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So where was I? Oh yeah..........
Note: it's Nighttime
Buttercup: (runs home)
Butch: UGH! Me and my big mouth!
Brick: sup butch
Butch: yea yea 'sup Brick
Brick: why are u staring at buttercup's dress?
Butch: shut up
Brick: hehe sorry........BUTCHIE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Butch: bạn heard that?
Brick: yup!
Butch: shoot!
Brick: Wheres boomer?
Butch: he's still dancing with bubbles
Brick: awwwww how NOT cute!
Butch: dude u tình yêu blossom don't u?
Brick: ummmmmmm *blushes* yeah....
Butch: awwwwwwwwww hehe
Brick: grrrrrrr shut up!
Butch: where is blossom?
Brick: she went back trang chủ with Bc
Butch: Oh.......
Brick: do u wanna go...
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Powerpuff girls
him 2
Narator:The city of Townsville,oh what a peaceful place and- Is that the RowdyRuff Boys!!!

Brick:There they are boys!
Butch:Let's go get those PowerPukes!!
Boomer:Ya the PowerPukes!
Brick:-smacks Boomer- no

Meanwhile with the powerpuffs...

Blossom:We should be getting trang chủ now girls
Bubbles:-looks at sky- Are those the RowdyRuff Boys?
Buttercup:-look at sky- Those are the RowdyRuff Boys!!
Blossom-I think there heading this way!!!

Brick:Hey Sissys!
Butch:Come and get us PowerPukes!
Boomer:Ya,what he said!

Buttercup:Boomer your just getting worst at talking!

Brick:Just shut up...
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In the powerpunks home......

Brute: (ties Bc on her bed)
Bc: (wakes up) huh?
Berserk: well well, bạn finally woke up!
Bc: w-w-what are u going to do with me?
Berserk: let's just say, your lungs will be a new cái gối, gối for me
Bc: your going to open my body?!?!?
Berserk: well with a dao, con dao ofcourse!
Brat: *thinking* I can't believe I kinda feel sad about Bc
Berserk: we'll be right back
Brute: yea, I needa go polish my special dao, con dao to cut bạn open
Berserk: we'll b back in ten minuetes (leaves)
Brute: (leaves)
Brat: (decides to hide behind her door to spy Bc)
Bc: I wake up, I see that everthing is ok, the first...
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So where was I hmmmmmmmm.....OH YEAH!..........

Butch: (wakes up) *yawns* huh? Oh, 'morning buttercup!
Bc: (wakes up) *yawn* xin chào physico dude!
Butch: hehe
Bc: what time is it?
Butch: it's uhhhhhh.......... 8:35 A.M.
Bc: oh.......WHAT?!?!?!?!?
Butch: I đã đưa ý kiến its 8:35 A.M.
Bc: Shoot!
Butch: what's wrong?
Bc: ugh! I'm totally gonna be grounded forever!
Butch: why?
Bc: bạn doo-doo head! I was suppose to be trang chủ 11 hours ago!
Butch: uh-oh...... Come on! Let's fly!
Bc: k (starts flying back home)
Butch: (starts flying with bc)
Bc: I just hope the professor is not mad at me
Butch: I hope too!
Bc: finally we're here...
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Let's see where was I? Oh yeah.......

Butch: bạn really think my voice was awesome?
Bc: yup!
Butch: *blushes* thanks
Bc: hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: (stares at butch)
Butch: (stares at bc) *whispers* wow.....
Bc: (about to Kiss butch, but then....)
(bubbles walks in the room and sees bc about to Kiss butch)
Bubbles: OMG!!!!
Bc: huh? Oh! Ummmm didn't see bạn there bubbles....
Bubbles: awwwwwwww
Bc: shut up!
Bubbles: it's the same old buttercup hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: uhhhhh hehe?
Butch: anyways.... Bc?
Bc: yeah?
Butch: can I ask ya something?
Bc: wait a sec....... xin chào bubbles?
Bubbles: yeah?
Bc: DO U MIND?!?!?!?
Bubbles: oops,...
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With butch.......

Butch: I needa forget about Buttercup......just forget about her Butch! If bạn were dead hoặc still alive I don't care I don't care! *crying* I try to make it through my life in my way, there's you... Just don't deny it, just deal with it.....

With buttercup........

Bc: (looking up at the stars) well its nice to hear your voice, I hope your doing fine, and if bạn ever wonder I'm lonely here tonight, I'm Mất tích here in this moment and time keeps slipping by, and if I had just one wish I'd had u bởi my side...... I'm sorry bubbles I'm sorry butch...(lays down) ugh I'm so hungry!
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Butch: Great then! Hehe
Bc: uhhhhh hehe
Butch: so I'll be right back (goes to the DJ and talks to him)
Bc: what the heck is Butch doing there?
Bubbles: see bc bạn do have a heart........for love!
Bc: W-w-were bạn spying on us!
Bubbles: yup hehe...... Well what song are u going to sing us?
Bc: I don't know.....hmmmmmmmm
Bubbles: how about that song bạn wrote for Butch called "love story"
Bc: bạn HEARD ME hát IT!!!!
Bubbles: eyup! Uh-Oh here comes butch (leaves)
Butch: yo bc I just told the DJ bạn were going to sing
Bc: oh great!
Butch: so which song are bạn going to sing?
Bc: I'm going to sing a song...
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posted by applejackrocks
Bc: *blushing* wow.....
blossom: what do ya got there buttercup?
Bc: nothing
Blossom: *smirks* are u sure?
Bc: yup!
Bubbles: *crying* I miss b-b-boomer! Wahhhhhhh
Blossom: it will be alright bubbles
Bc: your such a cry baby bubbles
Blossom: Buttercup?
Bc: yeah?
Bc: well duh! What did u think I was doing!
(suddenly professor walks in)
Blossom: Yes professor?
Professor: do u guys remember what ngày it is tomorrow?
Bubbles: yeah! It's school!
Professor: and it's.......
Blossom: shoot i forgot! Tomorrow is PROM NIGHT!!!
Bc: ugh! I hate prom night!
Blossom: just because u can't dance u...
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Note: the animal thing was just a dream
(bc was knocked out)

Butch: bc, wake up wake up
Blossom: I think I know what will wake her up (leaves the room)
Brick: what is she bringing?
Bubbles: code 62
Brick:......and that is?
Bubbles: one of buttercup's stinky sock
Blossom:(carring a stinky sock) watch out here comes code 62
RRB: GROSS!!! That stinks!
Blossom: I know I know u know why it stinks?
RRB: why?
Bloss: well cause bc used it thêm than 30 days and cause she's always walking barefoot.....
Brick: so why don't u girls wash the sock
Bubbles: are u nuts? If she finds out.. She will.......
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Note: Buttercup is now destroying Townsville.....

Buttercup: Bwahahaha (puts on ngọn lửa, chữa cháy every building)
Blossom: Buttercup!! Snap out of it, this isn't really who u are
Bubbles: yeah
Brick: what are we going to do?
Bubbles: bạn guys wait here. (flies to buttercup and hugs her) please buttercup hoặc who ever u are come back!!!!
Buttercup: (her eyes turns red) how dare u hug MEEEE!!!! (throws bubbles to the ground with a sonic scream)
Bubbles: (crying) *weak* B-b-b-boomer...
Boomer: Yes bubbles
Bubbles: *weak* tell butch to hu- (faints)
Boomer: No no no bubbles speak to me (starts crying a little)
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posted by applejackrocks
(At home)

Butch: is she gonna be ok?
Bubbles: I don't know
Brick: oh gosh
Blossom: (crying) oh buttercup why why why (hugs brick)
Buttercup: w-w-w-where a-a-am I
Butch: oh good your awake
Buttercup: (jumps out of bed) who the hell are u guys
Blossom: quit joking around bc
Buttercup: my name ain't buttercup bạn sissy my name is jade
Bubbles: awww bc stop being a drama queen
Buttercup: my name is jade idiot (punches bubbles)
Bubbles: owwww (crying)
Boomer: BUBBLES!!!!
Buttercup: now if u will excuse me I need to change my stupid outfit and cause trouble (leaves to the bathroom to change)
Butch: I don't think buttercups joking
Buttercup: (comes out of the bathroom wearing a dog chain color and a black dress) bwahahaha
Brick: oh no
Butch: (with his mouth wide open) WOW!!!
Brick: (slaps butch)
Butch: owwww dude!!!
Buttercup: (destroys the ppg's house and heading to Townsville)

To be countinued.....
(with buttercup and butch)

Buttercup: yo little twerp give me your money
Kid: please don't hurt me (hands over the money)
Butch: (gives the kid a punch) little idiot
Kid: (runs away)
Butch and bc: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a twerp
Butch: I'll be back in a một giây k?
Buttercup: ok
Buttercup: let's see what can I do?
(suddenly brute flies to buttercup)
Brute: xin chào buttercup check out this soda
Buttercup: what flavor is it
Brute: uhhhhhhhh.... I mean giống nho, nho
Buttercup: ok let me try it
Brute: (hands over bc the soda but the soda has poisen in it
Buttercup: (drinks it) ughhh it's horri- (faints)
Brute: (disappears)
Butch: (sees buttercup in the ground) buttercup? Buttercup buttercup speak to me! Oh no (picks up bc and takes her home)

To be continued....
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(with buttercup)

Buttercup: why doesnt anyone like me (crying) all I wanted was to be someone's friend but what do I get, I get NOTHING!!!

(with the others)
Blossom: BUTTERCUP!!!
Bubbles: what if we never see buttercup again (starts crying)
Boomer: don't cry bubbles
Butch: *thinking* if I were buttercup where would I be? OFCOURSE, the bờ biển, bãi biển (flies to the beach)
Buttercup: let's see where can I stay for the night, maybe with brute no no no uhhhh.. I can't think of a place
Butch: how about with me
Buttercup: Butch!!!!! I missed u
Butch: come on let's go
(buttercup and butch flies back home)
Blossom: buttercup...
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(With Buttercup)
Buttercup: (crying) no one likes me they always always make fun of me. I try to be nice and nothing works....
(with the others)
Blossom: BUTTERCUP!!!!!
Bubbles: what happens if she never comes back? (starts crying)
Boomer: don't worry bubbles.
Butch: *sigh* i miss buttercup (Thinking) if I were buttercup where would I be? OFCOURSE!! She can be in the beach! (flies to the beach)
Buttercup: let's see I can live with umm brute? No no no ummm maybe umm...
Butch: how about with me
Buttercup: BUTCH!!! (hugs him)
Butch: why did u leave?
Buttercup: I don't know but I do know I should go back...
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xin chào guys I've always wished to do a powerpuff girls chats so here I go..........

Powerpuff girls (online) Rowdyruff boys (online) bubbles: xin chào guys! Boomer: xin chào bubbles. Buttercup looks at butch an blushes real hard, butch looks at buttercup an blushes super hard. Blossom: umm.. Buttercup why are bạn blushing? Buttercup: I ain't blushing egghead!!! Blossom and bubbles: oookayyyyy???
Blossom and bubbles whispers to brick and butch: guys I have a idea lets act like we're getting offline but we secretly stay in to know why butch and buttercup are blushing. Brick and boomer: great idea. Butch and...
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