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We continued looking around the weird house.
Yours Truly,

Kate...who is she? Is this her house?
"Everythings a mess, who could live here?"
My father sounded like my mother.
In the living room, the T.V. was leaned up against the tường behind it, đi văng cushions are all over the floor.
Papers & magazines are everywhere, scattered.
A picture is on the floor, the glass frame is broken.
The Slender must've scared bạn pretty bad, Kate.
I took the picture out of the frame, putting the frame down carefully on the couch.
The picture was in black & white.
The picture was of an adult woman, hugging a little girl.
Was this Kate, & her daughter?
Sol & my father went into different rooms, I stayed, looking at the mysterious picture.

To be continued...
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My yêu thích song XD
âm nhạc
posted by luvjapaneseyugi
What do we REALLY know about the man of nightmares. He has no face? He is strangely tall? His arms are oddly jointed and he has thêm than two?
It's very strange that through all the myths, he gets less terrifying than he really is. Then a truth seeker comes along, does a research project, and captures everyone again, not unlike our faceless friend.
His symbol. Does anyone really know what it stands for, and who made it up? Does anyone know? I didn't think so. Well, it looks simple enough. There are a few theories: 1) It stands for the fact that the Slenderman has no eyes, noes, hoặc mouth....
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Anna & Melodys blood...
Their killer was looking right at me...he turned his head slightly to the left, a pose that a dog would do, but the dog would make it adorable, this guy...made shivers go down my spine.
I didn't scream, I just turned & ran into my house, locking every door & window.
Whoever he was, he killed Anna & Melody, now, that hes spotted me, I knew that I was next...
The tiếp theo victim.
The tiếp theo child.
The tiếp theo to die...
My breath was uneasy, my heartbeat, fast and painful with every pulse.
My head was spinning.
Who was this man with no face? Why did he kill Anna &...
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As I stood there, looking at him, I chill ran down my spine, but I couldn't tell if it was from the cold hoặc from fear. I blinked, and he was gone.
"It was just your imagination..." I thought to myself.
I looked at the woods entrance.
"Anna? Melody? The suns going down..!" I looked at the sky, the sun was setting, and the sky was now purple & pink, some clouds in the sky.
After a few long moments of silence, I called out to them again.
"Anna?! Melody?! Did bạn hear me?! Its time to go inside!"
I sighed. Their probably playing some prank on me...
As I turned my back to the woods, I heard...
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My fathers grip was very tight, so tight that I began to loose all feeling in my hand.
His knuckles were white, he was terrified.
Up the path, things seemed to be easy.
No annoying ringing, no sign of The Slender Man.
My father & I put on smiles & were joking around, as if my mothers death, even Anna & Melodys death was fake.
As we began going up the path, we noticed that the sun was beginning to rise, I looked down at my watch.
6:30 AM
I blinked.
Was the time real? Time had flown way to fast.
We continued, and the sun was fully up.
My father rested on the path, I did a "Captains Log"
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I ran down the stairs, darted down the stairs & called for her.
"Mother! Mother!"
She replied cooly, "In the phòng bếp, nhà bếp dear!"
I calmly walked into the kitchen, and saw her.
Her light blond hair, long, but put up into a perfect bun, her beautiful ngọc lục bảo green eyes, shining & full of darkness...white-tan skin, a light blue dress, a green apron.
"Its 11:52 PM the latest I've ever seen bạn awake....your so pale bạn look like a ghost, hell, bạn look like you've seen a ghost."
Am I pale? Gezz, this guys really taking over me...
"I need to ask bạn something. About-"
I can't say his name.
My mother quickly put everything down, aside, and sat down on the couch.
"Come, sit, tell me."
I walked over to her, and asked her, calmy.
"What do bạn know, about a faceless, fictional character, known as the Slender Man?"
To be continued...
posted by rileyferguson
This is a new Fanfiction series I am doing. It focuses on a 12 năm old girl called Maria and how she starts to react when people go missing in her town because of the so-called Slender Man living in the forest nearby.

My name is Maria. I am about 12 years old. Some people at my school nickname me “Mari” because my name sounds nice in that way. I am very cute and sweet, and I can get quite angry sometimes.
It was another boring ngày in the summer. Maria was in the garden relaxing. She was wearing a white dress with white sandals. Shortly, Maria could see something in her shades. She slowly...
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1.I've listened to the Slender background âm nhạc max intensity. Why don't they play it this loud in the game?

The reason they don't is because they want to force the player to think they actually are in a forest being chased bởi Slender Man. If they did play the âm nhạc that loud, the player would hear it and realize, "Oh yeah, it's just a game!". However, in later games such as Hospice, when Slender appears, a high strings cord is played. The reason this happens is because the player is used to silence. When the cord is played, it startles the player and rattles them even more. However, to solidify...
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