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It's just been announced there's gonna be a live action movie.

My reaction was....I KNEW IT!!!!

Ever since I read the manga I fell in tình yêu with the series and I couldn't wait any longer to read the tiếp theo one then the tiếp theo one then the tiếp theo one.

Then came the anime...absolutely loved Season 1 but season 2 I was a bit upset how rushed it was....but I hope Season 3 will be just as good as the manga (Tokyo Ghoul:re)

Now the movie...some những người hâm mộ are being negative and some những người hâm mộ are positive about it, but if Tokyo Ghoul is officially coming to the big screen I just hope it will be good


Tokyo Ghoul người hâm mộ for life ✌🏼️
Greetings Tokyo Ghoul fans! We will be hosting Tokyo Ghoul Week on October 6-12,2014. It has been a difficult week for the Tokyo Ghoul fandom with the ending of the manga and the anime. We thought the fandom needs a bit of cheering up and what better way to do that than to have a week dedicated to our beloved Tokyo Ghoul. This week is for bạn to hiển thị your tình yêu for Tokyo Ghoul through your own creations, including (but not limited to!) gifs, graphics, picspams, fanarts, fanfics, cosplays, fanvids, meta, and more!

To help inspire bạn guys, we have provided bạn with prompts for each ngày of the...
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posted by Nalu-love

OMG, I cannot emphasize enough how GOOD Tokyo Ghoul manga is. Don’t pick up where the anime left off. Read from the very very beginning to get the full experience. The anime condensed like 70+ chapters of the manga and a lot of stuff were Mất tích along the way. bạn have to read it from the very very very beginning hoặc bạn will miss out on a shitload of things. Also, keep an eye out for the little details that Ishida-sensei throws here and there. Like manga panel parallels, hidden tarot card numbers, lots and lots of symbolism and foreshadowing.

The manga ended with ch 143. GO READ IT NOW. And good luck. You’re going to need it! *evil laugh in the distance*

posted by AlessandraXOXO
Tokyo Ghoul | anime | Review

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the thêm hyped up anime this season for a number of reasons. Mainly because it was, as I have heard, a very được ưa chuộng manga. The premise itself is easy to follow. The world is inhabited bởi two types of people: regular people and ghouls who eat people as a nguồn of food. The main character, Kaneki Ken, after almost being killed bởi a ghoul is turned into a half ghoul-half human hybrid. bởi this time, I, who has not read the manga, assumed the hiển thị would explore the morality of and câu hỏi the prejudice between the two groups...
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