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Bonnie was sitting with Keith in the cafeteria, having lunch, when a nurse came her way. “You have a visitor”
“I’m eating” Bonnie replied.
“He đã đưa ý kiến it was urgent” the nurse said.
“Fine then” Bonnie đã đưa ý kiến and she stood up and followed the nurse. When she got back at her room she had to pinch herself to make sure she was not hallucinating.
“What are bạn doing here?” Bonnie asked very surprised.
“You thought I wouldn’t figure it out?” Damon asked arrogant.
“You didn’t” Bonnie shook her head. “Katherine did”
Damon made a step forward. “How do bạn know that?...
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posted by Mintyllama
To be honest, I'm almost sick at the thought of Klaus' treatment in the fandom. People say he's such a bad person, but is he really that bad? He's thêm of misunderstood, but most people just can't see that because of the fact that most of the people he's hurt were the main characters. When the main characters don't exactly have clean hands themselves. I get it, he's not a saint. But people should be able to see past that in a character. See the damn reasons for what he's doing for once. I know people in this fandom are capable of it, in fact, they have.



//end rant

PS. I am aware that there are people in this fandom who do understand/ATTEMPT to understand Klaus' actions and like him/still dislike him. This isn't directed at you.

PSS. This was WAY thêm of venting than an actual, well thought-out rant. . .KTHXBAI~ .3.
1.Both are both big brothers

2.Both are funny (sarcastic)

3.Both are thêm attractive than their younger brothers

4.Both have the best one liner

5.Both are womanizers

6.Both like to party

7.Both are heavy drinkers

8.Both make the hard decisions and take on the weight in their shoulders

9.Both are smart

10.Both organize/ed great plans (even though sometimes it doesn’t work out)

11.Both are better fighters than their brothers

12.Both would do the extreme to save the people they tình yêu and care about

13.Both of their younger brothers make their older brothers sound much worse than they really are

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Hello Guys!Thursday night again and i know your waiting for this night because it’s time for us to watch our yêu thích TV hiển thị entitled Vampire Diaries. Don’t miss to watch Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 16 Full Episode. New Episode of Vampire Diaries entitled “The House Guest”

Episode Summary-Even though Elena, Damon, and Stefan and tired of Katherine’s constant mind games, they realize that Katherine’s knowledge of Mystic Falls history will help them survive. Caroline finds a new way to get Matt’s attention after feeling frustrated with their relationship. Alaric reveals some...
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posted by Shawtie_Cullen
 Cry and cry this new dream...
Cry and cry this new dream...
The sad Truth 'bout Life

Her story, her moments, her life...

ChApTeR oNe: who am i really?


Being born in a shed isn't as pleasant as bạn might think it is. My life is all about sadness and betrayal. tình yêu and compassion. I couldn't stand much longer of this. My parents abandoned me. I was in an orphanage for basically all my life. The names Natalie. But i like being called Bella. Natalie seems to safisticated. I'm not like another human. People think i am but I'm not. Some say half breed other say... Others don't really talk to me. Sometimes i think how it would have been if i had been human....
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posted by Maximumridefan
Ok, so if bạn know me from Fanfiction.net (Danielle Salvatore) bạn would know that I’m a major Bamon fan. They are my yêu thích pairing from VD in the hiển thị and sách (though mostly books). But lately, in the hiển thị at least, I’ve started to see Delena in a new light, maybe even to the point that I might start liking them soon.
Now before my fellow Bamon những người hâm mộ start kicking my ass, I’m not saying that I’m switching pairings. I still tình yêu Bamon, but I think in the VD show, I might become neutral someday.
So I got inspired to get into the Delena người hâm mộ base a little, bởi going over to their spot...
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posted by georgouskadia19
I am so worried about my girl!! Elena Gilbert never wanted to be a vampire; she wanted a human life with children and then died in peace. Her Father, Grayson Gilbert was a conceal member. Yes, she loves Stefan and Damon, but she didn’t want to become a vampire :( Elena is such an inspiration for me as a human, after all she went through, she was still so strong and kind, caring, selfless and loving… Now, that she is not human anymore, I’m afraid she will become like Katherine, who was a good person when she was human, when she was Katarina Petrova.
Katherine Pierce is a thoroughly different “person”. Why makes her a vampire now? Why? I know that she will be one, sooner hoặc later to be with one of the brothers but I didn’t expect so soon! I just hope she will still be as kind as she used to be!
Don’t take me wrong, I tình yêu Katherine but I do not want Elena to turn off her humanity!!
posted by Logan27
    The skinny brunette disappeared right before Stefan could grab her. As if there were an invisible tường and Elena had simply run through it. He looked to Katherine who’s eyes were slightly squinted at this new twist. She put her hand up to where Elena had passed through and slowly slid it phía trước, chuyển tiếp expecting the same enigma to capture her as well, transporting her to wherever Elena was.
    Her hand went back and forth, with no result. They slowly walked phía trước, chuyển tiếp and nothing changed. “hmm” Katherine mused and then began to speed through the catacombs...
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posted by ilzux505
In the season 4 episode 7 Caroline đã đưa ý kiến to Stefan"You and Elena are epic; Elena and Damon are blah"
That is so discouraging for me... All this time I have waited for Elena and Damon to be together, but in the episodes last part my dream turned to dust, sire bond, everybody being against them together, obviously the scenarists don't think that they should be together in the end. but still I hope for Elena to tell Damon she loves him after the sire bond being broken. Stefan is a bit pathetic from my point of view, he is either too serious hoặc being a ripper, hoặc being so insentitive to Elena and turning Jeremy into a real vampire hunter, whose instinct is to kill everyone from their kind, therefore making it imposible for Elena to be a sister, the only family, for him.
I have been really obsessed with Damon and Elena since I saw the Vampire Diaries. I tình yêu everything about them. Every single scene with them in it, every word they say, every look they give to each other. Basically the những người hâm mộ of Vampire Diaries either root for Stefan and Elena hoặc Damon and Elena. I have to say I am a totall Delena fan. There are number of reasons why I am hoping that these two will end up being together. I gotta admit that at the beginning I was a Stelena fan. My friend suggested me to start watching this show. Before I started watching it, I went on Youtube to see short videos...
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posted by loveam96
Ways to bug/pester/and annoy Klaus!

1.) Bug him about Mikeal.
2.) Call him, Nikki-poo, Nikki, hoặc anything like that.
3.) (before he finds out why he can't make hybrids) pester him on why he can't make hybrids.
4.) make a bet with him that he can't drink as much blood as bạn can.
5.) Write a tình yêu note and say it's from Stefan.
6.) Tell him he needs to go into an insane asylum because he killed all of his family and brings their dead bodies with him.
7.) Tell him he should settle down with a nice wife, he's been around for over a 1000 years bạn would expect he settled down bởi now.
9.) Send him a letter saying it is Mikeal and that bạn are coming after him.
10.) Call him every five phút (using *67 of course) and when he picks up, do heavy breathing in the phone then hang up.
11.) (this is only for the bravest people) Claim that bạn are not afraid of him because bạn have no reason to be because all he is is a mere hybrid.
ngày of Birth
8 December 1978, Covington, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name
Ian Joseph Somerhalder

5' 9½" (1.77 m)

Mini Biography
The son of a massage therapist and a building contractor, Somerhalder was born and raised in the small southern town of Covington, LA. Boating, swimming, fishing and training ngựa filled much of his recreational time growing up, as did the school drama club and performing with the local theater group. With his mother's encouragement, at age 10 he began a modeling career that took him to New York each summer. bởi junior high, he opted to put modeling on the back burner...
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Elena was lying fast asleep, much to Damon’s relief. Something really wrong was going on out there and Damon dreaded the moment he’d have to tell Elena. She already had so much pain to go through, he didn’t want to make it any worse.
But Damon knew Elena had seen right through him and when she’d open her eyes she’d demand to know what was going on and he wouldn’t be able to lie again.
He took his coffee and brought it to his lips, when he felt a sharp, burning pain in his head. His cup fell on the floor as he moved his hands to his head. He fell on his knees as he screamed.
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Klaus walked over the street, dialing a number. He looked furious as he held his phone against his ear.
Rebekah’s phone buzzed and she rolled her eyes when she recognized her caller.
“Nik, what?" she asked annoyed.
“Funny, I was about to ask bạn the same question” Klaus replied. “I can’t find Tyler anywhere. Do bạn know where he is?”
“No, Klaus, I don’t know where your little chó cái, bitch is” Rebekah replied. “Now, for once in your life, do as I say and stay inside. Lock the doors and the windows and watch American Horror Story hoặc something”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that,...
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Bonnie turned to Keith. “Have bạn ever been in this house before?” Keith nodded heavy. “Okay, find me five candles and something to lit them” Keith ran off to fetch those things and Bonnie walked to the cupboard. She opened the drawers and searched them until she found a piece of paper and a pen.
“What are bạn up to?” Matt asked both curious and fascinated. While Bonnie wrote something down she explained.
“Months cách đây I put a curse on Damon to keep him in check. I could follow his every word and move”
“Yeah, I know”
“It turns out there are some leftovers from that curse”...
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Veronica dragged Jeremy downstairs and threw him on the cold floor of a basement. Jeremy screamed and held his leg. As he tried to pull the Mũi tên xanh out, Veronica started pacing up and down.
“You lied to me” she muttered agitated, with a feral look in her eyes. “I asked bạn straightforward if bạn were a medium and bạn lied to me in my face” She walked to Jeremy and looked down on him. “How long has your aunt been spying on me? What does she know?” Jeremy didn’t answer and thus she kicked his wounded leg. Veronica raised her voice above Jeremy’s cries. “How long?” she repeated...
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♥ Because he remember her bedroom. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he was doing “tst, tst, tst” at her. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he gave her a flower. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he was her escort instead Stefan. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because they danced together. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because he stayed with her. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because he wondered if she stays overnight. | 1×20 Blood Brothers

♥ Because he was helping her with Stefan. | 1×20 Blood Brothers

♥ Because she wanted to hear the rest of the story from him.| 1×20 Blood Brothers

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I gasped and moved away from him. “Stefan…you didn’t…Oh my God, bạn killed that little girl!” He looked at me apologetically and his face filled with guilt.
“Elena, the pull of human blood is very strong. I couldn’t resist, it was too much…” He di chuyển closer but I sprang up and backed against the wall.
“Stefan…I don’t…I think I’m going to be sick…” I felt ill thinking about that poor little girl…having her blood drained from her body… “Stefan…get out. I…I can’t hear anymore…Not now.” He nodded and got up. I couldn’t look him in the eye.
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Jeremy entered the building and walked straight to the training room. He found Veronica, talking with someone on the phone.
“Jack, you’re going to be so proud of me” she đã đưa ý kiến with a slightly trembling voice. “I promise that when bạn get here there will only be humans left”
Jack đã đưa ý kiến something in return.
“Of course I’m careful. I’m not going to fall for anyone. They took away the only person I ever cared about and they will pay for it. And anyone who’s trying to stop me, will go down with them…I have to hang. I will see bạn real soon”
She hung up, turned around and gasped,...
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“I know the RISKS but I have to know her”- Stefan 1x01
“I want bạn to GET everything bạn LOOKING FOR” – Damon 3x22 flash back

The first time both brothers saw/met Elena and saw theresembles between her and Katherine, both brothers deal with it differently. “saint” Stefan knowing that he’s a vampire with human blood control problem knowing that he would be putting her in danger just bởi being what he is,still hedecided to come into her life because she looked like Katherine he didn’t care the FACT that she’s a normal human girl who’s in dark about the truth (supernatural creatures...
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