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 is just me hoặc do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
is just me or do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
Note lately my nick has been doing one giờ episodes but it's really two episodes, so I will just be combing them into one review, until Nick officially distinguishes them as two different episodes.

First off I didn't think the rest of season 6 was going to start until 2014. So the overview for those who have not seen it and do not want to much detail is the Winx gain a new power called Bloomix. The Winx after training in Aisha's gym go back to Linphea College and save the school from the treants, and is free from the Trix's grasp. So that's the basic interview,so now let go into the full depth one.

In the beginning the younger nàng tiên at Linphea College (I know it's spelled Lynphea but I grew up with it as Linphea) are surrounded bởi the treants including Flora's little sister Miele. The Trix come in and tell the new witches to make sure the nàng tiên do not escape.

The scene then changes to the Winx at Alfea in the gym that the Winx did ballet in for The Last Discovery. First off their outfits look like they could be from an 80's Jazzercise routine, but I do like them minus the dancing until Layla throws out a round off double back handspring followed bởi a layout into a triple back tuck. I was impressed until I realized they were all wearing heels and tumbling,because that's natural but like Musa đã đưa ý kiến in season five Stella, we always wear heels probably one of the most accurate trích dẫn ever. One thing I do like is without their powers Layla is taking the lead on helping them train their inner strength. Eventually Ms. Faragonda comes in with the guys and says they are going to help them while their powers are gone (reminds me of season 4 when she sent the guys to protect the Winx while on Earth) but then we find out Bloomix is earned bởi doing an act of courage (really are we ripping off season 2 again with how Charmix had to be earned). Well after this depressing information we see Daphne searching for an answer on how to defeat the treants and she does with a help from one of the guys from Linphea college. bởi the way he was diễn xuất I think he likes her, and I think it would be good for Daphne to have a special someone after all she has been through. They find an answer and it's to make the roots go back to where they should be and this can only be done if Flora makes a potion to help them out (ripping off season one when Flora made a potion to help the Junior League bởi making thêm of their thực phẩm supply with a drop of one of her potions). The group splits up the Winx will use the potions to spot the treants while Bloom and the Guys go to Cloudtower.

On Linphea Miele finds away to escape the treant's grasp bởi using one of her spells called magic seeds (looks a lot like someone's older sister's power known as Chuyện thần tiên ở New York luxurious ivy, i know it's different in each version and hard to keep up with all the different names). The freshmen witches notice her, but do not go after her. However Miele almost gets squished bởi a treant but her big sister Flora saves her from it bởi using her potions to root the trees back in the ground.

Now back at Cloudtower we see Bloom and the guys trying to get in, but the Trix were expecting them. A blind person could have saw that coming. So after some time Selina releases this bird called a Flying Basilis(hope I am spelling this right) which looks thêm like a griffin and Medusa mixed rather than a Flying Basilis. The guys leave when the birds go straight towards Linphea College. Leaving Bloom all bởi herself against the Trix which then comes another accurate quote "It's time we finally destroy bạn Bloom!" - Icy "Funny, I've been hearing that from bạn for years!" - Bloom.

Back to Linphea college the guys are helping the nàng tiên and the Winx where we now find out the Flying Basilis can petrify people hoặc in other words turn them to stone (Nick has done this already only a season cách đây when Flora was turned to stone when her, Stella and Layla where searching for the first gem which was a rip off of the pieces of the codex from season two). Roy and Nex get turned to stone trying to protect Aisha could we do without the boy drama, I am still trying to get rid of the Flora and Krystal thing (which to the florists who don't have their facts straight Helia was the one who messed everything up in the first place he introduced his GIRLFRIEND Flora as a FRIEND. So this was never Krystal's fault).

We then see Flora making sure all the younger future nature nàng tiên are secure in a treant, but when she falls out the Flying Basilis almost petrifies her, but Miele then saves her with a magical blast. She then is taken bởi a treant which Flora then goes to save her sis claps her hands and earns her Bloomix (this made me so mad from the idiotic lyrics then basically how she earned her Bloomix was a rip off of how she earned her Enchantix three seasons ago. Flora gets hurt, Miele saves her, Miele gets attacked, Flora saves her and then boom transformation) . Being the first to earn it which is also a first since she was the last to her charmix, fourth to earn Enchantix and then the others were all earned at the same time. End of the first episode


In the một giây episode hoặc một giây set of thirty phút if bạn like me only got to see it as an one giờ episode. The Winx are still on Linphea fighting the treants which are restored all to normal bởi Flora's potions and one of her Bloomix spells. Really the nature fairy saving the ngày bởi defeating the nature gone bad like that wasn't predictable.

Stella and Layla then do some acrobatics which if this was real life none of them would have learned that tumbling pass that fast and thêm specifically in heels. I have been doing acro for eight years and I still don't have that tumbling pass because less than giờ in heels just makes bạn able to do those stunts. But the two do it over the Flying Balisis and the two birds become petrified and break when they hit the ground. Could we have not thought of this earlier. The two are the tiếp theo to earn their Bloomix, while at the same time Tecna and Musa are whining over how they have limited powers when Flora is fluttering her new wings off with new powers (wow when did Tecna and Musa become whiny and bratty ignoring their friend who temporarly is like look at me which at this point my three các sở thích were about to become my three least các sở thích but that quickly switched back to normal when Layla and Stella save Bloom and Flora is removed from the personality she isn't. Yes Flora is still my all time yêu thích but the hiển thị is actually really starting to piss me off to the point I cannot just push it aside any more).

After sending the Trix back they leave once "frightened'[/b] bởi the new powers and decide they will no longer rule over Linphea college setting free. Flora and Miele have a touching moment which was probably my yêu thích part especially when Miele đã đưa ý kiến "you don't just see me as your younger sister anymore, right?" Flora responded "of course not, bạn are a strong and courageous fairy" and says she would like to do it again soon making a promise with her little sister. I have to say ever since Daphne was turned back into human form Flora is the only one still diễn xuất like the big sister giving Lời khuyên to the younger one instead of the other way around.

The Winx goback to Alfea and Ms. Faragonda makes no remarks to the three who have EARNED their Bloomix, but just brushes it off like a speck of dust, because it will only matter when Bloom also earns it (I like Bloom, but this spotlight let's put her on a pedestal needs to stop. I prefer the loyal and caring Bloom over the spotlight hog they have turned her into. RIP first three seasons). Daphne runs late to her class because she got an invite to the Golden Auditorium [i]for the whole class
but only takes the Winx out of like thirty students and the Winx graduated like three seasons cách đây people.

In the dorm rooms Tecna and Musa have a fight after Riven shows no care hoặc interest for Musa (because this hole He loves me. He loves me not. I think we need to break up hasn't been done in like every season so far). Then as Musa starts to play her guitar, Tecna snaps at her asking her not to play then Musa rebuttals well maybe bạn shouldn't to that algora thingy. The two have a fight (similar to the fight from season 1 which made Flora leave because none of her Những người bạn where taking into consideration her power and how she studies. Also Tecna and Aisha fought last season when going to get another gem to help them earn sirenix). Bloom has to come and break the two up, but the heat of the "fight" has already burnt out.

The tiếp theo ngày we see the Winx and Daphne at the Golden Auditorium. I am pretty sure she đã đưa ý kiến the whole class was invited not just the Winx. Musa is extremely excited and telling everything about music, so I am guessing the Golden Auditorium is Melody's magical college. So when Musa sees Tecna not enjoying herself the two fight again, and it stops when the pandemonium sprites arrive.

The Pandemonium sprites are another creature from the Lengendarium which we find out Selina is under ruling from a dark force within the book. Because it's not like someone being ruled bởi another in this hiển thị hasn't been done before *cough* *cough* impostor Avalon and Darkar *cough* *cough*. Bloom transforms into her Sirenix and Flora, Stella and Layla now transform into their Bloomix being the three current strongest which in my opinion are Layla followed bởi Stella followed bởi Flora in order of strongest based truly on what their power is and not how the hiển thị portrays them. While those four try to use a spell on the sprites they become knocked out bởi sounds waves. Oh what will we do now, oh yea Musa and Tecna get to save the ngày like that wasn't predictable.

The two remaining run as Musa sings attracting the sprites back to their caves. With the pixies the eight are trapped. So Musa and Tecna work together to let Musa sing to get rid of the sprites, they earn their Bloomix, amplified her song and the sprites disappear. Ya so far Bloomix isn't really that hard to earn, and it sickens me because I thought we were moving away from the transformations handed to them on a platter, I guess not. Back in the auditorium Musa and Tecna are praised for their work and how the song will now be played throughout the halls of the school. Good Job bạn two, bạn deserve a vàng ngôi sao for this because this couldn't have been seen coming.

In the end of the episode the Trix have decided to di chuyển onto Eraklyon College. Also Diaspro wants to tham gia the Trix which is "music to their ears". Like that wasn't predictable speaking she joined in with Baltor/Valtor in Season 3 to ruin Bloom and take Sky back.

However the xem trước for the tiếp theo episode whenever that might be looks interesting. Daphne is welcomed in the court, since she is the crown princess and the ngôi vua, ngai vàng is her's before it's Blooms. Some Diaspro drama. Bloom falls unconsciously into what looks like might be lava and Sky saves the day. Sounds like a fairytale.

some trivia from the Winx Wiki that I just have to bình luận on:

1. As of this episode, Bloomix breaks the tradition of new transformations being earned on the sixth episode of the season, being earned in the fourth episode instead.
Um neither was Winx which they all had minus Bloom before the first episode in season one and she gained hers before the sixth episode. Charmix wasn't even earned until like episode 21 in the một giây seasons. The Gifts of Destiny were được trao in episode 19 and 22 I want to say of season 4, and lastly Sirenix wasn't even earned until episode 13 of season 5. The people who wrote these "Triva" facts need to get their shit right first

2.Bloomix is the một giây transformation to be earned one bởi one, after Enchantix.
Are we forgetting Charmix here? Bloomix would be the third to earn one bởi one because the others were like ooh bạn participated here's your transformation hoặc here is a f******* Gift of Destiny to help bạn Winx for one darn episode

3. As of this episode, since the rest of the Winx Mất tích their Sirenix, Bloom is the only Winx fairy left to transform in Sirenix and the only one to remain it's abilities. Yet it is now hinted that her powers are already getting weaker.
Um Flora earned her Bloomix currently making her the strongest fairy as Bloom's powers are weakening.I guess someone wasn't paying attention to the episode when they wrote that

Earning of Bloomix:
1. Flora: saves her sister from treants
2. Stella and Layla: do acrobatics over the Flying Basilis and they break
3. Musa and Tecna: make the pandemonium sprites disappear with an amplified song.
4. Bloom currently unknown.

Bloomix: A fairy needs to have at least a part of the Dragon's Flame's power to earn Bloomix. To finish, she needs to do a special good deed.

Author's note: I think I want to cry now after these episodes. I am happy for a new season filled with new episodes. It's just they are predictable and complete rip offs of the prior seasons which makes me sad.

1. if each realm has it's own school why didn't the Winx and Specialist go there since most are an elite of their realm.

2. the Bloomix song really makes me want to scream

3. As much as I tình yêu this hiển thị and always have I really want the old seasons back.
 No matter how upset we get with trolls and the old seasons being dead, us WInxies will stick through it all
No matter how upset we get with trolls and the old seasons being dead, us WInxies will stick through it all
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