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A wonderful AMV made bởi Hikayagami.
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and cơm, gạo cakes
You'll be happy if bạn eat them all
Lettuce: hoặc a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: hoặc cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your yêu thích topping
If bạn don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
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