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Jordan: *stamps on Cody* *sigh* what am I doing? I know i HATE Cody and all, but all that will do is bring some crying. agggggggggggggggg.....

Ray: (sighs) I can't vote off the big's too harsh...I can hold a grudge though (giggles, then sighs again) I'm just gonna vote for Cody. If he gets voted out, he'll finally have a break from those obsessive little cagne that call themselves his >.<

Jasper: I absolutely loved being in Haiti, I mean.. Seeing all those people in need really opened up my vision on the world. If I win, I will definately help out Haiti.
Oh! And, Doesnt Duncan sing awesome? *Blushes slightly, But quickly snaps outta it.* Crap! He won't see this right? I mean.. I sound completely stupid. *Face-Palms.*

Annie: UGH! They all think im STILL dumb, they wont give me a chance to prove that im SMART! *breaks camera*

Blaine: I should have just hit tyler with a brick well no thêm mister nice guy Tyler is going down.

lulu:well well well im back in this potty we call the confessional with my Những người bạn the passports *looks down at passports* hello guys *looks up* anyway i whish i could have 2 sự bỏ phiếu to vote out a certain 2 people *holds up rochelles passport and ardrines passport* grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *puts passports down* enie meanie mine-y mo catch a cody bởi the toe if he squeals ...give him to LULU *evil smile and stamps passport*

Jared: Yes! Both me and Katie are safe!

Natalie: *red-eyed, like she just stopped crying* I've been trying to *sniffles* keep it together, but I just feel so *sniffles again* Mất tích without him... I get seperation anxiety after a while... but being too attached to people seems to be my fatal flaw, like Anna C.'s hubris hoặc Janey's OCD. Sometimes, I still feel like that 10-year-old girl running for my life up the đồi núi, hill from those-*camera runs out of battery- AGAIN*

Adrianne:I just wanna vote out two people....So i could get Cody to myself but okay if i'll b nice this time but tiếp theo time isn't Mrs.nice person anymore *stamps passport*

Cody: *stamps a Passport* *holds up Joordan's Passport* Yep Jordan's out! Me and him hatted eachother scean he called me the B word on bookFace. agggggggggggggggg!!!! i hate him. He is so outty!

DJ: Zoey is looking at me when i was coming in here so just this once. *stamps passport*


Chris: Ok It's time for the votes.
James: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... Chris what's with the big curton.
noah: what are bạn going to take your every 10 một phút shower?????
Chris: It's every 11 minutes!!!!!!!!!! and no............. The curton is for the loser. The picture of the person Leaving tonight is behind the curton......... The loser is............................... *pulls down curtons to revile a picture of Cody* Cody!
Cody, Lulu, Rochelle, Adrianne: what?!?!
Chris: time to leave cody. but first who is your GF????
Cody: *sigh* Lulu of coruse. I tình yêu her thêm than anything. I was trying to get Rochelle and Adrianne out and keep bạn in.
Lulu: Really?
Cody: yeah. *gets on knees* Lulu will bạn marry me?????
Lulu: welllllllll............. YES YES I WILL!!!!

*dream over*

Cody: *sigh* Rochelle of coruse. I tình yêu her thêm than anything. I was trying to get Lulu and Adrianne out and keep bạn in.
Rochelle: Really?
Cody: yeah. *gets on knees* Rochelle will bạn marry me?????
Rochelle: welllllllll............. YES YES I WILL!!!!

*dream over*

Cody: *sigh* Adrianne of coruse. I tình yêu her thêm than anything. I was trying to get Lulu and Rochelle out and keep bạn in.
Adrianne: Really?
Cody: yeah. *gets on knees* Adrianne will bạn marry me?????
Adrianne: welllllllll............. YES YES I WILL!!!!

*dream over*

Cody: *sigh* who ever stays in the longest gets me! ok??
Rochelle, Lulu, Adrianne: *aigh* ok......
Cody: bye guys! *jumps*
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RECAP: I turned my head to my left with suspicion in my eyes, but it turned to shock in an instant, and I turned all the way around when I saw who it was; “Duncan…”
My eyes locked with Duncan’s as he stood there on my balcony, looking at me through the glass door that separated us; I almost felt as if nothing else existed as we stared at each other. A few moments passed before I remembered I wasn’t wearing a shirt; I blushed deeply when I realized this, and quickly put on the hàng đầu, đầu trang to the pajamas I was going to put on. Once I had the...
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Natalie: A few things I want to say. 1, I did not enjoy it and I feel like crap actually agreeing to it. And B, how could Trent just offer to take her like that? I mean, I- *starts to cry alot* *stops crying and sniffles* I'll bet I'm overreacting, but if either enjoyed a một giây of it, I swear *holds up silver bow and arrows* this will come in handy. My friend Lynn from camp gave it to me. Whenever bạn want it, it appears with you. Handy, hm?


Gabriella: Harold's lips we're so gross, I think he ate some poop before he kissed ME!*throwing up* I must...
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 I am not a real supporter of DxG but its for bạn guys! enjot:)
I am not a real supporter of DxG but its for you guys! enjot:)
This story is about two young teens falling in love.....

It all began in a reality hiển thị on a crappy island facing treachorous challenges and food....

Duncan:Hey i am Duncan
Duncan:So what do bạn like to do?
Gwen:Whats it to ya
Duncan:I was just wondering
Gwen:Ya sure anyway nice talking to ya? *starts to get off then slips*
Duncan:*Catches her* i gotcha
Gwen:Woah thanks ha
Duncan:Yea sure no problem
Gwen:Ha your not to bad
Duncan:Ha thanks and your not to shabby yourself
Gwen:So bạn wanna know what i like to do?
Duncan:Yea that would be great

They talked and talked. Then later they fell in...
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 i just tình yêu this movie, its my fav movie
i just love this movie, its my fav movie
name: Penny

age: normaly 18 unless i need to change it for some resone

likes: many things. i tình yêu animals, i tình yêu to get dirty, i tình yêu to have fun, party, chill, be hyper, have fun, be with friends, and play sports.

dislikes: people whjo don't try, give up, sas me off, people who THINK they know what there talking about, people who don't listen to inportant information, pretty mutch striaght up bitchy bratts.

freinds: lulu, raven, yuri,sumer/zoey, lyric,(moast fanpopers, and in real liffe are the tiếp theo people) Jake (because he is my boy frriend) and Ya'vanti, jessice, and austin.

total drama island...
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andy: well hello my pasengers are u all fealling relaxed, happy, soo sweet and gentel?
all: mmmhh yep.
andy: well nock it off, if u think that chris is worse then u havent met me, i maybe nice...
ramona: nice? maybe, really... i dont think soo.
andy: well to bad, i am nice but at time slike money im srticked and worse... where's ZOEY AND LUCAS.
***zoey and lucas***
kissing, smuching, and thêm kissing... and the thêm smuching... behind the pool area.
andy: nevermind them.
ray: but i thought u siad no public afections.
karen: well she đã đưa ý kiến until she finds one for her!!!
andy: and i...
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Chris: welcome to TDWT sings real songs and our first song is gonna be sung bởi Duncan, Alejandro, Trent and Tyler.

Chris: and the song is ....... TO BE LOVED bởi PAPA ROACH

Chris: 3....2....1... go!!!

*music starts to play*

Trent: Listen up, turn it up and rock it out
party on, I wanna hear bạn scream and shout
this is real, as real as it gets
I came to get down to get some fucking respect
taking it back to a hardcore level
you better be ready, put your pedal to the metal
taking it back to a hardcore level
you better be ready, put your pedal to the metal.

Tyler: GO!!!!!

Trent: Whoa I'll never give in
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Alex was talking his new team and wanted to switch but would not allow it. Although Chris looked nice, he won the "Best chó cái, bitch Award" tiếp theo to Heather.

Alex: Hey, guys. Why is Chris not here?

Chris: *up a tree* I'M UP HERE!

Everyone: *nod their heads*

Leeroy: Kay, I'll go up the tree, I'm good at climbing.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Liars, were trying to think of someone that...
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 me (lulu)
me (lulu)
lulu pov

"omigosh lulu arnte bạn as excited as me!" lindsay squeeled in my ear
"for what?" i asked confused
"the prom duhh im still waiting for tayler to ask me" lindsay spoke again
"umm bạn mean tyler dont you?" i asked again sometimes shes just well like that
"ohh yea right see bạn later lulu" lindsay đã đưa ý kiến leaving me alone in the hallways just then i saw katie
"hiya katie excited for prom?" i aksed her
"yea i really want trent to ask me " she đã đưa ý kiến dreamily just then we were joined bởi zoey
"hi girls bạn any of bạn know if dj's got anyone to go to prom with" zoey asked us i saw katie thinking
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posted by vamp_grl_123
AN: Ok i đã đăng chapter 1 like a billion years cách đây and never did post the rest. Sory. If u need a refresh on chapter 1 check it out here. (link) Also if u dont want to wait for me to update here, u can read what i got so far here as well

One thêm thing. This is rated PG-13.

Gwen's POV

I sat in the cold quite darkness of my room slowly nibbling the thực phẩm I was given. I cant believe that woman made me live with 4 beautiful guys. She knows how I hate and distrust beautiful people. hoặc at least I have been 2 years cách đây till now. It was such a painful memory I'd rather not rethink it. Let's just say...
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Summary: After Cody's encounter with the bear, Izzy takes it upon herself to take care of him and nurse him back to health. Little does Cody know, the red head has ulterior motives in mind.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Pairings: Main: Izzy/Cody, Side: Tyler/Eva, Katie/Ezekiel, Mentioned: Duncan/LeShawna, Gwen/Geoff and Lindsey/Owen, Hinted: Noah/Heather.

Warnings: FLUFF and the usual

Winter-Rae: I swear, I'm never gonna get to nghề viết văn an actual fic anytime soon. But when elephantburch offered to do a fic trade with me, how could I refuse? I mean hey, I'm getting a Duncan/LeShawna fic out of this!...
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"Wake up wake up" gwen sat up in her giường and brushed the sleep out of her eyes
"what time is it ?"she asked
"its 9 am" bridgette repled looking hard at gwen somthings not right thought bridgette gwen still
had her make up on she never slept wih her make up on
"gwen are bạn alright ?"
"yeh never better " but she was not alright somthing was trouboling her.

bridgette and gwen shared a small flat right in the middle of town they had been on holiday for
2 weeks in scotland and thats were gwen had changed.Bridgette hadnt noticd at first but now
that they were trang chủ it was getting worse. Gwen used to...
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posted by TDItwin
 i did not make this pic
i did not make this pic
hi yeah this is an djxheather fanfic so yeah its set the night between 1 flu over the cookoos and the sandwhich project

heather stepped out her trailer and breathed in the evning air "well at least il have some relaxtion before going to giường hearing izzy bark in her sleep" she mutterd quitly to herslef and started walking as she walked past the craft service tent she heard chefs voice "no thêm mommas boy dj" chef bellowed in an angery tone "but i like the mommas boy dj!" heather thought to herself and looked in side there was dj standing with...
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Courtney's POV: Very much later that night, I lay awake, snuggling a glass picture frame of my parents. Tears dribbled down my cheeks and stained the dark colored cái gối, gối my head was cushioned by. Duncan was already asleep in his bed, where I was also but nothing happened, and it was about two in the morning. I still haven't gotten any sleep, and I was dying to tell Duncan I tình yêu him without being too abrupt.

I missed my parents dearly. I never knew them, and I wish I had. I've heard so many interesting things about them from Tiannah and her Aunt Claire who were neighbors of my parents. My dad...
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The arcade was filled with loud children and a few teenagers, some in private school uniform. It was literally crammed. Courtney was glad she wasn’t claustrophobic.

Duncan whistled lowly near her. “Well, damn, this place is crowded as hell,” he murmured. “I’m going to have to push my way through here bởi force. I hope the little people won’t get hurt.”

Courtney looked at Duncan with wide eyes. Even though the sentence was a bit on the joking side, she heard a bit of concern in his voice. It made Courtney’s tim, trái tim flutter for some reason.

Duncan caught Courtney smiling at him. “What?”...
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Courtney was beginning to have serious doubts about making out with Duncan last night. The early morning sun was shining though the blinds of the window, and she was curled up to his side. His chest rose and fell in a rhythm that almost made Courtney want to go back to sleep. And worst of all, snuggling right tiếp theo to him made her feel extremely guilty. She let out an enormous sigh that, surprisingly, didn’t wake Duncan.

Why did we make out so much last night?!

Courtney’s inner self rolled her eyes and replied, Seriously. bạn just felt sorry for him. He could have died saving your life, and...
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Courtney had được trao up on trying to keep track of where Duncan was carrying her. After heading through a series of alleys and open areas behind tenement buildings full of trash and rats, they were in some neighborhood of downtown Chicago that was even thêm poor than the one that Frank lived in. Besides that, Courtney was completely lost. She couldn’t run away now, at all. If she tried, she’d get Mất tích and maybe end up getting raped bởi some dirt-poor man who was divorced. Courtney silenced a gasp with her palm. Was Duncan going to rape her?

Well he is really hot…

Courtney slapped herself to...
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Courtney Pembrooke was walking along the cracked sidewalks of downtown Chicago. It was 1924, and her long sky-blue dress was swishing around her ankles with each step she took. Her matching blue high-heels were click-clacking on the sidewalk, and her straight brown hair frantically swished across her tanned face in the chilly wind of the Windy City. The sky was gray, as a storm was blowing in. Smooth paper rubs in Courtney’s bra, the only an toàn, két an toàn place where she keeps her money.

Courtney was headed to the đường phố, street corners of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street. The salty air from Lake Michigan...
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 the old group
the old group
Killer Grips Cabin:"I can't belive i get to sleep in the same giường as JUSTIN!!!"Ella-Fant screamed."Ew,Justin"Brooke and Izzy đã đưa ý kiến together."Well,to me he's just plain HOT""Umm,ok.*Whispers to the other girls*I think i know who we're gonna vote off."Said Nikki.

Every girl walked over to the dinning hall,surprised to see Andrea and izzy not there.They turned around and saw us."For your first challenge bạn will have to dive off a huge cliff,and land into the inner ring in the water,just like total drama island.Then,we will tell bạn what's next.Oh ya,you have 5 phút to eat this "delicious" 'food"...
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