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This fanfic was written for amberRocks ;]

She was screaming the hell out of her.
Kutner was walking up and down, not able to take a close look at what was going on. The screams of pain were already enough for him, he took a look at his watch. Almost an giờ had passed now.
How much longer would this last...?
He winced as he heard her scream his name. She wanted to have him bởi her side. Kutner took a deep breath and told himself quietly not to be such a coward as he walked up to her giường and reached for her hand.
Thirteen gave him a weak smile before she was screaming again. She pressed his hand...
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If you’re đọc this, bạn already know

It had been ten years since Lawrence Kutner had left the practice of Dr. Gregory House. It had been nine years since he’d been married. It had been eight years since they’d adopted their daughter from India, and seven years since they’d purchased their first house.
It had been a week since he’d attended his wife’s funeral.
They were cleaning out the house now, getting ready to di chuyển to some place smaller. Ever since his wife had been unable to work and her medical bills had started to steadily...
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posted by housefrk
About six months cách đây I wrote about Kutner standing at Thirteen's grave. Now I thought it was time for her to return the favor. Companion to I'm Sorry.

I’m So Sorry
I’m sorry bạn had a gun. I’m sorry they taught us about fatal bullet wounds in medical school. I’m sorry we didn’t make bạn come out for drinks with us that night. I’m sorry someone didn’t call bạn just as bạn were getting ready to do it. I’m sorry we didn’t have a case that prevented us from going home. I’m sorry we took so long to find bạn and were blissfully unaware all morning. I’m...
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posted by housefrk
No bashing intended. I wrote this fic with purely innocent intentions. See bottom for further details.

Handle With Care

When bạn read this I’ll already be gone, so I’m going to address everything that needs addressing and put this note somewhere I hope bạn can find it.
I’m not going to say the things people usually do in these notes. I’m not going to talk about why I did it. I’m sure that’s the câu hỏi burning in everyone’s minds right now, but that’s not what’s most important. It will be done, and knowing why won’t do...
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posted by housefrk
My newest Thutner oneshot. Obviously I had to work around the fact that she seems much happier and is with Foreman now, because in my fics she's always miserable and with Kutner if anyone. This isn't one of my favorites. They both seem kind of out of character to me, but hopefully you'll like it. Also, bonus points to anyone who guesses the two songs I quote lines from (one of them should be easy assuming you've heard the song)

To Handle a Problem     

He is passing bởi the glass doors of the lab when he sees her. She’s sitting on a ghế đẩu, phân at the far table, her head in her...
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posted by housefrk
I know I need to stop killing Thirteen (my last three fics here she's been dead), but I just had the idea and I couldn't not write it.

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry bạn had clinic duty at that particular moment. I’m sorry he wouldn’t just take the medications without testing them on someone else first. I’m sorry someone else didn’t volunteer instead of you. I’m sorry bạn had to test those particular treatments. I’m sorry they didn’t blow up the tường just a little bit earlier. I’m sorry he didn’t get cold feet at the last minute. I’m sorry bạn died earlier than bạn were supposed...
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posted by housefrk
I've been đọc a lot of stories that take place after Last Resort where Kutner was the one sitting at Thirteen's bedside instead of Foreman. While đọc those I came up with two what-if questions. Enjoy...

Two What-Ifs    

They’d been sitting in the conference room joking around. House had been off who-knows-where and he’d left the team with no specific orders other than to look busy. Foreman, who was determined to do work at work, was helping Cameron in the ER. Taub had gone to get a coffee. That left Kutner and Thirteen to their own devices.

“What are bạn going...
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posted by Immunity
 our dream-team
our dream-team
Now this is interesting :D
Look what I noticed.

Thirteen in "You don´t want to know"

COLE: Could have been you. bạn don't seem to care if bạn get this job hoặc not.

13: Yeah, I've been here for eight weeks because my subscription to masochism weekly ran out.

And Kutner in "Mirror, Mirror"

PATIENT: Bring the pain. [Grimaces.]

KUTNER: I'm not a masochist.

Lool, do we have 2 little masochists here? *gg*

I would really tình yêu to watch some thutner sex now... heheee...who knows...
posted by Immunity
I´m not the tác giả of this article!

Hey, I found this short cute story on a livejournal community and I really tình yêu it, one of the best thutner fics I have ever read.
I didn´t put this as a link , because I had problems with not-working đường dẫn recently, so I´m going to post the story here, hoping bạn will enjoy it.

Again, I didn´t write this, the tác giả is phinnia and all credits go to her.

Second childhood

Kutner wears võ sĩ quyền anh shorts with cartoon characters on them - mostly Looney Tunes and Disney. Riffling through his underwear drawer is like a walk through Kodachrome-toned Sunday mornings...
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