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It was true. I’d be leaving. And I’d be leaving soon… “Don’t tell anyone ‘bout this..” I could hear Chris’s voice in my head, the exact ones he repeated when he woke me up. At 4:00 A.M.! Like, excuse me, but as a Canadian citizen, I think I would have the rights to sleep until whenever I wanted? Okay, on một giây thought, maybe not. I was in the TDA dressing room, deciding on which outfit to wear.
“Rebecca?” Chris poked his head into the dressing room. “Are bạn ready?”
NO! I opened my mouth to shout at him, but he stopped. “Woah.”
AGH! I was half dressed! I wasn’t...
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I was stoked for TDA, I really was. (Hehe. STOKED.) Lub Stoked T3T

Okay, back to the topic. So, I was surprised, but then it turns out that it was obvious. They didn't hiển thị the TDDDDI until the season (TDI!) was way over, so it was unexpected. But when Chris introduced the hiển thị at the beginning of TDI, he qualified that this was Season ONE. This was the first hint that there was gonna be a season 2.

But they did make things weird on here. First of all, they made it seem like Duncan and Gwen were starting to like eachother, but bạn never know. Duncan might be flirting with Gwen to make Trent jealous,...
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This is my new series! TDA starring Rebecca! Please read! And note that:
1. The challenges will be the same
2. The eliminations will not be the same
3. There will now be 23 campers
4. Um... wait, why is there another 4.?

Well, enjoy!

"OMG! OMG! OMG! Mom! I got selected for TDA! I got chose as the new camper!" I squealed to my mom and sister. "Is that the weird camp thing bạn signed up for like 6 months ago..." đã đưa ý kiến my mom, not really listening. "Yeah." I said, a lil bit inpatiently. My sis, Anabella, hoặc Bella, giggled. "I'm gonna miss you, Becca! You're going to camp? Can I come too?" "No, sorry,...
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