The Mentalist Season 4 - Jisbon?

Jisbon4ever posted on Sep 12, 2011 at 04:22PM
Hey? Any suggestions concering Jisbon in season 4? What'll happen between them?

Is he pushing her away even more in the next season? Or are they maybew getting closer than ever before? What do you think?

Well...I guess...beginning with episode one she'll be very angry...(to be honest: I really HOPE so^^).

And of course I hope they'll get closer.
But as long as it's not clear if Red John is really dead Jane won't be satisfied which will make it even harder Lisbon to get closer.

And we all know they are kind of blind when it comes to each other and their relationship.

They have to find a compromise someday...or there'll be no Jisbon.
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hơn một năm qua DramaNut said…
I think that lisbon's finally going to realize she loves Jane. But since the guy Jane killed wasn't Red John, Jane is just going to pull away from not only her, but the rest of the team too. Lisbon's going to realize that Jane will never love her as long as he thinks Red John is still alive and will start a relationship with a guy she knows she doesn't love. When Jane finally realizes what's happening he'll think it's to late for him and Lisbon to be together and will just give up. That's pretty much how I see Jisbon this season.