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posted by Rowdygirl101
 Brute,known as Buttercup's opposite.
Brute,known as Buttercup's opposite.
Berserk: Blossom's opposite and self-proclaimed leader. Unlike Blossom, caring and sweet. Berserk is very sarcastic and controlling. Berserk wears a light màu hồng, hồng áo sơ mi with a red button in the middle and a plaid red and màu hồng, hồng skirt.Also, Berserk wears messy ribbons.Her color is deep red.

Brat: Bubbles's opposite.Unlike Bubbles she NEVER cries. She is the most unintelligent and perky one of the trio. She wears a blue tank top, a black skirt, deep blue bows for her pigtails and six thin bangle bracelets. Her color is deep blue.

Brute: Buttercup's opposite. Brute has a thêm violent nature than Buttercup. She has a black mohawk,a black jumpsuit fishnet stockings and a spiked thắt lưng, vành đai with matching bracelets (which are also spiked)Her color is deep green.
 Brat,known as Bubbles's opposite.
Brat,known as Bubbles's opposite.
 Berserk,known as Blossom's opposite.
Berserk,known as Blossom's opposite.
Boomer shot up from his makeshift giường in what used to be Fuzzy Lumpkins’ house. Sweat poured down his temple. Immediately, he was shaking his two brothers in an attempt to wake them.

“Gugh, Boomer. What do bạn want?” Brick muttered.

Butch didn’t even say anything, he swatted Boomer’s arm away from him and rolled over.

“I just had the worst dream ever. I dreamt that there was this key, and a whole lot of people were fighting for it, including the Powerpuff Girls, and there was this like… Mario Kart race, and then Mojo Jojo got the key and became ruler of the world and he made it all...
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Mojo Jojo sulked in his núi lửa observatory. Every plan he ever had was always foiled. He had done everything. Built giant robots, turned people into dogs, created the Rowdyruff Boys, turned people into chó again…

Nothing worked! All of his plans… ruined! He had to admit the Rowdyruff Boys had been his greatest plan; they had come close to defeating those wretched Powerpuff Girls many times, but their rebellious nature. They turned on him, their original creator, and Him… Oh, it still got him boiling mad how Him turned out to be the one who perfected the boys bởi giving them their cooties...
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posted by RockingEmilee
Berserk is the stubborn leader who will never give up easily.Even being Blossom mirror, Berserk is dumb, and everything Blossom's not.Berserk starts fights not stops them like her mirror, Berserk mostly picks on her sisters since she is the oldest, but mostly get's on Brute's nerves.

Brat is the bratty one of the PPNKG basicly her name says it all.Brat sometimes goes on sides sometimes with Brute hoặc Berserk, But Brat really is helping her sisters not backing them up.Brat has a good/bad sister realationship with Brute. Brat is the most yêu thích PPNKG with the fans.

Brute is the least yêu thích punk out of her sisters.But Brute is my favorite. Brute and Brat both tình yêu each other inside like sisters mainly, When Berserk does her annoying to sisters di chuyển to Brat, Brute has something to fight about.Berserk and Brute are the ones who fight alot,but they mainly hate each other.
posted by CraigTuckerLuvr
Brick sat on a đám mây with his brothers, “Booorrrrriiiiiinnnnngggg…”

“Yeah… Hey, wanna go push old ladies into the traffic?” Butch asked.

“We did that yesterday,” Brick said, rolling his large, red eyes.

Boomer đã đưa ý kiến nothing and only glared at the two of them. THEY weren’t the ones that got hit on the head with a cane bởi one of those stupid old ladies.

Brick sighed, looking down at Townsville below, trying to think of something devious to do that they hadn’t already done in the past week.

“We could steal the mayor’s pickles,” Butch suggested.

Brick gave him a sidelong look,...
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posted by rosesandlove
Berserk,Brat and Brute zoomed through the air.With the Powerpuff girls not far behind them."Girls we need to hide."Berserk dodges hits.They fly towards the woods,looking back they see that the Powerpuffs was smacked against a tree.Hiding inside Fuzzylumpkin's cabin.

"Okay we Mất tích the girls,where's the money."

"Here,we Mất tích a few singles but we still have some twentys hoặc thirties.

"Hey,where are we."

Berserk looks around and sees the wooden walls and floors.

"Hey who are sissies?"

Brick comes from the shadow and looks at Berserk.

"I'm Berserk and these my sisters."

"Why bạn in here?"

gets closer to...
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today i wuz so bored and i dicaded to write the new article.

punk, puff hoặc ruff:

boy hoặc girl:

eye colour:

hair colour:

hair stille:

clothes: (diferent)

others: (bows, caps, braslets...)


:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
tongues XD

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
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:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
thêm tongues XDD
The city of Townsville! It was another beautiful morning. The birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing, and the sun was shining. Not that the Powerpunk Girls knew that in Mojo Jojo’s windowless bedroom, but they woke up, anyway. At least, Brat woke up. Then, she shoved her sisters out of the bed.

“Ouch,” Beserk muttered, rubbing her head. Brute was ready to pound Brat’s face in when Mojo Jojo appeared in the bedroom. He had a sickeningly sweet smile on his face. The Powerpunk Girls froze.

“Did bạn sleep well, girls?” Mojo Jojo asked, his voice sweeter than cây phong, maple syrup. The Powerpunk...
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