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Stella squealed, splashing her toe around in the enormous puddle thêm commonly known as the ocean. (Gardinia's section of the ocean, that is!)
"Its freezing! Guys, Why did Faragonda assign us to this? They're are teachers not our swimming instructers!!!!" She wailed, shivering like a pixie in the omega dimension!
"Stella, we're here to train for underwater adventures, so we're going to have practising swimming!" Explained Bloom. "Just put it this way, all seven of us are on the beach, taking time off Alfea and tình yêu 'n' pet, enjoying the sun..."
"And with your boyfriends!" Continued a familiar...
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Bloom struted though the magix forest on the hot, sunny day. 'Good job i'm having a walk, because i really need one right now!' She thought, and she was right. She had so much on her mind that she couldn't help but walk her worries away. 'I am so lame going bởi myself, i should bring the other winx girls and maybe this walk would be thêm fun. I mean, this walk is about as fun as gizelda's detentions!' Bloom told herself, gently patting Kiko on his head as he curled up on Bloom's shoulder.
He was upset about alfea also. The fairy of the dragon ngọn lửa, chữa cháy shuddered as she thought about the following...
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Here are the powers hoặc spells of Icy:
- Ice Bracelet
- Nữ hoàng băng giá Prism
- Arctic Blast
- Ice Coffin
- Icicle Fury
- Ice Crusher
- Blizzard
- Ice Hail
- Ice Tower
- Chill Strike
- Frostbite
- Ice Portal
- Icicle Barrage
- Pierce Attack
- Ice Wall

Here are the powers hoặc spells of Darcy:
- Dark Slam
- Remote Witch Slam
- Clouds of Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Cosmic Witcher
- Perfect Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Teleportation
- Transformation
- Illusion Dillusion (Disenchantix version)
- Optical Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Pauser Hex (Gloomix version)
- Duplication
- Total Darkness (Gloomix version}

Here are the powers hoặc spells...
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 Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
is winxclub a bad influence?
That's our question, so lets start, shall we? :)

Winxclub has alot of magic, and adventure. But the big message is sended to almost all kids. Here's my questions-
are the winx too skinny?
are the Winx too skimpy?

Now, im not saying its like disney, with one-million subliminal messages. And things that send out bad messages.
1-are the winx too skinny?
Yes. They are. To be honest, they look like stick figures. And I mean, beyond anorexia nervosa. The message? Skinny girls can be super heros! Thats sad. I mean, why? Not even real anime has them that skinny. Can they make...
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posted by FloraorStella
First of all, this is an opinion article. If bạn have different opinions hoặc disagree with the article, please put down your các bình luận stating your opinions.

Second, this isn't meant to hurt any những người hâm mộ feelings, as I đã đưa ý kiến earlier, this is an opinion article. If it hurts bạn hoặc bạn feel deeply offended, please click away immediately. If bạn read it and it offends you... well, I warned you.

Third, enjoy reading.

1. Plots

I think that this was the main reason why Winx Club is ruined. Since bạn all probably know, Nick took over Winx Club because Rai English joined forces (if that's the right way to explain...
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Just wanted to give my opinions (both positive and negative) on each of the main 6 couples. Yes they are in order from my yêu thích to least favorite.

Tecna & Timmy

I actually really tình yêu this one. I think it is super cute. The fact that Timmy is the clumsy shy one and Tecna is not. Usually it the other way around--the female is the cute, shy, klutz and the male is the one to go "it's cool I still tình yêu you". I think it's a great twist for the roles to be switched. I also tình yêu the fact that they are 'the nerd' couple. Typically in shows like Winx the 'nerd' either gets the 'hot' boy hoặc no one...
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