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Anubis House (dinning room)
(Fabian and Joy are together on one couch, Patricia is on the đi văng across, Trudy is in the phòng bếp, nhà bếp doing the dishes, and Mara and Jerome are on another đi văng with Jerome's arm over Mara)
Fabian: So how was your Christmas, Joy?
Joy: Good. You?
Fabian: Good.
Patricia: Did bạn talk to Nina over Christmas.
Fabian: yeah.
Mara: Where is Nina?
Fabian: She should be here anytime now.
Joy (side bình luận and sarcasm): oh joy.
(Alfie and Amber enter dinning room)
Amber: Alber is here!
Mara: hi guys.
Alfie: (walks over to Jerome and Mara and sits in the middle of them) What's up...
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Fabian pulls up in a parking spot at the boarding school then steps out of his car and stares up at the school.
Fabian: Another wonderful năm at Anubis House.
Fabian walks towards Anubis House and Jerome and cây anh túc, thuốc phiện are arguing behind him.
Poppy: But Jerome please.
Jerome: I already đã đưa ý kiến no Poppy.
Poppy: But Jerome-
Jerome: Just drop it okay?
Poppy: What ever Jerome. I thought bạn loved me better than that after what happened last year. But I guess not!
Poppy runs off crying and Mara walks up to Jerome.
Mara: hey, what was that all about?
Jerome: Nothing.
Mara: Well is everything alright?
Jerome: Sure....
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Is it too late for episode 6? Anyway if bạn like my các bài viết please add me! Okay in episode 5 Nina faints let's see what happens next!
Amber : She's waking up!
Nina : *slowly wakes up* Amber, where are you?
Amber : Here, silly!
Nina : *has poor eyesight* Everything is.. blurry.
Fabian : Can bạn see?
Nina : But everything is still blurry.
Alfie : Who thinks this is the work of Sankara raise up your hands!
Joy : *raises her hand* I do.
Jerome : One thing.....
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