Tonks Wotcher, Natalia Tena to be in 6th Movie

RLNTonks posted on Oct 17, 2007 at 12:07AM
Well, as is goes, no one exactly knows yet if Natalia Tena would have a big part. We probably wont until the movie. What I DO know is that I hope she does because then they'll be a lot of TOnks. Who agress that they cut too much out of her scenes in the 5th Movie? And who was mad!? I KNOW I WAS!!! Well, on the bright side folks, she WILL be depressed in this one!!.... I consider that good news because they don't do much with her in the movies.

Oh, and if anyone finds any, ANY, news about Natalia Tena and her part as TONKS let us all know ASAP!!! (or at least me!)

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hơn một năm qua doctor_banana said…
Aww I'm going to love seeing her but might get upset because she's depressed in this film. But then so are other characters..Narcissa...Dumbledore's a sad book overall.