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Kelsey poked her sister to wake her up. Amber opened her eyes and looked around. They were still in the woods and seemed to have spend the night there. Kelsey pulled her sister up and dragged her with her.
“What’s the rush?” Amber asked surprised bởi Kelsey’s speed.
“We need to get bạn somewhere safe” Kelsey đã đưa ý kiến agitated, not slowing down.
“Why? Okay, I know I have to be careful for the sheriff and vampire hunters, but I’m not going to get myself caught” Amber said.
“Trust me, the sheriff’s the least of your worries right now” Kelsey said. She ran even faster. “What do bạn think is going to happen when the Salvatore Brothers find out about your action last night? If they don’t know already”
Amber braced herself and Kelsey had to stop. “Damon knows…Well, he obviously has no idea who I am, but he saw me. He threw me against a tree. It hurt” Amber said. Kelsey panted. “That’s great, Am. That’s just… great” she sighed. “You should’ve listened when mom and dad told us to stay out of trouble. They were right”
“Well, bạn didn’t stay out of trouble, but you’re fine now” Amber said. Kelsey looked at her with a sober smile. “I bet they didn’t fill bạn in on what happened after that car accident?” Amber shook her head. “Don’t feel left out… They didn’t tell me a thing, either… I had to find out the hard way” Kelsey continued, with a đắng, cay đắng undertone. She turned around and walked further. She stopped when Amber raced in front of her. “All I remember is mom and dad were arguing with you. I heard bạn crying and dad told bạn to leave and never come back. And that’s the last time bạn were home” she said. “Is there something else I should know about that night?”
For a moment Kelsey wanted to tell everything to the person she was closest with. But then she shook her head. “You’re not ready for it” she said.
Interviewer: Are bạn looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to tonight?
Ian: I’m just looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to, bạn know, hanging out with Paul Wesley.
Paul: I have that effect on-
Ian: Who isn’t?

Julie: ”I just like the stories of when they all have to fly together and Nina’s like ‘Oh my bag’s lost!’ and the boys are like ‘Come on we gotta go.’”
Interviewer: “Couldn’t bạn just go and threaten the people at the airline counter on her behalf? Just to scare them a little bit, to find her luggage?”
Julie: “No they left her at the airport -“
Nina: “- on my birthday!”
Ian: “We told her take a taxi…”...
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    The voice sent a chill throughout my whole nerve system and sent blinding white light to cover my eyes. Though this was a good white light, the kind bạn would associate with thiên thần not the kind that seemed as though bạn were trapped in a snow storm.
    I knew that voice, that beautiful voice. I would – no could, never forget it and right now it was the greatest sound in the world, despite the fact it đã đưa ý kiến one word.
    “Damon, bạn scared me. I thought bạn were someone else. How did bạn find...
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