everybody! just to let bạn kown that there are other couples in this người hâm mộ fiction too like BxG,DxK,LxH,TxL,LxO,BxJ,TxG and most of all duncan and courtney and heather and chris and sadie and noah and eva and Ezekiel and Cody and Chef hatchet. anyway thank bạn for đọc my người hâm mộ fic and tell me how i did when im done. Our first one is chr.1 The Prep and the Criminal wedding. It was March and It was a Sunday the ngày courtney and duncan got married. courtney and duncan was getting ready for there wedding. bridgette was helping her get on her pertty white dress while duncan was out there waiting...
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posted by xcv_2013

When I saw her she stood out
But whenever I talked to her she would pout
I learned her name was Courtney, a C.I.T
But I saw she was as bossy as can be
She was loud,up tight, * controlled us all
It seemed like she needed a wake-up call
It seemed all she knew was to yell & scream
yet I saw her like a dream

She yelled argued & đã đưa ý kiến I got on her nerves
She would even call me a pervert
As for me I loved causing a social mess
I started calling her "princess"
Sure, it seemed that we hated each other
But secretly...
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posted by dxarmy423

1. LeShawna defeated Heather, Bridgette and Eva to win the Divas title.

2. Harold defeated Justin bởi countout. Justin was thrown of the hàng đầu, đầu trang rope taking a 8 foot fall to the outside of the ring. He was carried out of the arena on a stretcher and has been cleared to compete.

3. Cody defeated Tyler in a steel cage to win the Wawanaka Title. Tyler was winning at first. He hit Cody with some big moves as the match started. But Tyler tried to escape the cage to early and Cody got to him. They both fell 15 feet to the center of the ring. Lindsay came running to ringside...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Ezikiel: Everytime We Touch - Casada
Eva: Kill Em All - Mettalica
Noah: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Justin: Im To Sexy For My áo sơ mi - ?
Katie+Sadie: F.U.N Song - Spondgebob Squarepants
Tyler: Crazyloop - Dan Balan
Izzy: bắp rang bơ, bỏng ngô - Crazy Frog
Cody: Don't Trust Me - 30H!3
Beth: Rockstar - Hannah Montana
Courtney: Get Loose - Lil Mama ft. Chris Brown
Harold: Kung Fu Fighting - ?
Trent: papillon - The Airborne Toxic Event
Bridgette: Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lindsay: Piece of Me - Britney Spears
DJ: Any song from Barney&Friends
Geoff: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Leshawna: Rock ngôi sao - Prima J
Duncan: Know Your Enemy - Green Day
Heather: Too Cool - Camp Rock Soundtrack
Gwen: Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Owen: The loài đà mã ở nam mỹ, llama Song - burton Earny
posted by TDIlover226
Ok, gonna start out with a quick bio than get straight to the story.

Name: Bri'ana Sanchez, aka Bri, aka Bibi
Age:15 1/2
Friends: Seiamica, Shawni, JG, Vanita, Amy, Brandi.
Ememies:Heather, Bryanna, Calvin, Clay.
Talents:drawing, speed texting, soccer, creative writing.
phrase:The possibilities are endless, can't bạn see!.

Bri'ana Sanchez changed her name to bri, but then Bryanna Simon came along, she then changed her name to Bibi, Bibi bri. She is best Những người bạn with Seiamica and is highly inteligant and creative. She's a great drawer and has a huge imagination. She is always seen drawing caves, or...
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posted by dottandaeduncan
Duncan scott had just woken up from being smacked into the tường bởi his dad gabe. "what just happened"said Duncan, he look up and saw gabe. "Get over here now hoặc else" "Or else what your gonna send me to prison for something bạn did" gabe grabbed Duncan and pushed him in to the tường again. At that point their neighbor's Mr. McLean (Chris) heard it all and called the neighborhood police and đã đưa ý kiến bạn might want to go see what's going on the cop đã đưa ý kiến I will be there soon. They heard sirens and Duncan ran when he heard the sirens but a cop grabbed him. Where do bạn think your going it was Geoff dad Mr. Park oh xin chào
posted by annaystarqueen
i have seen every episode so ask me anything.
will Duncan and Courtney's tình yêu work out. sort answer: no.
well here is what happens Duncan is pushed over the edge when Courtney makes him stay up all night đọc a piece of writing, 32 pages she wrote on how Duncan could improve himself if they where to have an important relationship so in the semi finals backstabbing traitor Duncan sự bỏ phiếu Courtney off taking the million dollars. well i think Courtney had it coming but here is a tip for all the girls. the way to keep a boyfriend don't be like Courtney.
well that's all for now.
so the teacher calls the new boy up to front of the room
Teacher-Whats ur name little boy?
Boy-bad đít, mông, ass mother fucker kick your đít, mông, ass up and down the streets
Teacher-go to the principals office!
*goes to principal*
principal-whats ur name so i can put this on ur perminit record?
boy-bad đít, mông, ass mother fucker kick your đít, mông, ass up and down the streets
principal-YOUR EXPELLED!
*boy goes home*
dad-ok son i want to see how good bạn are with spelling, now whats ur name?
boy-bad đít, mông, ass mother fucker kick your đít, mông, ass up and down the streets
dad-go tell ur mother your name
mom-hi honey
boy-dad wants me to tell u my name...
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Heather started out as a ruthless competitor in Total Drama Island. She got Eva (first), Justin, Cody, Beth, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy (second), Geoff, and Duncan eliminated from Island. She has deceived many contestants to make it farther to the game.

In TDWT, after Alejandro debuted in the game, he was an antagonist, just like Heather. He got Harold, Bridgette, LeShawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Gwen, Owen, Blaineley, Courtney, Duncan, and Cody eliminated. He also made it to the Final Three, along with Heather, who was also in Island's Final Three.

Similarities that Alejandro...
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Bridgette:Curiouser And Curiouser!
(Bridgette Opens A Numerous Number Of Doors Which Lead To A Small Room)
Bridgette:Oh, I Beg Your Pardon!
Cody: Oh, Oh, It's Quite All Right. But bạn Did Give Me Quite A Turn!
Bridgette:You See,I Was Following...
Cody:Rather Good, What? Doorknob, Turn?
Bridgette:Please, Sir.
Cody:Well, One Good Turn Deserves Another! What Can I Do For You?
Bridgette:Well, I'm Looking For A White Rabbit. So, Um, If bạn Don't Mind...
Cody:Uh? Oh!
(Bridgette Sees The White Rabbit Through A Keyhole)
Bridgette:There He Is! I Simply Must Get Through!
Cody:Sorry, You're Much Too Big....
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posted by sillybandfan321
Courtney and Duncan:
Nathan:Oldest of the three and twin of Cheyann. He is a little mama's boy and already has đã đưa ý kiến his first word "Mama" Born: December 30, 2009 9:45 PM

Cheyann:Middle of the three and twin of Nathan. She loves her daddy a lot. She also loves her mama a lot. She is really close of saying her first word, so far she is at "Da..." Born December 30, 2009 9:47

Spencer:Youngest of the three and is the oddest of the three and is different from the other two. When he first got trang chủ he saw a con nhện, nhện and crawled so fast over to it. Courtney ran after him and Duncan was confused. Born May...
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posted by FireFlys113
TDI wiki got some part of the first TDWT aftermath! WARNING! SPOILERS!

Blainely: does everybody feel about the fact that it's Geoff's fault that you're all out of the game?
Geoff: (gasps) Hey...I tried to organize us into a rescue party from the bus of doom.
Blainely: And now your rescue party has to sit and watch everyone else play for a million.
Geoff: I threw a great consolation party, with a piñata!
Trent: Yeah, that was my guitar. I kept telling you!
Geoff: I'd rather host the aftermath than suffer through thêm drama.
Blainely: Care to prove it with a game of Truth hoặc Hammer?
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No One's POV
*groans* Chris why are we doing this again ?, Trent asked. Because the viewers tình yêu drama and I tình yêu making money, Chris responded. But this is crazy, we're going to miss the whole school year, Beth said. Don't worry about that, bạn can make up school work between challenges, Chris said. We are still going to miss prom!, Heather shouted. Not like it matters, bạn couldn't even get a ngày to your semi formal, Gwen laughed. Heather turned around in her bus ghế, chỗ ngồi and glared at Gwen. Don't even bring that up again, she demanded. I think I just did, Gwen snapped. LADIES, no fighting, atleast...
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Heather Is Labeled “The Queen Bee” Of Total Drama Island. She Has A Evil Younger Brother Named Damien Who Tortures Her bởi Booby-Trapping Her Room And Puts Glue In Her Hair Container. She’s School President & The Head Cheerleader & She’s Head Of The năm Book Committee & The Leader Of The thảo luận Team. Alot! But………
She Has A Deep Dark Secret. She Used To Be A Fat Brace-Faced Style Challenged Junior High Reject; Something She Overcompensates Now With A Mean Veneer And Lots Of Makeup. She Someday Wants To Have A Long Time Ruling Europe. Has Only 2 Những người bạn On The Set: Harold And LeShawna.
Heather Has Also Has Experienced 16 Different Near Death Experiences And Nine Different Hairstyles Throughout TDI And TDA.