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Chris: last time Total Drama Around the World! Australia! Also known as Down under! There the contestants had to catch a kangaroo and ride it to the finish line. Oh and I forgot to mention our new contestant Amber! Anyways, in the team Italy Mất tích sending Geoff out the plane to see Bridgette again. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will want to kill me after this episode but can't because I have better lawyer?! Find out all this and thêm on this episode of Total Drama Around the World!

(theme song)

(Mess hall)
Chef: (putting some type of súp in the bowls for Team Italy) Eat up Losers!
Annie: I can't believe we lost.
Fawn: I know. If it wasn't for Geoff, Rochelle, and Cody we wouldn't have lost.
Rochelle and Cody: HEY!!!
Fawn: sorry...
Jordan: I miss the first class food. This thực phẩm looks like chef got it from the Kangaroo's poop. I bet it taste like it too.
Chef: WHAT DID bạn SAY?!?!?!
Jordan: This thực phẩm looks yummy and i bet it takes yummy too! (puts some of the súp in mouth but doesn't swallow) mmmm...
Chef: (walks away)
Jordan: (spits thực phẩm out at Rochelle) oops. Sorry Rochelle.
Rochelle: (glares at Jordan)
Draven: (at different bàn with Eva and Alejandro) (laughing) She deserves it.
Alejandro: so I'm in your little alliance?
Eva: yep. But it's Draven's decision.
Draven: sure. I don't mind.
Alejandro: Okay, I think we should try to get Cole eliminated.
Eva: his on the other team.
Alejandro: so, try to get Team Germany to lose and make Cole do it some how. I tried to do that before with hot sauce in bread, pushing him out of a tree, locking him in a room, and making a kangaroo kick him.
Draven: wow... looks like bạn have an enemy.
Alejandro: just because he voted off Heather.
Eva: Cole isn't the only one who voted off Heather hoặc she wouldn't be voted off.
Alejandro: still, I don't want him to win.
Draven: If Cole survived all of that stuff and is still in the game, he must be some kind of a good player. We should keep him in for the merge to be in the alliance.
Alejandro: WHAT!??! I'll do that if Rochelle get's to be in the alliance.
Draven: touche.

(first class)
Amber: wow... first ngày and I'm already in first class. I hope it keeps on like this.
Sierra: don't jinx yourself.
Layla: we almost weren't in here. Liza.
Liza: at least I made it to the finish line unlike Rochelle, Cody, Geoff and you.
Layla: What do bạn mean? I made it to the finish line.
Liza: oh your right. In life!
Layla: Oh bạn want to go?
Liza: yeah!
(Cole and Chilly hold Layla back and Joss and Taylor hold Liza back)
Amber: Guys. bạn shouldn't be fighting your a team.
Lance: Try to get them to stop. They've been fighting since the first day.
Amber: well it needs to stop.
Layla: I won't stop until she is out of the plane for good.
Liza: Oooo...
Joss: (pulls Liza aside) (whisper) Liza. bạn need to stop fighting. bạn could get eliminated and I don't want bạn to go.
Liza: Oh she will be the only one to vote for me. Well, I don't know about Amber. She's new.
Joss: (whisper) well stop. Please.
Liza: (sigh) fine.
(Joss and Liza goes back to group)
Liza: I'm sorry Layla. I hope bạn can forgive me.
Layla: nope. Your just a dirty little loser.
Liza: oooo... Someone better hold me back. (Joss and Taylor try to hold Liza back)
Chris: (intercom)All contestants outside now!
Taylor: come on guys let's go.

Fawn: It's.... It's so cold!
Alejandro: Will Chris ever order those jackets?
Chris: Hello everyone!
Cole: Chris... Can we have some... some jackets?
Chris: Nope!
Draven: (side comment) Jerk.
Rochelle: where are we?
Chris: Poland!
Eva: That explains the cold.
Rochelle: Can bạn hurry up the challenge a little before I get frost bite?
Chris: okay. Today's. Challenge. Is.
Rochelle: REALLY!!!!!
Chris: Fine. Today's challenge is separated into 2 parts. The first part is to build a sled out of these polls.
Amber: There's only like 5 số phiếu bầu per team. I don't think that's enough for 8 to 9 players on a team.
Chris: Think of something,
Chilly: what's the 2nd part?
Chris: Oh yeah. The 2nd part is to ride it down to the finish line.
Cody: So it's like yesterday's challenge?
Chris: the is right. and just like last challenge. The first team to fully vượt qua, cross the finish line on your sled wins. Now. Let's stand here and fill the warmth before we go.
Rochelle: CHRIS REALLY!!!!
Chris: Fine. GO!
(Everyone one runs to their assigned pools)
Lance: okay anyone know how to make a phiếu bầu sled?
(Joss wises hand)
Layla: of course.
Sierra: okay, so what do we do?
Joss: (takes IPhone out)
Layla: NO! I'm not listening to that voice again!
Liza: just whisper it in my ear again.
Joss: (whispers something in Liza's ear)
Liza: okay. Lance, Taylor, Chilly, Cole, and Layla get a poll.
Layla: Why do I have to get one? There like freezing cold!
Liza: Want to be eliminated. I don't think Chris will let bạn change the sự bỏ phiếu again.
Amber: huh? She changed the votes?
Sierra: I thought bạn saw all the episodes?
Amber: Not the 4th one. Just the first 3.
Sierra: oh well she changed the sự bỏ phiếu to Bridgette on that one.
Amber: oh...
Layla: fine.
Lance: well let's get them guys.
(Chilly, Cole, and Lance pick up a Pole then Taylor trips and falls on hàng đầu, đầu trang of a Pole)
Taylor: AH!
Amber: Oh my God! Taylor! Are bạn okay?
Taylor: (tongue stuck to a Pole)
Liza: oh my!
Cole: Oh no! Not another tongue stuck to a Pole! If Chris makes us sing that song again... OOooo!
Chris: How about it?
Team Germany: NO!!!
Chris: fine.
Layla: (picks up the last Pole) Well, let's get going.
Joss: (Whispers something into Liza's ear)
Liza: Joss says we need that last Pole.
Sierra: well, how are we going to get it off of her tongue?
(Team Italy)
(Cody, Alejandro, Draven, Eva, and Annie are trying to put the sled together)
Annie: Jordan? Are bạn sure your doing it right?
Jordan: Don't worry baby. I got it.
Annie: But bạn already tried like 6 ways and they are all too small.
Rochelle: yeah. we need ether thêm số phiếu bầu hoặc smaller polls.
Jordan: hoặc both.
Annie and Rochelle: huh?
Jordan: Eva!
Eva: Yeah?
Jordan: Break all the số phiếu bầu into 2 pieces.
Eva: okay. (starts breaking the Poles)
Jordan: There.
Annie: wow. Good job.
Jordan: thanks.
(Team Germany)
Taylor: (screaming while Lance and Chilly are trying to get the Pole off her tongue)
Liza: stop! Your hurting her too bad.
Layla: no! It's funny!
Amber: Really Layla?
Layla: what?
Chilly: well what are we going to do if she has the Pole on her tongue?
Joss: (smiles)
Liza: what is it?
Joss: (Whispers something into Liza's ear)
Liza: Wouldn't that hurt?
Liza: (Whipsers something into Liza's ear)
Liza: true.
(Team Italy)
Jordan: okay. It looks good. Now we have to wait while for the glue to try.
Fawn: How long?
Jordan: not too long.
(Team Germany starts going down the đồi núi, hill in their sled with Taylor in the back with her tongue stuck to the back Pole dragging in the back)
Taylor: ouch! Ouch! OUCH!
Cody: They're already going!
Draven: Do we really have to wait? Wouldn't the cold stick? I mean, Taylor's tongue did.
Annie: His got a point.
Jordan: (sigh) fine. Let's get on.
(Everyone get's on but Alejandro pulls Draven back)
Alejandro: how do we blame the lose on Cole?
Draven: his winning. We can't today.
Alejandro: fine.
(Alejandro and Draven get in sled and Eva pushes them)

(Later down the hill)
Rochelle: we can't catch up!
Cody: maybe we should lean?
Fawn: Good idea! Let's do it!
Annie: everyone lean!
(All of Team Italy leans)
(Team Germany)
Sierra: Their catching up!
Liza: They're leaning! Let's lean! This đồi núi, hill can't be that long!
Taylor: (kind of hard to under stand) We'll make it.
Amber: what did she say?
Chilly: she đã đưa ý kiến we'll make it
Amber: ohhh...
Layla: Well let's lean!
(everyone leans and then Taylor's tongue comes off and she fly's in the near bởi woods)
Liza: TAYLOR!!!
Layla: let's just leave her
Amber: We can't vượt qua, cross the finish line with out her!
Cole: Great! Taylor jinxed us!
Joss: (puts leg out to stop the sled)
Liza: let's go get Taylor! Layla stay here!
Layla: why me?
Liza: we can't trust bạn with us.
Layla: well! I can fill the trust here!
(Team Italy come down hill)
Lance: yep. we lost!
Amber: wait. I can see a hill!
Layla: yeah. we just went down it!
Amber: no. over there! They have to go up that hill! If we hurry up, we could catch up and win it!
Chilly: let's go!
(All but Layla goes into woods)
(Team Italy)
Rochelle: Great. A hill.
Draven: that's not that bad. Eva could carry it up. and we will just walk.
Annie: Don't just let Eva carry it. She must need hel-
Eva: (picks up sled)
Annie: never mind then.
Cody: well let's go.
(Finish line)
Chris: let's kick this up a bit. (walky talky) Chef?
(Hill with Team Italy)
(Chef pushes a big snow ball down the hill)
Jordan: OH NO! Snow ball!
Annie: RUN!!!
Alejandro: don't run. di chuyển aside!
(Everyone but Jordan moves aside and Jordan get's hit bởi the Snow ball and goes down the đồi núi, hill in it)
Annie: JORDAN!!!
Cody: We need to get him!
Rochelle: let's go!
(all goes down hill)
Lance: Taylor?
Sierra: Hello?
Chilly: Where is she?
Liza: I saw her go in the woods.
Joss: (pulls on Liza's shirt)
Liza: what?
Joss: (points to Taylor tiếp theo to a tree)
Liza: TAYLOR!!!
(all run to her)
Taylor: huh?
Cole: are bạn okay?
Taylor: huh? yeah. My arm hurts though. OW! It hurts to di chuyển it!
Liza: let's ask Chef after this challenge is over.
Liza: Sierra. Help me bring her back to our sled and Layla.
Sierra: okay.
(Sierra and Liza help Taylor up)
(Bottom of hill)
Annie: JORDAN!!
Jordan: I'm okay... What happened?
Draven: A snow ball fell on you.
Jordan: oh.
Rochelle: well, let's get going. Are bạn okay?
Jordan: yeah. did we win yet?
Fawn: if we don't keep going we will.
Annie: come on Jordan.
Jordan: okay.
(By woods)
Layla: there bạn guys are!
Liza: Taylor's arm is hurts. Let's just keep going down the đồi núi, hill and go up the other to the finish line.
Layla: well, Team Italy is just going up.
Lance: huh? how is that possible?
Layla: a giant snow ball fell on Jordan.
Lance: oh.
Cole: cut the chit chat! Let's go!
(they get on sled and start going down the đồi núi, hill until they hit the bottom.)
Chilly: Let's push it up!
(Chilly, Lance. and Cole push it up with Taylor on it)
Cole: Does she have to be on it?
Liza: her arm hurts. YEAH!
Cole: (sigh)
Chilly: She's heavy!
Taylor: I'm not that heavy!
Lance: hate to say but bạn are.
Sierra: come on! Let's just keep going!
Alejandro: they're catching up!
Rochelle: walk faster guys!
Annie: It's hard to walk. There's so much snow!
Eva: How do bạn think I fill?
Draven: need help?
Eva: Sure.
Cole: why can't we have someone that strong like Eva and Draven?
Amber: because Chris wanted it that way. Now do bạn want me to help push?
Lance: yes please?
Amber: aggg.. Boys. (helps push)
(top of hill)
Cody: YES! We're winning! All we have to do is go down this hill!
Eva: (puts sled down) let's go then.
(everyone get's on)
Amber: We're here!
Cole: Finally!
Liza: Everyone on!
Taylor: Wait. Let me make room. OW! My arm is hurting really bad!
Chilly: Come on Taylor!
Taylor: (sits up) okay get on.
(Team Italy goes down the hill)
Layla: let's hurry up!
(everyone get on and Amber pushes them down)
Joss: (uses hand signals telling to lean)
Liza: everyone lean!
(everyone but Taylor leans)
Taylor: OW! It hurts to lean.
Sierra: agggg...
Cody: They're coming!
Alejandro: everyone lean like them!
(everyone leans)
(finish line)
Chris: oh, it looks close!
(Team Italy passes and then Team Germany passes)
Jordan: YES! We won!
Chris: good job Team Italy.
Amber: We lost?
Liza: almost. We almost won.
Layla: If Taylor would have leaned, we would have won.
Taylor: sorry. But my arm hurt too bad. I couldn't lean.
Chilly: hoặc if bạn would have moved over.
Layla: yeah.
Taylor: stop being mean to me bạn 2.
Chris: Shush it! Team Italy, bạn win. But as for team Germany. See bạn guys tonight!

Okay so Team Germany needs to vote someone off. bạn can IM me, hộp thư đến me, hoặc bình luận below. bạn can ether tell me the name of who bạn want to be voted off hoặc put it in a confessional form.

Here's who is on team Germany:

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