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mossheart1235 posted on Jun 28, 2010 at 11:54PM
This is just a general topics forum, and the ones used here are from the Tiva Checklist: follow this link :)


This is just a general forum, it's not for the fest, since Dannii arranges that :]

• Endgame.
• Dance.
• Rain Kiss.
• Conversation about Somalia (or at least the "couldn't live without you" part).
• Another movie night.
• Admittance of their feelings.
• One of them at the other's apartment.
• A hug.
• Play in the snow
• Refusal to carry out orders because of the other.
• Go shopping together.
• One is hurt, the other finds them and rushes to their side.
• McGee/Abby trying to hook them up.
• Stuck together in the elevator.
• Gibbs sends them to another country or city, like Arizona ala "Mother's Day".
• Talk about what happened in "Under Covers".
• An undercover duet.
• Another Nora-type person.
• One refusing to leave the other's side even if it means death.
• Re-discuss the tattoo.
• One of Tony's friends comes to NCIS and says he talks about Ziva. A lot. :)
• One of them intervenes to help the other not do something they'd regret, like Ziva in Obsession.
• McGee walks in on them during a bathroom scene.
• Somebody tells them they are like a married couple.
• A dream sequence.
• Babysitting.
• Forehead kiss.
• Tony to move a stray strand of hair from Ziva's face and for him to tenderly stroke her cheek whilst doing it.
• Gibbs changing Rule 12 for them.
• Both of them being told to meet someone in a resturant for a blind date but they're being set up!
• Tony tussles Ziva's hair onscreen for the benefit of the audience.
• Tony gives Ziva a gift.
• A letter (written by either one) that the other finds.
• Sometime of special night for NCIS where they have to get uber dressed up and we see Ziva kinda like in Last Man Standing and we get to see Tony's reaction to her.
• One of them gets drunk and leaves a msg of their feelings on the others answering machine.
• Photo taken together.
• Tony gets injured and given painkillers and admits his feelings.
• Beach scene.
• Tony gives Ziva his jacket because she's cold.
• She laughs at a corny joke that he tells.

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