The Kane Chronicles My Fanfic Of The Một Giây Book

partypony posted on Nov 19, 2010 at 12:29AM
hey, this is my first fanfic so dont blame me if it goes epicly wrong k? blame my dog insted. so here's all those stuff you dont really need to know, but i need to include:

this is all my imagination and rick riordan's version is the best. this is rated T, i thnk. its about carter and sadie's further adventures in... i dont really know yet. and all those other stuff... well, you'll find out, since i dont know either. BUT I'LL MAKE UP SOMETHING!


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hơn một năm qua partypony said…
1 carter
new students

Holy crap that was the worst soul-leaving-my-body-and-becoming-a-chicke­n dream ever. So yeah, that's how my mind was after a particularly weird trip to the duat.
I was in my usual chicken-form, trying to make myself look human like what Sadie did, whem I heard a growl. I looked over my shoulder (wings?) and saw the most hideous monster I have ever seen. I mean, this thing was worse than Leroy the set-animal. It has a worm-like body, covered in green fur... bloodstained fur. Its eyes were dark slits of black, and it's mouth was filled with teeth as sharp as knives. in fact, i think they ARE knives. It was roaring at me, and i realized i was getting sucked into its mouth. I couldn't break free. I was halfway through when suddenly, i heard a loud ringing...

-Oh god, that was horrible.

i looked behind me and saw that my uncomfortable pillow was gone. weird. the loud ringing noise came again, then i realized it was a doorbell. i didnt even know the house had a doorbell.

-carter, get that door! sadie shouted from the other room.

i sighed. i dressed in a shirt and jeans and went to the door. i opened it and saw a girl. she was about my age and very pretty. her eyes were deep brown, and her hair was long and black and glossy. i guess she recently had a good tan, since her skin was well-tanned.

-hi. i got your recording. and the spine thingy. and i think i may be your new student. she said.
-um... come in. i'll just get sadie and we'll....
-yeah, get your sister first. she seemed cool in the recording.
-hold on, arent you freaked out?
-nah. im not a chicken like you
-i like her. somebody said. i turned and saw Bast behind me. she was grinning at the girl.
-what's your name. she asked.
-im naminia park. cal me nami.
-where's you parents? i asked
-they're at home. dont worry, i ran away from them. they didnt care about me anyway. they sent me to a new school, found your recording in my locker, and went here the day after. im sure my parents wont miss me.

i heard footsteps behind me and saw khufu eating... something. a pink feather was sticking out of his mouth. i shuddered and turned to nami and introduced him to her.

-i think we'll get along well. she said to khufu. lakers are my team too. and unlike carter here, i can actually play basketball.

khufu grunted pleasantly to nami.

-whats going on here? sadie said.

i jumped and saw sadie behind me.

-how'd you do that? i asked.

she ignored me and looked at nami.

-who're you?she asked.
-this is nami. nami, this is my sister sadie. i turned to sadie. she got our message and the spine and ran away from home.

sadie stared at the nami for a long while. nami stared back.

finally sadie said, welcome to the 21st nome
-im pretty sure you dont mean those little bearded guys who live in gardens. namie replied.
-thats right.
-ok. i interupted, lets discuss other non-gnome realted stuff over breakfast ok? my soul went chicken last night and im really freaked right now.

i walked to outside and found pancakes, cat food (fish flavor), milk, and oj already in the table. khufu, i thought. the others followed me out.

-right. let us feast before we talk of non-fish related ordeals. bast said.

hope you enjoyed that. tell me what you think, k? im gonna post more on random intervals.

hơn một năm qua redhawks said…
big smile
That was really good!!! A lot better then most of the fan fics I read. I loved it can't wait till your new chapter.
hơn một năm qua partypony said…
2 Carter
Amos take the meds of retardness

-Kay, back to buisness. Bast said.

I still hadn't gotten used to Bast eating in the table with us. Strange things happen to my appetite whenever I see her lick her hand.

-Um, Bast? I said
-Right. Bast put down her hand.
-Do you guys always eat like this? Nami asked. She was looking a little green. Guess I wasn't the only one.
-Kay, Nami, we don't really know how to teach you. Sadie said. We just started learning like, a couple weeks ago. Amos still isnt back from his trip, so he hadnt had a chance to teach us more about magic and stuff. So we just hung around and tried to know as much about thing as possible. Clear?
-Clear. Nami replied. So were just gonna sit around and read egyptian stuff while we wait for Amos?
-Gotcha. I said.
-That's boring. Nami sid. I wanna learn spells! Sadie, can you show me how to ha-di? Or Hi-nhem?
-How about learning hieroglyphs? I suggested.
-That's cool too.
-Kay. I said to Nami. This is you name in hieroglyphic writing. I showed her a drawing of a stool, mouth,and basket with handle in the papyrus. This is PARK.
-How bout my full name? she asked.
I drew ripple of water, owl, and another ripple of water beside the name. This is your name. Basicaly, this is NMN. The ancient egyptians didnt use vowels.
-Which is pretty stupid, if you ask me. Sadie said.

I scowled at her

-Why dont we move on to the USEFUL hieroglyphs? Here's one for fire. Sadie drew on the papyrus. I saw she drew what looked like a lamp with a tail at the top. THATS fire. Be careful, it might come to life! she said.
Nami copied the hieroglyph. Nothing happened. Ah well. she said. I'll just work on memorizing these for now.

We showed her the hieroglyph for sword, bird, wax, light, air, water, cheese, etc.

-Remember, when youre writing somethinf that has life, like a bird, remmeber to leave out a part, like a wing, or a foot. I warned her. Or else it really will come to life and poop on you

-I`ll remember that. She said.

Bast came into the room. Amos is here. She said. What a coincidence.
We ran up the stairs and found Amos sitting on one of the sofas.

-Did you get better? I asked.
-Sort of. Amos replide. The healers healed me with magic for some time. Then they gave me these pills with magical healing properties guaranteed to make me better.
-So ARE you better? Sadie asked.
-No. Gottan take them one a day for 2 months before I regain my full strength. There are only a few side effects.
-Well... for one, I can`t use magic.
-Two, he continued as if Sadie never spoke, after the first hour after taking a pill, I go.. how do you say it... mental for a few hours.
-And three, I see in black and white.
-That all? I asked.
Amos nodded.
-It`s not worth it Amos. What kind of medicine makes you retarted?
-This is magic, Carter. Healers have been trying to alter it so that the side effects would go away, but to no avail.
-Have you taken a pill yet?
-Yes. I go cuckoo in about 15 minutes.
-But we have a blood of the pharaos kid! Sadie said. And we need to learn other stuff too!
-`Lo. Im Nami. Nami said.
Amos looked at Nami. He sighed. She sighed back.
-Sorry. Cant help you while I`m taking pills. I have a few hours of normalness while taking the meds each day, and that`s the only time I can help you.

Khufu came over and put a bag of glowing blue pills in front of amos.
-Agh? Khufu asked.
-Its my medicine. Its called Hyalo. Amos said.

Khufu went all crazy and grabbed the bag. I realized that the name ended with -o.

-Khufu! Dont eat that! Youll go nuts! I shouted.

Bast ran over to the running baboon. She literally wrestled the bag back and gave them to Amos.

-Ah, thank you Bast. Amos said. I better keep this in a safe place.

Khufu aghed mournfully and went back to watching ESPN.

hơn một năm qua redhawks said…
big smile
awwwwwwww poor Amos!!! I hope he gets better!!!! Well, anyways this was amzing!!! I aboslutly loved it!!
hơn một năm qua Festus1126 said…
it ws amasing!!! really liked how Khufu almost ate the medicine!
hơn một năm qua redhawks said…
ik!! That was my fav. part and since everyone is doing monkeys I will too!
hơn một năm qua partypony said…
im back. so sorry i havent posted in waht seems to be 8 days. i had these huge tests and had to study alot if i wanna keep my gpa. and i had this huge writers block so... anyway, here's a new chapter. hope u like it!

2 Sadie
Life goes on... and on and on and on and on

Yeah, Sadie here. I couldnt update cuz my bro and i had to babysit amos while he's in his stupid state. And bast wont help us cuz she keeps talking to cats and eating friskies.
anyway, i was showing nami the hieroglyph for lion, when the doorbell rang.

-Carter get that! I shouted.
He came running down the staris like a dog (and btw, he has his mouth open for some reason, so he looked like he was a PANTING dog. Oh, you know it's true carter!).
-Im busy. you go get it. he said.
-well, im busy too. i pointed out. im showing nami here hieroglyphs. and if ur so busy then y did u have time to go running down the staris like a dog?
-er.... he didnt have an answer. instead, he answered the door.
-HOLY CRAP!!!!!! he shouted.
-what? me and nami spoke at the same time.
Carter gestured for us to come with him. When we got there, nami screamed as well. I gotta admit, i almost did too. In the front door was a bull. not just an ordinary bull, but a giant bull. This one was like 13 feet high and it was releasing puffs of steam from its snout like it's just eaten a hundred tons of Chile pepper.
Then it did something weird. It laughed. Like a human.
-ah its so good to scare the life out of people. it said
it changed shape. now it was a normal looking guy. he had asian features but an egyptian accent.
-who the hell are you? i asked
-my dear, i am ptah. god of life.
-oh. it was all i can say. fortunately, nami had plenty to say.
-hey, i heard about you. your sacred animal is bull right? something-bull.
-Apis. ptah said. the apis bull is my sacred animal.
-so why are you here? carter said.
-arent you going to invite me in your house?
-um sure.... i dont know how though. Thoth is the only welcome god.
-bast came in. he pointed out. why shouldn't i?
he had a good point. i let him in and he sat in one of the couches, facing the fireplace.
-so why are you here? i finally had the voice to speak.
-well, i wanted to help you. i heard that apophis is rising. you already got set on your side, even if its by force.
-yeah. but were not forcing you, so why help?
-i dont want all life to be destroyed by that thing. he sounded disgusted. i mean, im ok with set ruling the world, but at least he's not destroying all life. apophis... well, he's just gonna kill everything. every single life form in the planet. i couldnt let that happen.
we were silent for a while. the only sound was the crackle of the fireplace. another god wanting to help us is good, i thought.
-well ok you can stay here. i said.
-great! by the way this is a lovely home! hestia will be proud.
-nothing. never mind. Oh! is that an oboe? he pointed to an instrument in the wall. my it's high quality! and that sword i looks finely crafted! And this couch is soooooo soft! and that-
he went on and on about every single thing in the room. he even complimented khufu on his technicolor bum and his choice of food.
-well! i interupted while he was talking about wall. i hope you enjoy your stay here!
-there's one more thing. he said. i need a new host. this one's waaaay too weak. i need to be more powerful. he ponted at nami. what about you? mind being my host?
nami hesitated. having a god in you is a big desicion. there's a chance that he might take complete comtrol over her. she fingered the amulet (not the spine amulet!) we gave her when she asked for one. it would help my magic, she said.
-ok. nami eventually said.
-dont worry. ptah reassured her. im not gonna take over. im just gonna take residence in your amulet. oh, and you might wanna return this host to his home in washington.
ptah closed his eyes. his host glowed breifly in a blue aura and crumpled to the ground. nami's amulet glowed briefly.
-i think he's here now. nami said.
-well at least we have one more god whos on our side now. i said.
-how are we gonna return this guy to washington? carter sked.
bast came in to the room.
-dont worry. she said. i'll take care of him.
she picked up the guy and walked out of the house.

hope u like it! now that term one is done, i can post more. and winter break's coming up too!!
hơn một năm qua partypony said…
3 Sadie
Khufu gets baboon-napped

Hell. Bloody hell. Khufu got kidnapped. Or should I say baboonnapped? Here's what happened:

About a week after Nami got Ptah, everything started to go wrong. Our breakfast had maggots, our magic destroys everything no matter what we say, knives suddenly started shooting out of Bast's wrists, Philip of Macedonia got spary painted with brown (dont ask), etc...
We were just recovering from a swords-suddenly-moving-by-themselves near-death experience, when a cry came from the library. Carter, Bast, Nami, and I ran to the library, but it was locked. I used my fave spell of all tiime:
The door exploded into bits. We ran downstairs and saw...a pigeon? It was holding khufu with its claws. I have no idea how a pigeon could carry Khufu, who was screaming and scratching at the bird. Bast turned to hunting mode. She jumped up and sliced her knives at the pigeon... but the bird wasn't there. Carter summoned a chicken- warrior.
-Carter, dude, calm down. Its just a pigeon. Bast will hunt it. you know how much she loves birds.
But then the pigeon started screeching. Nami couldn't take it. She threw her wand at the pigeon. It dodged it easitly. Carter swung his sword, but it passed through like it was an illusion.
-Wha..? he said, bewildered.
-HA-DI! I yelled. The pigeon didnt explode into tiny feathers. Instead, it flew up the open doorway. We followed, but it was too late. Somehow, it knocked down the door and it flew away, carrying khufu with it.

Sorry, that was short, but im having a writers block.
hơn một năm qua RomanGreekDemi said…
o, yeah, u told me that u abandoned it?
hơn một năm qua redhawks said…
hơn một năm qua wisegurl said…
I didn't even know that u started writing a forum on here!!
hơn một năm qua partypony said…
4 Nami
A Rescue Mission is born

-Nami, Bast said, there are complicated traces of magic inside the library. Some of them so old that I can't even recognize them.
-What the heck are you talking about?
-I mean, some of the magic used... Bast hesitated, then continued, some of the magic used dates back to the reign of Ra.
-And I'm supposed to care why?
-Nami, magic dating back to the reign of Ra is extremely powerful. The power was lost after Isis forced Ra to retreat so Osiris can become king. Whoever did this is very ancient, or very powerful, or very smart.
-Apophis, Carter said. It might be Apophis.
We all looked at him.
-Well, Apophis is as old as Ra himself right?
-What about Nut or Geb? Sadie asked.
-Sadie, you yourself know that they'll never do that. You helped them with their love letter, and there's no reason for them to kidnap Khufu.
-Rescue Mission! I yelled.
-Fine, Bast sighed. We'll launch a rescue mission.
Amos walked in, slightly unsteady. I helped him to a chair.
-Um, I heared noises... what happen? He sounded weird.
-Er... Khufu got kidnapped by... a pigeon... thingy...
Amos sat straight up.
-Did you say pigeon?
He cursed, stood, and started pacing.
-Not good, not good.
-What's not good?
-What did the pigeon look like? What did it do?
-Um well, it looked like a pigeon... and it carried Khufu, which is pretty impossible... and yeah... it was magic isn't it?
-It certainly IS magic. For years the House of Life has been.. ah.. experimenting...
-Last I heard, their latest experiment contains a pigeon.
He told us that the House is trying to use animals as agents now. Like, using them for magical means, fighting gods (yeah I know right?), guarding magical artifacs, etc.
-The problem is, Amos said, that whenever an animal gets fused with magic, there's drawbacks.
-Hold on, Carter said, in Desjardins' house, there were fruit bats. Those are magical right?
-Yes, but they are SUMMONED with magic, not FUSED with magic. If an animal, say a pigeon, gets fused with magic, then the pigeon will nurse the magic, energize it, and ultimately make it moer powerful.
-SO?! It means that the animal might make the magic inside more powerful, maybe more powerful than the gods!
-Um, like, magic that dates back to the time of Ra?
-Exactly. Wait, how'd you know that?
Bast told him about the traces.
Amos groaned. Then he gasped.
-They took Khufu?
-Animals that are sacred to the gods...
-They... oh no we have to get him back!
-You're questioning me? I thought a moment ago you wanted to rescue him?
He got me there. Fine what's the plan.
And then a rescue mission is born.
Whatever. This is so far from RR's actual book. I abandoned this cuz nobody wuz reading anyway. I'll make this short then.
hơn một năm qua eyal10 said…
why are you abondoning
hơn một năm qua HecateA said…
AWW! I'm sorry I just found out! It really was good partypony! You have good ideas with ptah, the caterpillar-looking monster, the pigeon and all!

Stories are like children. Fun mostly, hard sometimes, you never know how they'll do, but either way you just can't abbandon them.
hơn một năm qua partypony said…
5 Nami
Back at Desjardin's

We took Amos's boat thingy and rode between the mortal world and Duat. Within a few seconds, we were at Paris. La Rue de Pyramids.
I knew Khufu was here because I felt his life force. For some reason, his life seems like a beacon to me. Carter and Sadie don't know what I'm talking about. I guess Ptah's helping out a little.
We stopped before Desjardin's big red door.
-Why he has a red door, I don't know. Sadie murmured.
-You guys ready? Carter asked.
We nodded.
Amos wasn't going with us. He had to take the pills, and Bast stayed to guard him (she wasn't at all happy with that arrangement).
I concentrated. I imagined I was a bird. A raven.
-And so shall it be, Ptah whispered in my mind.
I opened my eyes, and saw 2 birds. One was an eagle, and the other was a kite (like, the bird-kite).
I knew they were carter and Sadie.
-Ha! Sadie said. She flew away, with Carter following her lead.
I followed the two birds. I remembered what Bast told me.
-Don't hesitate when going in, she said. Just fly straight in.
I saw the window. I cawed. Sadie disappeared inside, and so did Carter.
-I can do this. I thought.
I flew straight through the window.
I landed in a table. I looked around and saw the eagle and the kite with closed eyes.
I closed my own eyes, and imagined myself a human.
I opened again, and I was still a raven. Carter and Sadie were looking down at me with concern.
-Are you ok, Nami? Carter said.
I cawed.
-She might have had the same problem as me. Sadie said.
I cawed again, and closed my eyes.
-Ptah. I thought. A little help here!
-You must learn how to do this without my help. He said.
-Aw come on! Right now I have a freaking bird brain! And I say that literally!
Ptah stayed silent. I cursed in my mind and thought me being human again.
I thought of my days with my parents...

-Nami, you are a failure! Dad said.
-You'll never get anywhere! Mom said.

Anger fueled my concentration. My emotions of rage towards my parents activated my magic.
I opened my eyes and saw Carter and Sadie smiling.
-You did it. Sadie said.
-Yes I did.
-Now we gotta look for that book. Be careful, this place is full of traps. You do NOT want to eat a fruit bat.
We searched the library for the book. It was harder because we don't have a doughboy anymore.
I scanned the shelves, desprately looking for the golden cover.
Something glinted.
I swerved to my right, and saw a book with a golden cover.
I carefully pulled it out. Surprisingly, no alarms or traps activated.
I flipped throughout the book. I stopped at page 546.
-Carter! Sadie! I said.
They went over, and saw the book.
-Good job!
-Gimme that. Sadie snatched the book and read the page.
-To summon the power of cheese...
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hơn một năm qua HecateA said…
Ha! They actually will summon cheese! Finally!!!!!!!!

Awesome partypony!
hơn một năm qua eyal10 said…
really funny
hơn một năm qua RomanGreekDemi said…
Post, please!!!!!!
hơn một năm qua Emily_is_COOl said…
HA! Cheese...
Are you gonna post more?
hơn một năm qua zeuskid777 said…
post already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!
hơn một năm qua Artemis_8 said…
Awesome Partypony! I hope you don't abandon it...
hơn một năm qua partypony said…
Hmm... Now that I've read the throne of fire... I can see how off this is.
For one thing, there's like tepwenty trainees I. The book...

The similarities are that Ptah plays a part... And thats pretty much it...
I'm actually laughing right now...

And no, I'm not posting anymore, now that the book is out.
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hơn một năm qua Unimportance said…
this is awesome!