The King Of Pop bạn Will Be Missed Michael a story bởi ms-prince

ms-prince posted on Apr 24, 2010 at 12:58AM
Ever since the day of June which will be remembered as the day music died Lexie has been depressed for the Jacksons because it was so unexpected. Michael was the world to poor Lexie he was her earth sky air and heart and she can't except the fact that he's gone from us forever. She walks around with her sparkle socks, Michael tee, fedora and Michael bag with her head hang low for to her since Michael isn't here there isn't anything worth seeing. She doesn't talk to much people anymore because she feels that since Michael has left no one in the world can understand her now. When shes alone in her room she puts her headphones on blasting Michael and closes her eyes and a silent smile appears as she starts to dance to the one person she feels can understand her completely. At night she looks at the stars and whispers to the Lord" Why did you take Michael away from me?" One rainy day Lexie sat in the rain listening to Michael on her Iphone on the curb in her Michael tee and fedora and started to sob wishing Michael would come back. Just then a car pulls up to her and the door opens and a womans voice says" Whats wrong little girl?" ....... To Be Continued
 Ever since the ngày of June which will be remembered as the ngày âm nhạc died Lexie has been depressed fo
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aww:) thats so cute,you did great with this hun!!=)
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I love it ! Go on !!