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►OK so based on the information I've gathered about the shows cancellation ive been trying to make sence of the cancellation and this is what i've got so far.

►first off Mark Pedowitz(CW CEO) publicly stated that he wasn't excited about TSC because it was a project that was started before he was ceo , he was to over excited about starting his own shows that nothing else mathered, he also pubicly stated his favoratism towards vampire diaries & Supernatural ,these 2 things clearly states that he is 2 bias to be making decisions .

►the excuse that the CW went with for cancelling the show...
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**Article taken from link

Who needs a wand when bạn have a decaying book filled with ngẫu nhiên doodles and the occasional dried flower? If bạn don’t have your very own spell book, you’re in luck! We’ve stolen the best incantations from The Secret Circle’s Book of Shadows so bạn can practice magic on the side – but you’re on your own when it comes to finding a crystal rock.

1. The De-Worming Spell

Rungar belorum unaric visic ramnia.

Works best in a haunted shack.

2. The De-Sidgle Potion

Drop some of your blood into a vial with a few rose petals and spices.

May produce erotic side effects.

3. The Unbuttoning Your Girlfriend’s áo sơ mi Spell

Open. Open. Open.

Caution: Doing this spell makes bạn a pervert.
posted by maryam1311
"The feelings between Jake and Faye never really go away, but maybe the feelings were a bit misconstrued. I've talked with the producers and writers about it, because he can't just hate her that bad after she's được trao him so much. They grew up together and they've known each other forever. They were really close as kids, and even thêm than the romantic level of everything, it's Faye that sees what's really troubling him, but she doesn't quite know how to put her finger on it. That makes her really uneasy because she has always been able to put her finger on exactly what is wrong with Jake and what's going on in his head. He needs someone to say 'Hey, are bạn okay?' and Faye is going to be that person." --- Chris Zylka
posted by frankster15
I have watched every episode from the start. i think the whole hiển thị is a good mixture of a little of everything. people should watch it if they tình yêu witches trying to save the day. and of course there bad guys too. can't live without them. it comes on every thursday at 9 p.m. right after vampire diaries which people should also watch. i don't know why but the cw is just a good Chanel to watch. it has everything. vampires, werewolves, witches, nikita, demons, and much more. so get off your scoot everything off your schedules from 8-10 to watch vampire diaries and the secret circle. and if bạn have các câu hỏi just ask.
posted by problematic124
Okay so i have seen all episodes and I'm starting to wonder who Cassie will end up in the end. I mean Adam and Cassie are fated to be together, but it looks like Cassie might just end up with Jake. And it also looks like Jake doesn't want to kill the circle. All I'm wondering is who is Cassie going to end up with. What do bạn think. Honestly I think that in the end Adam and Cassie should be together but for now probably not. I'm not sure about Jake Cassie but they would probably be a good couple considering how she's been treating him and how the rest of the circle's been treating him.
posted by EastendersRox
Ah!!! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and it's finally here! Yes L.J Smith is nghề viết văn a new secret vòng tròn book!Called The Divide! The Expected publication ngày is March 20th 2012! Whitch is a long way away =( but at least it's somthing to look forwood 2! Now I don't know about bạn but I remeber when she did thêm of The Vampire Diaries sách withThe Retern series but me and my sister were VERY disapointed with it. We thought it destroys the vampire diaries. they seemed to be dragged on and on, and I absaloutly hated Nightfall! my sister read for ages just so she could finish...
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We’ve learned all kinds of life lessons from watching The Secret vòng tròn — for example: If bạn see a bunch of paper strewn around the hall, assume a witch battle went down.

Soak up some valuable words of wisdom with 20 things we’ve learned from Season 1, Episode 3!

1. Why bother putting a tracking device on someone when bạn can just smear your blood all over their face?

2. No one will think you’re weird if bạn stand bởi your locker yelling “lock, unlock” in the middle of a hallway.

3. Bad guys wear leather, good guys where cardigans.

4. Blondes named Cassie are incapable of driving themselves...
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