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posted by GerwynJones
Absolute Darkness

Narrator: “One ngày the Twilight Zone may be no more, like us all, Things pass away. Do they di chuyển on, hoặc just sleep, is all that is hoặc will be stored eternally hoặc is forgotten and in the end remembered bởi no-one? Never to be seen again, never to be resurrected, hoặc is it resurrected in a new form? Here at the end of the twilight zone is absolute darkness, leading to what we call The Nightmare Zone.”

Characters: Mother, Father and Brother.

Scene 1:
    Down a large snowy mountain in darkness, father and brother walk down toward a stone ruin, each bare footstep...
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posted by GerwynJones
    Narrator : “The Twilight Zone is not only a place, it is a time and even a memory. The place is the future, the time is death and the memory is of destruction. But all stories have a twist as a wave has a direction, hoặc as all life has its shape. But in the Twilight Zone even death can take an extraordinary shape, it can even imitate life itself.”
    Scene 1: Mr Dragus (A venerable man) is heading out of his large mansion at the edge of a great city, he meets his driver and asks him to take him to the lab immediately. They...
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posted by GerwynJones
Zone 2

Narrator : “In the Twilight zone there is a planet called earth, this small life giving world is about to exit the zone, through a zone into another world, and there it will find a place of no return, The Twilight Zone.”

Scene 1: A air field in some military base where a experiment of great magnitude is being prepared.
    Doctor(To Engineer): “And know we will have no need of rockets a portal to another world will be all we need.”
    Engineer : “So how does it work exactly?”
    Doctor: “Well, other engineers have...
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posted by GerwynJones
The Boy That Created A Twilight Zone.

A boy sits at a bàn covered with thuyền mành, rác rưởi, rác and electrical equipment and his father watches him as the boy finishes his pet project a small lead cube with the appearance of a sphere coming out of the cube.
    “Dad can I test it now?”
    “It's not going to do anything son, but I am sure bạn will get an A plus for Imagination and a medal for all the effort bạn put in.”
    The boy then attaches a 12 v battery to a copper electrode at the hàng đầu, đầu trang and one at the bottom.
There is...
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posted by jackfish65
I remember watching the Twilight Zone as a kid. Not when they first aired, but it was just shortly thereafter (late 60s-early 70s). There is one episode that I remember watching that I can not find anywhere. It takes place on a movie set. The film crew, actors, các nữ diễn viên and director are all being killed one bởi one bởi something invisible. No one knows what to make of it & they dismiss the deaths as accidental. At the end there is a movie screen & in it bạn see the silhouette of a big hairy monster strangling someone. The only other part I remember is one of the camera men on a scaffold...
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posted by peteroakes
There is an Ebook available at đàn bà gan dạ, amazon Kindle whats Like a Twilight Zone story but without the Twilight Zone franchise.

If it did have it would say,

A patient at a mental trang chủ hears a voice from the tường saying she's not mad and the truth will set her free bởi burning her body to just dry ashes. A few days later she is found to have died from spontaneous human combustion. her ghost appears to staff and claims responsibility for the mysterious disappearance of nineteen patients.

So where was the voice coming from that the patient heard from the tường and where did the nineteen other patients disappear to?

The Twighlight Zone.

The book is called The Magic Of The Floating Lady.