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posted by ppgFireball
Narrator: The City of Townsville! where it is a pleasant afternoon!

Boomer: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. what to do. cool! what's that?!
Random Guy: a clone maker.
Boomer: how many does it make?
Random Guy: as many as bạn want.
Boomer: how much does it cost? (whispers) please don't let it be OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: *laughs* i'm just messing with ya. it's free.
Boomer: bạn can't be serious.
Random Guy: i'm serious. today i'm gonna be generous. so you...
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 Blossom in middle school
Blossom in middle school
NARRATOR: Aha! It's middle school time for our girls! I bet they're excited!

BUTTERCUP: Man! This stinks! Stupid school! Why us?! Why ME?!

BUBBLES: Oh, cheer up Buttercup! 12 is the age bạn go to middle school!

BUTTERCUP: Yeah?! Then I wish I was 10!

BUBBLES: Then bạn would be in 4th grade.Besides, what about the boys?


BUBBLES: Just boys around school! Sheesh!


BUBBLES: I bet bạn wish Butch was there! Well I got news for ya' he is! I bet I'll catch bạn two smoochin' at the bóng rổ court!

BUTTERCUP: Shut up Bubbles before I grab yo bởi your pigtails and throw...
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 Did not! Did to!
Did not! Did to!
BUTTERCUP: I'm happy with you!

BUTCH: Same here!

(Scene changes to Blossom at her house. She is trying to figure out her kids names.The 2 kids are fighting.)

BLOSSOM: Okay bạn two, stop fighting!

?????: But Blake started it!

BLAKE: NO! Blazey did!

BLAZEY: Did not!


BLAZEY: Yeah, bạn did start it.

BLAKE: Nuh uh!



(Brick comes around the corner from upstairs. He looks at Blossom, happy. Blossom looks at Brick, she is happy too.)

BRICK: Hi Blossom.

BLOSSOM: Hi Brick.

BRICK*thinking*: Sweeeeeet!

BLOSSOM*thinking*: It IS Brick!

BLAKE: Mom, were going outside!

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Narrator: The City Of Townsville! Where the Powerpuff Girls are all grown up now but sadly the Rowdyruff boys got destroyed… but the Powerpuff girls have children of their own! Let’s see what they’re doing…

Bolt: But mom school is so…Boring!

(Bolt is Buttercups son he has Black and green hair.)

Buttercup: I know bạn think school is boring but I think you’ll like this school they have sports and stuff.

Bolt: okay…

(He Flys off to school now let’s see what Blossom and her daughter is doing)

Blossom: Bloom come on get up you’re already late for school!

Bloom: Okay mom (yawns and gets...
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posted by Bell0PPGZ
 Sir Boomer
Sir Boomer
Once upon a time there was a knight named Sir Boomer. He never gave up and he won most battles.
When he was younger, he thought that girls have "cooties". Odd of the sort that the girl loving knight would think that but he was little then.
He had an eye for a normal village girl named Bell.
She was not a Princess nor a girl worthy of a knight like Sir Boomer but Sir Boomer still loved her.

Thinking about the normal girl chuông, bell and How he could not be with her made him lonely and sad. He did not fight any battles hoặc leave from his room.
Food was sent up every ngày bởi a maid. Little did he know that...
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posted by boomerlover

The PazzazPuff Girls are ones I made up.

Bliss: The leader. She is bright, and fun.She's smart, and she's always trying to get the boys attention.

Breeze: Comes in second. If bạn like happy,joyful,colorful, and everything fun, hang out with Breeze!

Blizzy: Comes in third.She's tough, nice, and funny! She loves to pop jokes, and make everyone laugh. She's a bit jelious of Breeze and Bliss though. No one knows why!

Hope bạn like!


YES I DO!!!!!!
 The PazzazPuff Girls!
The PazzazPuff Girls!
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turn down the volume at 00:30 in the video
NARRATOR: the girls are not flying happly back to school.the doom of detention creeps silently over

BLISS: sorry we are late miss

MISS,JANE: stop talking right now young lady.

BLISS: ......

MISS,JANE: take your seats girls and open up your
math book to page 321.

(bliss,blast and bunny do as told)

MISS,JANE: now that everyone is here we can start math class. first question: 7x6. Blast, bạn first.

BLAST: ummm 34

MISS,JANE: nope, wrong anwser. please sit back down.

BLAST: "sigh"

MISS,JANE: Bliss bạn next. rember class this is a fourth grade question. it should be easy for you
sixth graders.

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couldnt find a rowdyruff boys z club, sooo..its here!
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Bella_The1 has logged on

Billy_Twin has logged on

Bella_The1: Morning!

Billy_Twin: Morning, Whats up?

Bella_The1:Nothin much, U?

Billy_Twin:Just got my I pod stolen bởi my twin.

Bella_The1:Sounds harsh.

Butterscotch_Twin:I never lấy trộm, đánh cắp it!

Billy_Twin:How long have U been on heare?!

Butterscotch_Twin:A long time before u.

Billy_Twin:Whatever, just give my my phone!

Butterscotch_Twin:I told bạn I never took it!


Blake_Cool has logged on

Bella_The1:Just in time!

Blake_Cool:For what?

Billy_Twin:Give......My phone......BACK!

Butterscotch_Twin:I NEVER TOOK IT!

Bella_The1:U see what now?

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NARRATOR: Ah, Townsville! A happy-go-lucky peaceful town! With often super-hero fighting causing distruction and damage.

(Scene changes to the PPGS and RRBS fighting.)

BRICK: Come on, boys! We can't let these stupid little girly-girls hiển thị us up!

BUTTERCUP: Who bạn calling, "girly'?!

BLOSSOM: Girls! Lets try the new move!

BUTTERCUP: bạn mean, "the super-sonic ice twister"?!

BUBBLES: I still think we should call it, "wild storm"!

BLOSSOM: Fine! We'll call it that! Come on!

(The girls fly up, and Buttercup does her twister around the boys, making them dizzy. The boys have no idea what just happend. Why...
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--where brick is--
brick:why-why doesnt she like me?!
butch:because she likes me!
brick:where did yall come from?
butch:weve been standing here
brick:oh butch..
brick:do bạn like blossom?
butch:duh....OF COURSE :)
brick:oh k i gotta go..
--boomer&butch grabs brick--
boomer:youve got somewhere to be!
butch:where blake is come on!
--flies away--
--blossom runs towards and sees them flying--
blossom:oh no im to late!!--starts flying--
--butch sees blossom and nods to boomer--
butch:blossom go back..NOW!!
blossom:no! hes...
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 blossom:there they are
blossom:there they are
blossom:there they are

brick:hey is that the puffs

butch:yep it is

bubbles:hi boys

brick:uh hi what are bạn doing shouldn't bạn hate me hoặc something

blossom:well we were thinking of making a truce

boomer and butch:what no way

brick:sure why not

boomer and butch:what

brick:they are right i don't wanna fight anymore i mean sure its fun and we don't exactly like tham but i think we should




ppg and rrb:what the....

mblossom:hiya i hope bạn ramamber us

blossom:oh god not the micro puffs

mblossom:you got it

buttercup:waht do bạn want

mbuttercup:we want to hiển thị bạn some people we know...
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posted by boomerlover

Role: Brick is the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Personality: Brick's personality is like that of a brick wall, tough and hard but he can also be sympathetic and sweet. He also takes his leader role seriously, even if that means being bossy and overly controlling. Another thing to know is that Brick's personality is similar to that of a typical 18 năm old.

Intelligence: Brick is the most intelligent of the group. Like Blossom, he has the same intelligence as that of a college student and is right most of the time. Unlike Blossom, however, Brick feels that he doesn't have to be right all...
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One ngày Butch was walking along the sidewalk and snow started to fall to the ground like a tear falling off a little girls eye.But anyways it was giáng sinh Eve and no one was out side except for butch.While he was walking he heard a soft crying sound so he went to investigate.When he turned around the alley he saw Buttercup crying softly and he went over.He just stared secretly scared he would hurt her feelings hoặc she would hate him if he bothered her but finaly he went close to her and whispered in her ear "its ok its just me." Butch:so whats wrong. buttercup looked up and saw the snow falling...
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