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And so the tiếp theo day..
"I can't believe Stella did that to us, I thought we all were friends," cries Flora. Layla holds Flora's hands. "Don't worry," she says. "I believe Stella will stop all this," "Oh yeah?" asks Tecna and points to the window. It was still raining.
Stella found a club called 'Dark Magic.' She enters it. Is she willing to practice dark magic?
Bloom and the Winx run to tìm kiếm for Stella. But they couldn't...
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posted by nugget14
Nova is a fairy at Alfea from Solaria. Her first appearance is in episode 4 of season 3. She is from Solaria, the same realm as Stella. She helps fill in the news for Stella and tells her the latest gossip for Solaria. When the Winx went to Andros to slow Valtor's takeover of the realm Nova helped Stella cover up for them.

Nova also helps Stella and the Winx Club to sneak into King Radius's wedding bởi suggesting they impersonate the flying biker troop.

First appearance: The Mirror of Truth
Age at first appearance: 16
Origin: Solaria
Affiliations: The Winx (friend), Alfea, Solaria
Power/powers: Stars
Relationship: Stella(princess and long time friend), unnamed mother

Info from winx club wiki
 Nova's magic winx outfit
Nova's magic winx outfit
posted by Flora_Bloom
 Layla and Nabu
Layla and Nabu
After Nabu's death,in episode 25's beginning,there's a huge flashback of all that happened...there's also a song running in the background.Believe it hoặc not,those flashbacks and that song made me cry.So,here are the lyrics.

There's a place where I can go everytime I close my eyes
It's the place where bạn and I can meet again

Just like birds in the sky, simply carried bởi the wind

Are your fingers on the keys you're playing for me?

When things get off and its hard to believe

I hear bạn say be strong, I know you'll handle this


So don't give up now, everything is alright.

For the best things...
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posted by Gretsel
 Flora's plant
Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt...
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posted by Alifya
Here are basic skin care secrets everyone should know!!

Apple Mask(For Normal Skin)

Needed Things:
An táo, apple (cored and quartered)
2 tsp honey

Method: Take a blender hoặc a thực phẩm processor and chop the pieces of táo, apple in it. Mix the honey and put it in refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your face with the tapping motion. Tap the area until the honey feels tacky. Leave it for 30 phút and rinse it off with cool water.

Banana Mask:
Needed Things:
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp. all natural honey
4 tbsp ground oats
Mineral water
1 cucumber

Method:Mash the ripe trái chuối, chuối until it has a smooth texture....
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The fairy students come to college here to learn how to cast spells, create Chuyện thần tiên ở New York auras and make magical potions!

Potionology, metamorphosimbiosis, magiphilosophy and good manners...are among the complex subjects taught in the college bởi very skilled, strict and demanding teachers! Thanks to these lessons, the aspiring teenage nàng tiên learn how to use and improve their powers in order to fight against evil in the name of equality, brotherhood and justice! The Alfea students live within the college itself, which has an enormous, well stocked library, classrooms, and a Magical Archive where the most important secrets of Magix are kept!
Hi everyone! :) Todays câu hỏi kiểm tra is all about style: Each winx girl has their own distintive one, but which one matches yours? enjoy, please bình luận and rate! :)

Q1. What are bạn most likely to wear on your average saturday going to a cafe with friends?
A. Some casual, jeans and hàng đầu, đầu trang with just a few acessorys....Nothing that itches hoặc is too tight...Usually. ;)
B. A designer hàng đầu, đầu trang and mini skirt, with that LUSH bag bạn were saving with your haired brushed, conditioned, shampooed, combed, lots of accessorys and all the latest makeup with some cool socks and....Um, a few hundred other things... ;)
C. As...
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posted by tslol99
Stella just found out she has a sister

Stella: My WHAT!!!
Stella:s mom: Your sister she is going to Alfea tiếp theo year
Stella: tiếp theo YEAR
Stella's mom: Guys give us a sec please u can get t know Cassie Cassie y don't u hiển thị them your room
Musa: Ok come on Cassie right
Cassie: Yes

the others leave Stella and her mother with and go into Cassie's room

Brandon: Sooo Cassie aaahhhhh what do u like to do
Cassie: I like to read write walk my cat FB
Tecna: What does that stand for
Cassie: hoa Bloom
(everyone looks at Flora and Bloom both girls blush)
I know but I named her that before I even heard of Bloom
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 Least yêu thích
Least Favorite
So I just realized I never đã đăng this and the phiếu bầu series ended a while cách đây so sorry for the delay on this one. Also remember this is my opinion and fellow fanpoppers so let's not have any hate hoặc call someone's opinion out just because it's different. thank you. Also the các bình luận I include are those of who voted for the transformation that was eliminated that round.
Round 1: Sophix
Sophix was eliminated in the first round with 47% of the votes. Honestly no surprise here for a lot of fans. Probably because this transformation was used for...
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