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Name: Lanay Anabella DeCaprio (Latte)
Age: 16
Looks: the brown haired one in the picture
Personality: Snobby, germaphobe, hydrophobe, agoraphobe, arachnaphobe, bitchy, whiny, controlling
Bio: Latte is pretty much afraid of everything. As she is an agoraphobe she never goes outside unless it is an emergency. She works at a coffee cửa hàng with her archenemy Mocha. She is always trying to outdo Mocha.

Name: Melanie Gertrude McClain (Mocha)
Age: 16
Looks: the blonde one in the picture
Personality: Seductive, sensual, bossy, competitive, outgoing, neat, orderly
Bio: Mocha is Latte's lifetime rival. Mocha usually out does Latte in everything because Latte is afraid of pretty much everything. Mocha is known for stealing Latte's boyfriends because of how backstabbing and seductive she is.
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