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I think this is really amusing.
will ferrell
phantom of the opera
âm nhạc of the night
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Broadway phantoms phantom compare Johnowen jones 's hát is really good Gerry not included bradway ony of course michel cawford among em and Ramin karminloo thugh may not hear him really thêm coming
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There are various interpretations of why the old Raoul brings the monkey âm nhạc box to her grave and some even think that all the old Raoul parts of the movie are completely useless. However, I'm one of those who believe that while the film would've worked perfectly well even without Raoul travelling anywhere with the âm nhạc box, all the old Raoul clips are perhaps the most essential aspect of the entire film's basic point. I think they are the ultimate aspect that drastically differs the film from the stage play.

A monkey symbolizes many things that are strongly related to the story. Essential...
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hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 reasons for why Erik/Christine doesn’t work.

Yes, I know I was supposed to đăng lên my tình yêu Never Dies rant before, but… this is really to help me write it.

So, short story. Before coming on Fanfiction, I already knew that almost everyone on Earth were E/C shippers. But I was still shocked of seeing the ridiculous number of E/C authors, especially that there are very good ones among them. Now, I’m not being rude, it’s okay to like the E/C pairing (I guess…), but I’m just being really honest. I remember, when I entered the phandom, I was a mild R/C shipper (You know, “I prefer...
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