Bóng ma trong nhà hát Whats the best song of The Phantom of the opera? - Part 2

Pick one:
I Remember/ Stranger than bạ n dreamt it
I Remember/Stranger than bạn dreamt it
Notes/ Prima Donna
Notes/Prima Donna
All i ask of bạ n
All i ask of bạn
Don Juan
Don Juan
Point of no return
Point of no return
Down once more/ Track down this murderer
Down once more/Track down this murderer
Wishing bạ n were somehow here again
Wishing bạn were somehow here again
Dạ hộ i giả trang
Dạ hội giả trang
Wandering Child
Wandering Child
 LoveBlack92 posted hơn một năm qua
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