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 Tvd Cast
Tvd Cast
Number 5:
Jenna Sommers

Number 4:
Caroline Forbes

Number 3:
Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman is introduced in the series as the new history teacher. He shows very caring for Jeremy Gilbert bởi giving him a một giây chance to lift up his grades. He has a crush on Jenna Sommers (Jeremy and Elena's aunt). He suspects of Damon Salvatore being the killer of his wife.

Number 2:
Elena Gilbert

Elena is a slender, athletic seventeen năm old girl. She has an ôliu, ô liu complexion, brown eyes and long, straight, dark brown hair. Her parents died in a car crash in which she was the only survivor. She lives with her aunt...
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Hey, guys!
You may remember that last năm we voted for yêu thích Season 3 couple and character. I plan to do the same thing this year, after the finale airs. But before that I wanted to remind bạn of the way of voting and also the last year's results.

How we voted:
>In every round we voted for our yêu thích couple/character.
>The one with the least sự bỏ phiếu would go out.
>If there was thêm couples/characters with the same % of votes, then there would be an elimination round, in which we would vote for our least yêu thích out of them.

And now here are the results of last year's voting for ♥...
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Kelsey watched how Stefan and Katherine took off from behind a tree. It had been this close before she got busted. She came from behind her cây and walked further into the woods in the direction of the hotel Klaus had kept his prisoners. At first sight the place seemed to be deserted. She entered the hotel and covered her mouth. The bodies were lying there for a little longer than a tháng now.
“You get used to it”
Kelsey startled. She recognized Klaus’ voice.
“Don’t be rude” Klaus said. “Turn around. I can’t compel you, so I’ll have to trust on your manners”
Kelsey slowly...
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“Could bạn get that?” Alaric yelled from the phòng bếp, nhà bếp when the doorbell rang. “Sure” Jeremy replied as he walked to the front door and opened it.
Kelsey lay her finger on her lips as a sign not to speak. “I need your help” she whispered. Jeremy looked over his shoulder, then walked outside and shut the door “My sister’s dying. I bit her and now she’s dying unless I can find a cure” Kelsey continued. “There is no cure” Amber mumbled. She was leaning on her sister. “You know that. It’s over. Better dig me a grave already”
“Shut up” Kelsey said.
“Okay, so you...
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posted by vampirefreak_26
Chapter 4: Arguments

"Damon,look at yourself!",Stefan and Damon were argueing about how Damon was diễn xuất these days.
"Would bạn just stop Stefan,you have Elena,let me have my bottle wisky".Damon turned around to look at Stefan,"what;did I do something wrong,again?.Didn't bạn just hear what I đã đưa ý kiến to you!"
"Damon just forget Katharine,you're going mad!"
Damon looked at Stefan across the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and before bạn knew Damon was right beside Stefan.He placed his hand on Stefan's neck and pushed him against the wall,"Don't bạn tell me what I can hoặc can't do!"
He removed his hand from Stefans neck....
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ou know what they say about "The Vampire Diaries," when one character gets killed off, another one is just waiting in the wings (okay, so maybe only we say that).

Just yesterday, we brought bạn the news that a character on the hiển thị was getting axed, but today we're getting word that another one is set to tham gia the cast—and we've got a feeling, she's going to be trouble!

Zap2It is reporting that Lauren Cohan ("Supernatural") has been cast as Rose, a "tough, sexy" vampire who will likely catch Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) eye (we feel your pain Dalena fans, but it's about time the guy got a legit...
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Bonnie grabbed her head and fell on her knees. She’d been struck with a sudden brain attack and she imagined this was what Damon had felt when she attacked him.
“Bonnie!” Matt exclaimed. He wanted to help her stand, but she raised her hand at him. She then stood herself.
“Damon tried to talk to me” she started. “Veronica has Elena. She and Jeremy are in the same place. There’s fire”
“This is ridiculous” Matt muttered. “Can bạn do something about it?”
“I’m going to try” Bonnie replied determined.
Katherine and Stefan felt their skin burn bởi the sun, when suddenly...
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The words from Bonnie's gossip still rung in my head. The thought that the final founder family of Mystic Fall's has returned consumed me. All us youngsters are in for it. All the adults will be estatic.
"Make sure bạn make him comfortable"-"You should ask him to the grill, introduce him to everybody"I already hear them. And Yet I dont feel sorry for myself but thêm for the fate of this "Damon". The sound of his name strikes a unfamiliar sense at the back of my mind. I have heard that name before, hoặc at least seen it somewhere. I'm not sure what it has got to do with anything, but I just know...
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posted by merzycullen
 Damon & Elena
Damon & Elena
Damon Salvatore was in the living room drowning his silent sorrows and soundless grief in alcohol, staring at the fire. His tim, trái tim broken, his soul wounded bởi the words that escaped the two women’s lips, women who he forever loved and forever will love, their words proclaimed and claimed Stefan, Saint Stefan, as their own. “I never loved you. It was always Stefan.” “I care about you. But I tình yêu Stefan, it will always be Stefan.” Those were the words, the words that wound him thêm than vervain and kill him thêm than the stake through the heart. Why could there be another person who...
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so, you`re all gonna be so jealous!♥

4.7.10 The Best ngày Of My Life
It Was Truely Ah-Mazing!

so, i went with two of my best Những người bạn and we`d bought the tickets (which we like extremely expensive - and worth it!) like a tháng before as well as our photos, which was a good thing because when we got there all of Ian`s các bức ảnh were sold out :)
i live in Melbourne, so it was held in a theatre at Melbourne Uni :)
we got there at 8.30am, doors opening at 9.00, hundreds of fans, flashing cameras for the cast of our favourite TV Show!
Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Michael Trevino
From all...
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posted by mitchie19
I tình yêu making short stories about Vampire Diaries and hope bạn like đọc this one. Thanks.

Dear diary,
Klaus is dead. Finally. There’s no problem left anymore. The sire bond between Tyler and him wore off already. And Tyler’s hybrid spell, Bonnie had a spell for it. So he’s an toàn, két an toàn now.
I sighed in relief.
Now we’re back to our normal human lives. I’ll be attending the Student Orientation tomorrow at 9. College. I’m going to college. Time flies… really. And at least its gonna be a distraction for me from the Supernatural phenomenon here in Mystic Falls.
I think I heard someone...
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posted by DelenaLove201_
Please don't get me wrong, I am pretty sure this will be regarded as a highly controversial opinion, but I guess it has to be said. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, I really don't mean to.

I don't like where TVD is heading. At the moment, it feels as though the writers are being indecisive, changing crucial details as and when they feel like to string along all the shippers they can manage.

Need one example? The 'choice' Elena made in the season 3 finale. After an entire season of Delena, Stelena shippers though it was over. Elena would choose Damon. After all, that's the most likely decision. However,...
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posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 1:
December 1
Dear Diary,

I had a feeling that something terrible was going to happen today.
I don’t know why I wrote that. It’s outrageous. I have no reason to be upset, but every reason to be happy, but here I am at 4:30 in the afternoon, scared. But that doesn’t explain why I feel so lost.
I didn’t know how today would play out, because right now everything looks strange to me, as if I don't belong here. But it’s me that's out of place though. And the worst thing is that I feel there's somewhere I do belong, but I just can't find it. I don’t know how coming back would solve...
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posted by 20cosmogirl
Desio988 wrote this on and i think they makes some good points.
Stefans not copying Damon. Paul isn't copying Ian. They are both amazing actors with different approaches/styles to different characters.

Sidenote: Does anyone remember the episode in season 2. Where STEFAN had the room
full of girls to feed on? That was Stefan's thing, not Damons.

k, everything I'm bout to say, has a perameter. The parameter is....when they are evil. So only concentrate on when they are evil. Not when they are good.

They have two different approaches to this "being bad" thing. Here's the reason why....
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I just made this story up, when I got bored at the laptop. Plus, I like nghề viết văn stories, I hope bạn like this one.
And its just for fun. So, enjoy reading.


I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling heavy and uneasy.
My mind rushed through the memories. I pushed myself back to sleep not remembering any parts happened earlier. Bonnie. Bonnie, I thought. She had been killed bởi Katherine. Oh, God. She can’t be! She can’t be dead! My fingers harden the cái gối, gối so I could hardly breathe. I felt moisture rushing to the surface of my eyes. I shouted, nor pouted....
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1. He's extremely a dangerous, cool kinda way. :)
2. bạn start to really hate him when he does stuff to Stefan but then he turns around and shows us just how much that he truly loves Elena... but I will say STEFAN AND ELENA ALL THE WAY!
3. He can be a pain sometimes but he cant really hurt Stefan b-cuz he promised Elena. And he always does his smile that drops everyone dead.
4. Damon why we can tình yêu him, he was just as damaged from Katherine's death as Stefan;
5. Although he deceives people, he is realistic about his place in the world. He has embraced being a vampire not trying...
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I’m đọc Antonia’s anons, and I realized that some people don’t realize how spectacularly Stefan SCREWED UP during Elena’s transition… Stefan was her boyfriend, Elena was completely lost, she didn’t know what to do, it was his fucking duty to take care of her!

1. Stefan convinced Elena to hold on to stupid, irrational hope in 4x01 which almost leaded to Elena’s death.

2. Stefan didn’t give blood to Elena immediately after transition, instead he preferred to watch sunrise and listen to birds

3. Stefan convinced her to be on bunny diet, knowing that the only vampire in the world...
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-First 11 spoilers are from the CW employee named Christian Waston, who đã đăng it on his Facebook account
Other, 12-14 are the spoilers from different sides, but they are confirmed; mostly from Julie Plec.

''1)A big Klaus and Tyler fight is coming in Mystic falls.
2)don't expect Katherine any time soon, cause they have informed me that the writers are not planning anything for her just yet.
3)I can assure bạn that there will be a lot of romantic tension between Delena.
4)Sage will help Damon figure out Rebekah's latest agenda, related to her discovery of the white oak cây that could kill her and...
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âm nhạc supervisor Chris Mollere revealed in our interview that Stateless would definitely make the final disc, and Sounds Under Radio tweeted last week that they were in the studio working on a track specfically for the soundtrack (the tweet has since been deleted). Now we know that Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy has contributed vocals to their haunting final track, “All bạn Wanted,” from the final moments of Let the Right One In. bạn can check out the full tracklisting below (everything in bold is NEW, as in a song that was not used in the first season of the show). Pre-order the soundtrack!...
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posted by kathyism
When Elena was human, she chooses Stefan as the vampire she wants to be with, Yeah!!!! And now that she is a vampire, I’m pretty sure that she is going to choose Damon, Double Yeah!!!! But I’m not sure if we will see the happy ever after that Delena những người hâm mộ hoặc even Stelena những người hâm mộ (if she stays with Stefan) want to see at the end of the show. Because, rumors say that, the Salvatore bros will try everything to make her become human again. So if they succeeded than they are going to see Elena and one of the brothers have a happy ever not after, but a “happy ever till she found a human with whom she is going to get married and have em bé with blue eyes." Because we all know that even if a Delena hoặc Stelena baby will be great, ma cà rồng cannot procreate.

So I think that whoever she wants to be with now hoặc after tiếp theo season, it is not going to last. So no happy end for the bros

(Sorry for my grammatical errors)