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Me: omg girlz it the omg girlz. Star: xin chào what your name so we hang out with my friends. Me: who is your friend again. Star: beauty and babydoll Me: oh ok that your friend. Beauty: xin chào Terian Me: hi bahja. Beauty: don't call me bahja call me beauty. Me : oops sorry about that. Beauty: it ok. Babydoll: who your yêu thích in this group. Me: my yêu thích in this group is star. Beauty: what zonnique is your yêu thích Me: i don't not her name was zonnique Beauty: the reason we then tall bạn because we want the người hâm mộ know that. Me : oh ok i see why. Babydoll: can i talk to ngôi sao right quit. Me: sure no...
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Me:so ngôi sao what we should do? Star: go to the movie. Beauty: ngôi sao u right we should do go to movie. Me: no no but I wanna go talk to cá đuối, ray ray. Star: ok we have money on tour if u wanna enjoy us. Me: oooo did u money I'm coming enjoy y'all. Forget about cá đuối, ray ray. Star, beauty: LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại let go. Babydoll: what goings on star? Star: why u asking me that u should ask beauty. Babydoll: because u the older in the group. Star; no I'm not u the older in the group u know that babydoll. Babydoll : ok I'm going ask beauty what going on u just being rude. Star; I'm not just rude. Babydoll : yeah u is. Star: no...
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posted by danjan14
MY opinion of OMG GIRLZ is that they write nice songs and dance really good to there own beats.Most of them in the group are really good and can sing really well bạn can tell bởi watching tiny and toya that some girls in the group are feeling it and some people in the are not feeling well thats all i have for this today but i like omg girlz they rock and they inspired me to make my own group.but before i go i hope OMG GIRLZ get on this page and look at this bài viết knowing that i am a big người hâm mộ of them ever since i knew thr=ey had started a group they are awesome and they make some cool songs that can express when bạn like a boy hoặc when your over them it is so awesome listening to there song keep rocking out OMG GIRLZ bạn guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!
I was always bởi your side bạn had a winner
You can see with tình yêu I was a beginner
Don't get it twisted it's a brand new Day-ay-ay-ay-ay
You're a loser (loser) I must must be blind couldn't see it (see it)
Couldn't do right bởi me easy to replace you
Now you're telling me sweet things bạn can bet I won't fall for it
Now bạn realize how much bạn need me

That's what happens when bạn don't do right
Outta sight outta mind
Now you're mad cuz he got all my time all my time
Now you're picture me rolling

Rolling out your life and no one's gonna tình yêu bạn like me me I'm something to remember
Finally sad goodbye I...
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