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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Maine, USA! Here we had 2 challenges. The first one was the climb the tallest cây and get the team's flag. Team Germany won that one. The 2nd one was to go through the forest and find the plane. Team Germany won that one too. All the girls were so mad at Draven for making them lose, the decided to vote him off. But he had invisibility. In the end, It was both Eva and Cody who had to boot. Leaving Draven as the only boy on his team and with out an alliacne to be in. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Around the world!

(theme song)

(Non-first class)
Lia: I don't know. Is that such a good idea?
Rochelle: Yeah. There is no way we will get eliminated. We can all vote off Draven and he can only vote us off.
Annie: But then we will be back here again.
Fawn: Yeah, I don't like this place.
Rochelle: Come on. We just won't do the challenge and vote off Draven. Then, we can all do the other challenges and win it.
Lia: But it will be 4 v.s 7. Not exactly fare.
Rochelle: Have bạn seen their team? All they do is fight. I mean take Liza and Layla for example and Lance and Amber.
Fawn: I don't know...
Rochelle: Trust me. We can do this. And maybe it will be the merge tiếp theo time.
Annie: It will be the final 11 not 10.
Rochelle: (Sigh) Just trust me.

(First class)
Cole: Here again! I hope we can be here forever now.
Chilly: what about the merge?
Cole: Then I hope I can be here forever.
Amber: I can't believe It's almost the final 10!
Lance: I know. It's been only like 2 weeks.
Layla: This season is going bởi too fast.
Joss: (whispers in Liza's ear)
Liza: Okay...
(Joss and Liza exit)
Layla: hmmm.. (follows)

(Mess hall)
Liza: what is it?
Joss: (quiet) Okay. So-
(Layla hides)
Joss: -I was wondering if bạn would... ummm... aaa... like...
Liza: Like...
Joss: (quieter) go out with me?
Liza: huh?
Joss: (Lauder) will bạn go out with me?
Liza: (speechless)
Joss: Liza? well...
Liza: well there's a problem
Joss: Oh no, bạn have a boyfriend already don't you?
Liza: No it's not that. I... WILL!
Joss: How is that a problem?
Liza: Oh come on? A girl can't add some drama in it?
Joss: Well, okay!
Liza: Come on, new boy friend!
(Joss and Liza exit)
Layla: (comes out of hiding) hmmm...


Layla: time to ruin Liza's life forever! (evil laugh)

Draven: I'm the only boy left on my team... agghh... I need to win this challenge! I have to wait until the merge so then I can be in an alliacne with Layla and Cole. They are strong players. I need to win this tiếp theo challenge.


(Non-first class)
Chris: (intercom) everyone out side to the building right tiếp theo to us!
Rochelle: Come on guys. Time to lose!


(An Italian Restaurant)
Lance: Where are we?
Chris: Italy!
Lia: YES! My mom is from Italy!
Liza: I tình yêu Italy too!
Rochelle: I tình yêu Italy too!
Layla: Well, I hate Italy.
Liza: of course bạn do.
Layla: (sticks tongue at Liza)
Liza: (sticks tongue at Layla)
Chris: SHUSH IT!!! I don't care about how bạn tình yêu hoặc hate Italy! Let's get onto our challenge! Okay?
Liza, Layla, Rochelle, and Lia: fine...
Chris: good. Now today's challenge is to make an Italian dinner. bạn have to make these to items: any type of pizza, bánh pizza and any type of mỳ ống, mì ống dish. Just like in China with the toys, Team Germany will be on the right side and Team Italy will be on the left. When bạn are done with BOTH dishes, than bạn will put them on this bàn behind me where me and Chef will eat... I mean test your dishes. Now, go begin!


Draven: Team Italy in Italy... We have to win!


(Team Germany)
Amber: okay... so... anyone know how to make any of those items?
Joss: (wises hand)
Layla: Oh shocker! what do bạn not know how to make.
Joss: (glares at Layla)
Cole: I'm good at making Pizza... i guess
Chilly: Yeah me too.
Amber: Okay.
Lance: I'm good with both.
Amber: yeah, no body cares.
Lance: well....
Liza: okay... me and Joss can do the pasta.
Joss: (smiles at Liza)
Layla: I'm good at pasta!
Amber: okay.
Liza: (rolls eyes)
Amber: so. Layla, Liza, and Joss will do pasta. Me, Cole, Chilly, and i guess Lance will do Pizza.
Layla: sounds great.
Amber: let's begin. (turns around and stops Lance) stay out of my way pretty boy.
Lance: (rolls eyes)
(Team Italy)
(Rochelle is texting Lia and both are laughing, Annie is juggling a bóng đá ball, and hươu con, nâu vàng, fawn is doing her make up.)
Draven: guys. guys. GUYS! Come on! We need to do this challenge.
Annie: Kind of busy here. Almost at my record.
Lia: yeah. and we are texting over here. Kind of important.
Draven: how?
Rochelle: It's about things. (thinking out loud what she is texting) can bạn believe that he wants us to do the challenge and stop texting?
Lia: I know right?
Draven: agggghh... Fawn?
Fawn: nah. make up.
Draven: bạn don't use make up.
Fawn: I like to try new things.
Draven: I guess I'll have to do this challenge bởi my self.
Rochelle: okay.
Lia: good luck with that.
Fawn: fare well.
Annie: try your best.
Draven: aggghh....


Draven: are they trying to make us lose?


(team Germany)
Liza: I'll get to sauce. (exits)
Lance: let's make it a cheese pizza. that way it will be faster.
Amber: oh come on. that's too easy.
Cole: I remember Sierra saying that pepperoni is Chris's yêu thích pizza.
Chilly: Yeah. Let's do that.
Amber: yeah.
Lance: What ever.
Layla: xin chào Joss...
Joss: (rolls eyes)
Layla: Joss! Help me stir.
Joss: okay. fine. (stirs)
Layla: OW!
Joss: what?
Layla: my contact! It hurts!
Joss: (Sigh) (helps Layla)
Layla: (smiles and kisses Joss right as Liza enters with the souse and drops it and breaks it)
Liza: (gasp)
Joss: Liza!
Liza: (runs out crying)
Joss: Liza wait!! (follows)
Layla:and that's how to ruin her life for good.
(out side of restaurant)
Joss: Liza wait! listen-
Liza: (crying) No Joss. How could you? Kiss my mortal enemy!
Joss: No it's not like that! She kissed me!
Liza: Oh yeah right! That's what they are all like! 'It wasn't me' 'she did it' 'my lips have a mind of it's own' bah bah bah!!!!
Joss: No Liza!
Liza: Forget it! I never want to talk to bạn again Joss! NEVER! (runs in plane crying)
Joss: (starts to tear up) Liza...
(Team Italy)
(Draven is doing all of the dishes while the girls are doing other stuff)
Draven: aggh...
Annie: What if he cooks really good and makes us win.
Rochelle: Annie, bạn worry too much.
Annie: It's just... I don't know...
Lia: Let's just hope we lose.
Fawn: wow. never heard that before on Total Drama...
(Team Germany)
Cole: Pizza's done!
Amber: Good. Is the mỳ ống, mì ống done- Layla? Where are Liza and Joss?
Layla: they ran out crying.
Chilly: what? But are bạn almost done with the pasta?
Layla: Almost.
Lance: good.
(testing room)
(team Germany enters with their dishes)
Chris: good job.
Draven: (enters with his dish)
Rochelle: oh no.
Chris: good job all of you. Now. let's see. Let us finish these dishes and then we will tell bạn the results.
Fawn: what are we going to do?
Annie: I don't know...
Chris: (takes a bite of Team Germany's Pasta) good. (Takes a bite of Team Italy's Pasta) Really good.
Lia: Oh no.
Chris: (Takes a bite of team Germany's Pasta) super! (Takes a bite of Team Italy's Pizza) VERY SUPER!!! We have a winner! Team Italy!
Team Germany: AW MAN!
Draven: YES!
Fawn: NO!!!!!!!!!!!! (dumps all of the thực phẩm on Chris and Chef)
Chris: What did bạn do?!!? These are new! Okay, for that, Team Italy, bạn will be eliminating someone tonight!!!!
(Joss enters)
Joss: who won?
Amber: I think we did..
Draven: way to go Fawn.
Fawn: thanks

It looks like team Italy has to vote someone off today. bạn can IM me, hộp thư đến me, hoặc bình luận below your vote. bạn can just plain tell me the vote hoặc put it in a confessional form.

Here is who is on Team Italy:

hươu con, nâu vàng, fawn

Also, Team Italy almost won but team Germany won, which one is your yêu thích team? Team Italy hoặc Team Germany. Vote here: link
*TDA Aftermath*

Duncan: *hears a noise* hellow?????? *anouther noice* who are you??? *Gaps*
*Zoey appers*
Zoey: Duncan!!!!!
Duncan: ZOEY!!!!!
*They hug*
Duncan: where have bạn been????
Zoey: I quit for awhile than i missed bạn so i came back.
Duncan: ZOEY!!!!
Courntey: Duncan i got the car started............. ZOEY??????
Zoey: xin chào Courntey!
Courtney: i thought bạn left for good??
zoey: nope.
Courntey: man! my dream didn't come true
Zoey: grrrrrrrr...
Rochelle: *walks in with Jared* ok we have to clean up befor we g........................
Jared and Rochelle: ZOEY????!!!!!!?????!!!
Zoey: Yeah i'm here!
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*TDA aftermath*

Rochelle: xin chào I'm Rochelle.
Jared: and I'm Jared
Rochelle: and we are your host of Total Drama Aftermath show!!!!!!!!
Jared: today is a speshele aftermath show!
Rochelle: The finle 2 of Total drama Aftermath.
Jared: Today we will hiển thị all the new people's adishen tape!
Rochelle: we will hiển thị The lateest 4 losers!
Jared: and hiển thị cá đuối, ray and Jordan is the plane waiting for the big event.
Rochelle: and some more.
Jared: so stay toned for the best epoisde of total drama EVER........

*theam song*

Jared: ok we are back!
Rochelle: first lets see cá đuối, ray and...
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Jared: *looks around* So who's our new host?
Rochelle: *walks over to jared* I donno
Zoey:Well we're gonna find out soon.
mackenzie: I thinkIknow who the host is. *walks over to Billy the intern*
Billy: mackenzie got it right I'm the new host.
Steph: *smiles*
Billy: So today we're going to th-
Rochelle: Let me guess the Borden place.
Billy: N- Actuially yes How'd bạn know?
Rochelle:Its called blogging.
Billy: Right......
*They get to the Borden house*
Billy: okay Zoey your incharge tonight. bạn have to make sure everything is in the right position. Everyone gets a chance to sweep. And that...
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Storm: *aproaches Buddy,and Buddy growls loudly at her* *gets close to him and whispers* Relax,I'm not going to do anything "Nasty",I'll save that for when I'm drunk.
Buddy: But bạn r-
Storm: Wrong.I merly shook bạn to wake up.
Buddy: bạn took my áo sơ mi off!
Storm: I thought bạn looked better with it off.
Buddy: *sighs* So I guess I worried for nothing.
Storm: Besides,my idea of nasty is something like this *kisses him and licks his ear*
Buddy: GET OFF!*tries to push her*
All: O.O
Chris: Enough!Buster,your next,dude.
Storm: Awe...but it was getting fun
Buddy: *growls*
Buster: Fine *alittle disturbed at...
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HOST: HELLO những người hâm mộ THIS IS WEEK 3
MATT: NEW lều, cabin COOL
HOST: âm bass, tiếng bass, bass bạn GO 1ST
(KILLER âm bass, tiếng bass, bass START SINGING)
posted by Lolly4me2
**beware the crossovers!**

"So there's no doubt about it?"
"Not at all."
"But aren't they...?"
"Ssshh! Just look over there."
Bridgette and Geoff turned their heads while relaxing in the resort hot tub toward two teenagers sitting on stools bởi the nước ép, nước trái cây bar. A slender red-head in a white one piece covered in limes, likewise to a boy with multiple facial piercing and red swim-trunks. The setting sun beat down on the still water surrounding their feet as giggles could be heard in the distant pools.

Sofie's mouth stretched in an awkward smile as she spoke, "And being just friends is okay with you?"
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire: Welcome everyone to the new exciting hiển thị Total Drama Secrets. I am your host the wonderful and beautiful Claire. This hiển thị is all about 18 suckers I mean teens that will be staying in these woods living in crappy trailers and facing treachorous challenges to win 1 million dollars! They must also face bugs, wild animals, the food, and most of all the dreaded campfire ceremonies where each hiển thị one contestant will be voted off and sent packing. Here comes our first contestant Talia!

Talia: Hi Claire I'm Talia..
Claire:Yea hi no time for talking and here is Max
Claire:Hey so bạn brothers...
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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Welcome back to Total Drama Highschool!
Right Now, I'm too lazy to type up what previously
happened, so let's get to it now. -.-
Hello, everybody! Today, bạn won't have a challenge
at all! Also, 3 people will be eliminated today.
Everybody: Oh my gosh.
That is why we brought back two people!
Lisa, and Rikki!
Everybody: Oh, wow.
Jared: YES! Lisa is back!
Rayven: Oh no.
Fay: This is a mixture of good and bad news!
Penny: Ooh, thêm drama and intenseness!
Mack: I'm hoping that they have food.
Natalie: Oh wow this is really awesome really
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posted by Dramatic-Teller
WARNING: This is NoahXCody!!!!!!
And it is rated T for Teen.

Noah saw Cody flirting with Gwen.
Noah got jealous...he couldn't stand it.
He ran over to Cody and grabbed his wrist and ran over bởi a tree.
Noah got extremely close to Cody

Noah: "What were bạn doing?"

Cody: "Uh. Just...talking with Gw-"

Noah stepped even thêm closer to Cody and took his chin: "I don't like it when your with her..."He đã đưa ý kiến with a husky voice.

Cody: "Noah. Stop screwing around."He turned his head but Noah just grabbed his chin again...but this time he kissed him aggresively...
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Chris: welcome to the 2nd epsiode of total drama video games

*intro âm nhạc plays and fireworks go off in the gaming arena*

*in the apartment*

Trent: I hope our challange is a âm nhạc game
Daisy: thats not fair bạn have an advantage
Trent: what advantage
Cody: bạn play the đàn ghi ta, guitar and have a natural sense of rythum
Trent: well thats my skill
Daisy: cheating is your skill??
Trent: no playing guitar

*on the một giây floor*

Miranda: check it out we on the cover of extreme gamers monthly
Aydan: no way really
Geoff: sweet I wonder if bridgette saw it
Miranda: proboly

*in the game room*

Duncan: man I would practice if...
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posted by GwenTrentDude
 Heather and Sarah ( Heather has hair in my story xD)
Heather and Sarah ( Heather has hair in my story xD)
Chapter 4: How it all started...and parts ended...

Heather and Sarah left the party a while back now. Sarah walked Heather to the motel since she forgot where it was. They had been talking all night. Seemed like they had something really special. " So Sarah tell me your life from this small place. And your friends...seems like bạn guys had been Những người bạn for the longest. " Heather đã đưa ý kiến as she kicked a rock from the ground. " Haha yeah we have been. Since Lauren first came here. Actually that and when I got teased." Heather looked at her and asked, " Teased about..?" " My sexuality... I was 8 when...
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posted by bubble_babe
(Their Are Scary things I forgot To Menchen, But Yall Wanted To Read It So....Hear It is..I'm just gonna tell the Scaryest Parts and Sadest parts i rember most...witch happen to be every part i hate T_T...... bạn might need help if bạn injoyed)

(Duncan and Harlod) (Miled)
Harlod wached the punk walk into the woods with courtney, how he hated the stuck up little bitch, she had everything, and duncan, not thinking he flollowed them, at one point he Mất tích them, then found them later on having sex in the woods, he spit in discust.

"Stupied little bitch.", Hearing Him Duncan looked up at the now 'scared...
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 Vamp Enikah. Thanks Flo_and_Trent!!
Vamp Enikah. Thanks Flo_and_Trent!!
Ok. This is part 2 of my người hâm mộ fic about Enikah. but remember this 2 important things:

1. This happen in TDI, but is not going to be any challenge in the story. With the passing of the days it's going to be fewer people. and u r going to see when Enikah gets eliminated. (sure she's not going to win duh :|) but not any challenge here. Enikah is in Ezekiel place. (sorry Ezekiel fans) So, the first in leave is Eva.

2. Here Duncan and Courtney aren't together. (for obvius reasons)U know that Enikah loves Trent in TDF, but here... we don't know *evil laugh*

*Enikah is sitting in the stairs of the cabain...
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Last time on just bởi a lightbulb,there was a big ngọn lửa, chữa cháy on izzy's house while courtney was there too,the guys were all upset,so thy ran to the hospital and....
duncan:i hope their ok
chris:yeah,i wonder how there doing
nurse:boys,we have worked a lot on this so bạn may come in to see the girls
duncan:thank you!
chris:ohh,god thank bạn so much!
bridgette:ohh,god are they ok?!
duncan:idk,were going to see them
bridgette:good,tell me when your done,and ill tell the rest too meet bởi the hospital
chris:good,do that
nurse:right this way,room 206

duncan:oh god there they are!
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