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 Baby Simba
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lion king
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Queen of the Jungle

Chapter 1 – The Huntress

    For decades, the topic of Lion vs. Tiger has been highly debated, with people taking one side hoặc being neutral. People have considered them to be natural rivals. A jungle in an unspecified location, in the phim hoạt hình world, was about to test that theory…

    “Mother. Why have bạn brought me here to this jungle?” asked Kiara, as her and Nala entered the jungle. “I’ve told bạn several times, Kiara.” Nala replied, “I’ve brought bạn here to improve your hunting skills. A jungle is the perfect...
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Vitani:Kiara!!! bạn won't believe who I just saw!!! Kiara:Who? Vitani:I just saw Kopa! He's back! Kiara:What?!!! He is!!! Where is he??!!! Vitani:Down in the gorge. Kiara:Ok!!! Watch Shani for me? Vitani:Sure! Shani:Where is my mommy going??? Vitani:To see her brother. She'll be back! *Kovu walks up with Chensi* Shani:Hey big brother!!! Wanna play??? Chensi:Yeah!!! Kovu:Where's Kiara??? Vitani:KOPA'S BACK!!!!!!!! Kovu:What???!!! Vitani:Yeah!!! *Gasps* I have to
Tell Simba!!! Kovu:Go ahead! Vitani:Thanx!!! *Runs to tell Simba* Vitani:SIMBA KOPA'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simba:What???!!!! *With...
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xin chào guys, this past summer, I saw the remake with afew of my friends, and, I have some good and BAD reviews. Before we get started, if bạn haven't seen the remake yet, please don't read this bài viết as I'm about to give some potential spoilers. Now, let's get started:

The characters: I thought the characters were great and the fact that James Earl Jones reprised HIS role as Mufasa was an EPIC plus for me! I also thought Beyoncé was great as Nala, and I thought Seth Rogen did a pretty spot-on Pumbaa. I will admit-James Earl Jones sounded like he's aged, but if bạn think about it, he has. The...
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