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Interviewer: Are bạn looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to tonight?
Ian: I’m just looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to, bạn know, hanging out with Paul Wesley.
Paul: I have that effect on-
Ian: Who isn’t?

Julie: ”I just like the stories of when they all have to fly together and Nina’s like ‘Oh my bag’s lost!’ and the boys are like ‘Come on we gotta go.’”
Interviewer: “Couldn’t bạn just go and threaten the people at the airline counter on her behalf? Just to scare them a little bit, to find her luggage?”
Julie: “No they left her at the airport -“
Nina: “- on my birthday!”
Ian: “We told her take a taxi…”...
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#1 - 5.22 ~ Damon says goodbye. "I'll die knowing i was loved bởi you,Elena Gilbert"
#2 - 5.15 ~ Nadia dies & Katherine's dream for her "Sleep well. Your mother loves you"
#3 - 5.02 ~ Elena & Damon kiss. "We're gonna save Stefan & i'm still gonna tình yêu you."
#4 - 5.21 ~ Elena kisses Damon "I thought i was never gonna see bạn again.
#5 - 5.22 ~ Damon & Elena die together. "Damon..." "I know..."
#6 - 5.17 ~ Stefan & Caroline sleeping together.
#7 - 5.16 ~ Damon & Elena break up but it ends with DEx. (#1 scene of the episode)
#8 - 5.22 ~ Damon & Elena last Kiss "I will make...
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This bài viết was written bởi fanpop guest contributor Stacee R.

Society seems to be completely fascinated bởi the vampire craze. Films, TV shows, sách and even plays about ma cà rồng have captivated audiences in an extreme way these past couple years. Even with all the vampirey goodness, there’s only one hiển thị worth watching, discussing, and living vicariously through. It’s the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. For all bạn “fang-tastic” những người hâm mộ out there, and bạn know who bạn are, here’s a danh sách of a few things that might make bạn a die-hard Vampire Diaries fan...

1. bạn consider Mystic Falls, Virginia...
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In 1x08, Lexi says she tried Stefan's diet, and lasted two weeks. In Bloodlust (the một giây book in Stefan's Diaries, which is BASED off the show) Lexi says that she only drinks animal blood, and is mentioned drinking both cáo, fox and goat blood.

In 1x09 Stefan đã đưa ý kiến he was the last to see Katherine before she was taken, but in 1x13 Damon was seen rushing in the room where Katherine was shouting "Don't take her!".

In 1x20 Damon đã đưa ý kiến he woke up (after death), didn't know where he was, went to the church, and watched them take Katherine inside. In 2x04, Katherine is seen on the rode where BOTH Damon...
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Interviewer: Was there a thảo luận in the writer's room as to whether she would choose Stefan hoặc Damon in this episode, hoặc did bạn always agree that it would be Stefan?

Julie Plec: We were heading toward the end of the road knowing that as a human, Stefan was Elena's choice. We also knew what was going to happen at the end of the episode. Elena is no longer a human when she wakes up and when the memories come back and when her whole life goes upside-down. Who's to say what that does to her? Who's to say what kind of person she becomes, and how that impacts who she loves and why she loves them? I'm not saying that's going to send her running instantly into Damon's arms, absolutely not, but it's going to đám mây the issue even more.
We skip to S2, Stefan is fully aware that Damon is in tình yêu with Elena, so he saw it as an opportunity, Damon can be in Elena’s life and be her friend and save and protect her life as long as he doesn’t act on his feelings, and as long as Damon keeps his destines from Elena while saving/protecting her life then it was fine with him (we see this in 2x08 in the car scene Damon tells Stefan that he can get out as easily as he went in and Stefan respond “no bạn can’t that’s the BEAUITY of it”) he used and still uses Damon’s tình yêu for Elena instead of trying to make easier for him (selfish...
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 Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce
Katherine is back!
Adventurous bởi nature
Two brothers rapped around her finger
Hunger to kill, drink and ruin peoples lives
Exhilarating plans that leave us wanting more
Really? Katherine’s back? We all know who the salvatores will choose though
Identical of Elena Gilbert bởi looks
NO sympathy to what she has done to Damon and Stefan
Evil BAD-ASS b***h

Plays bởi ‘no’ rules
Innocent little Katherine Pierce…NOT!
Extremely selfish in every way possible
Ripped two brothers apart
Compelling to watch
Excitement going through her when she knows she’s fooled everyone!
The Return: Shadow Souls
Elena Gilbert is once again at the center of magic and danger beyond her imagining. And once more, Stefan isn't there to help! Elena is forced to trust her life to Damon, the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena's, body and soul.

They must journey to the slums of the Dark Dimension, a world where ma cà rồng and demons roam free, but humans must live as slaves of their Supernatural masters. Damon's brother, the brooding vampire Stefan whom Elena loves, is imprisoned here, and Elena can only free him bởi finding the two hidden halves of the key to his cell.

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1. Saved her from the car accident
2. Damon danced with Elena so she wouldn't be embarrassed
3. Damon warned Isabel to leave hoặc he will kill her
4. Damon went with to Isabel's work place to help her find about Katherine's past, and learn thêm about what's she's planning.
5. Damon saved her life bởi blocking the arrow.
6. Damon torched mason to get as information as he can to protect Elena
7. Damon tried to kill Katherine
8. Damon sealed Katherine in the tomb
9. Damon "killed" Elijah and saved Elena
10. Damon went with rose to find out thêm about how to stop the sacrifice
11. Damon went to get Elena back...
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posted by LilSweetsOmega
Forget the details. The devil will soon be in Mystic Falls.
According to E! News, just as one Gilbert is leaving town - Jeremy, of course, another is scheduled to arrive.
A series nguồn says Samantha Gilbert will stop bởi in the near future, describing the character as kind and warm... but also in possession of a "devilish side." What might cause is to be unleashed? And who the heck is Samantha Gilbert? Both good questions. Let's tune in and find out, shall we?

UPDATE: Julie Plec says we will not meet Samantha in the present day. She'll hiển thị up via flashback.

Credit ~ ://
Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce (born Katerina Petrova) is a vampire from the Salvatore brothers' past in 1864 and the main antagonist of the first 7 episodes ofThe Vampire Diaries in Season Two. She had compelled Stefan to drink her blood, and Damon did it willingly and they got shot while trying to save her from being taken to the tomb to be destroyed. It was later revealed that she created most of the tomb ma cà rồng and later sent her Những người bạn and family to their deaths just to fake her own.
This character is a member of the Pierce Family.

Early Life
Katherine's human life is vague other than...
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Hey, guys!
So, we voted for our yêu thích characters from season 5 and now the results are here. :)

▶ 20. Markos (-)
▶ 19. Wes (-)
▶ 18. Silas
ranking in season 4: #18
▶ 17. Qetsiyah (-)
▶ 16. Jesse (-)
▶ 15. Nadia (-)
▶ 14. Tyler
ranking in season 3: #11
ranking in season 4: #15
▶ 13. Jeremy
ranking in season 3: #15
ranking in season 4: #11
▶ 12. Liz
ranking in season 3: #16
ranking in season 4: #14
▶ 11. Luke (-)

▶ hàng đầu, đầu trang 10

▶ 10. Bonnie
ranking in season 3: #9
ranking in season 4: #7

▶ 9. Liv (-)

▶ 8. Aaron (-)

▶ 7. Matt
ranking in season 3: #12
ranking in season 4: #12...
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1x22 - Hello, John. Goodbye, John. (stabs him)

2x1 - No rules, Stefan. Don't bạn remember? No rules.

2x1 - Trust me Damon, When I'm up to something. You'll know it, come on. Kiss me hoặc KILL me. Which will it be Damon. We both know you're only capable of one. (Damon Kisses her)

2x4 - Don't fight it, Stefan. bạn loved me once. bạn can tình yêu me again. I tình yêu you, Stefan.

2x4 - (To Stefan) Are we really going to do this again? We both know I could rip bạn to shreds and do my nails at the same time.

2x4 - (To Stefan about why she came back) 3 reasons. You, bạn and... you.

2x4 - ma sói are practically...
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posted by PPPopopipop
If I'm đọc the sings correctly, creators of TVD are leading Stefan& Caroline toward a romantic relationship. And I'm not sure if I like it. If you'd tell me two years cách đây I'll say something like that I'd think you're crazy. Steroline are perfection! I'm a total sucker for coupels based on friendship, with a long build up...(That's why I tình yêu DE in the first place:D) But...
I've shopping Stefan & Caroline since 2x02. During whole seaon 2 theye had amazing relation. Vunerable girl with big self-esteem problems became strong fighter with big Stefan's help. He, on the other hand, was...
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I'm starting a series of articles.

Introducing...the Mysterious Mind Of series! Every bài viết will feature a different TVD character. Yes, I take suggestions for trích dẫn and such. No point in requests, because I hope to write these các bài viết for all the characters anyway. No, I will not be using my shipper mind to write these.

Each bài viết will comprise of

> A danh sách detailing the composition of that character's brain
> Up to 18 scenes that the character was awesome in, including trích dẫn if necessary
> Opinions section that will hopefully be updated with your comments
> Coming up next, so...
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Physical Appearance
Katherine is described as Elena's doppelganger, this is observed bởi almost every character in the hiển thị and even Elena herself. Katherine is described as being very beautiful, slim, and selfish with brown eyes seaking something to quench her thirst. Sometimes Katherine can be seen cool and cold bởi her appearance. She is portrayed as rather vain about her looks, and has no problem using her beauty to get what she wants. Pearl later reveals that when the ma cà rồng were captured in 1864, and a guard let Katherine go free; Pearl tells Damon that,"he was obsessed with her." Stefan...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
Hey, everybody! So the April FOTM pick - our very first one - is over and done with and our winner is a really awesome TVD fan: CrazyFruittt, aka Jovana. Major congrats to her for winning the very first FOTM here on this spot! I am so honored and happy I could interview her. Anyway, away we go! :)

Bolded are questions. Italics are my little add-ins. xD And the regular font are Jovana's answers.

1. Major congrats on winning the first FOTM on the TVD spot, Jovana babe! Would bạn mind introducing yourself to all the những người hâm mộ that don't know you?

Yeah,sure...I'm Jovana, I'm 17 and I am huuuuuge TVD fan...xD...
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posted by Ianrocks
Katherine scan through the old sách looking for clues. She was sitting in the with her legs vượt qua, cross over the arm. Damon was laying on the đi văng đọc a journal. Katherine sighed and threw the book across the room.
"nothing" She said
"great" Damon đã đưa ý kiến sarcastly.
Katherine turned to Damon "i'm hungry Damon" Katherine said.
"well your the unwanted house guest, go get it" He replied without raising his head from the book.
Katherine got up from the chair and went down to the basement. She opened the door and stepped inside, not knowing what was in there. She went to the fridge and opened it, grabbing...
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(1)John: "I think we'll make a good team. Don't you, Damon?"
Damon: "John,.. Whatever I can do to help keep this town safe, even if it means spending time with you."
(2)Damon: "You're playing house with half of a tomb of really pissed off vampires. What did bạn think was gonna happen?"
(3)Damon: "You seem awfully chipper, lately... Less doom and gloom... A little thêm pep in your step!"
(4)Damon: "Stefan,.. Let's be serious, for a second. bạn spent the last century and a half being a poster child for prozac, and now bạn expect me to believe that this new bạn has nothing to do with human blood......
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Damon carried Elena over the doorstep, like a bride and kicked the door with his foot, in an attempt to shut Bonnie outside. However, she just in time stopped the door from locking and she entered the Gilbert house.
“I’ll take her to bed” Bonnie đã đưa ý kiến authoritative. But Elena groaned sleepy and clung on Damon’s neck. Damon ignored Bonnie and carried Elena upstairs to her bedroom. He opened her door, walked her to her giường and gently lay her down.
Bonnie stood in the doorway, looking sharp at the bed. Damon sat at the end, taking off Elena’s shoes. He felt Bonnies stare piercing on him...
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