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"i dont know i was just entered the house and i found them like that and and now alone"
flora sobed
"dont worry flora i will ask my mum to see if i could live with u " đã đưa ý kiến aisha
"me to" đã đưa ý kiến helia
"us to" đã đưa ý kiến the winx ans specialst
"thanx guyes this will be the best house and familey ever"
"yer" đã đưa ý kiến all
"winx club forever" đã đưa ý kiến everone
the winx went trang chủ and got ready to live with flora bởi packing what they need first
stella packed make up, hair equiptment, 4 dress and 1 pare of pj
bloom packed 2 hàng đầu, đầu trang 1 váy 1 pare of pants a pictor of her sister daphney and totth bursh and toothpase
musa paked 10 cd a âm nhạc palyer 1 long drees and helles
tecna packed an i pad an i phone a jump suit and boots
aisha packed 2 top, 2 pants, 4 under where 2 pares of pj boots tooth brush and tooth pase mouth wash and body wash (she is the sesable on along with the specialist and flora)
flora doorbell rng and first was the winx then the specialist. while they were out flora cleaed up the blood and called the police to romove the 2 dead bodys bởi the time her Những người bạn were here it loked like nothing has happend.
"so flora where are we all going to sleep"asked bloom well i have 6 bedrooms in this house so i was thinking this
(room arangements)
"stella and brandon
bloom and sky
musa and riven
tecna and timmy
aisha and nabu
and me and helia
so what do bạn guyes think " đã đưa ý kiến flora
"perfect we will have the best night ever" đã đưa ý kiến stella
" well let us all go unpack"
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 Sweet cute, động vật ! :)))
Sweet cute, ANIMALS ! :)))
Flora: Chatta, is he behind us?
Chatta: Im too afraid to look back !
*Flora turns around*
Chatta: Is he behind us?
Flora: No.. he's gone
Chatta: Hah ! he's such a scaredy cat !
Flora: *giggles* Chatta... bạn talk to much
Chatta: I am the pixie of chatter !
*Before they could relax, Karel jumps in*
Flora: ... !!
Chatta: AHHH !
Karel: Grrr....
Layla: Where is Flora?
Amore: Follow us!
*they arrive to the cottage and see that its been damaged*
Stella: My goodness, look at this place !
Bloom: Tecna, scan it please
Tecna: On it !
*Tecna scans*
Tecna: My God !?
Musa: Why? what did it say?
Digit: Its warewolf...
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 I am Musa!
I am Musa!
(As usual Musa was dreaming about Riven and her.She dreams she and Riven on a romantic thuyền date.She was soooo happy she kept rolling until she fell from her bed.She saw the dream at 6 in the morning.)

Musa:I had the cutest dream ever!
Bloom:Really,what was it about?
Musa:Me and Riven on a romantic ngày on a.......
Musa:How did u know?U were not in my dream.
Bloom:Musa,u always dream about u and Riven.U always tell us about them.
Musa:Ya,i tình yêu my dreams.
Layla:U tình yêu ur dreams hoặc do u tình yêu Riven?
Musa:I tình yêu Riven too!
Flora:U really like him don't u?
Musa:More than...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(kay... part 3 :) as promised, it will be long.)

*layla's room*
Layla: *sniff* flora's leaving... and im not really that close to the other winx.. and musa has to work overnight at the library.. i guess ill be lonely this pass week... :(
*flora goes in*
Flora: layla, sweetie, whats wrong?
Layla: nothing.....
Flora: please... tell me whats wrong.
Layla: Flora.. bạn know that im not really that close to stella, we are just so opposite ! Bloom and Musa have to work overtime because its summer... and bạn know that I cant really keep up with Tecna talking about her gadgets and saying stuff that makes my...
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