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 Fedorable... Utterly.
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This Các anh hùng của đỉnh Olympus bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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I Scoop Poop Athena read looking disgusted.

"Poop is a POTTY word!!!" Apollo and Hermes roared together.
"Demi-Gods" Mr.D grumbled, burping.
Zues sniffed, "Is that Grape?"
"No!" Mr.D said.
"It is! Fifty thêm years!"
"How can Annabeth tình yêu this boy?" Athena đã đưa ý kiến horrified.
"You know my son is disgusting now that I think of it." Poseidon đã đưa ý kiến shaking his head.
"See this is why I have girls, they don't do disgusting things." Zeus said.
"What about Jason?"
"He's Roman, Romans don't do stupid things!"
"Der, Uncle" Hermes đã đưa ý kiến rolling his eyes.
"Boys." Artemis muttered.
"Oh Little Sis. If it weren't...
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 Dike, Goddess of Justice
Dike, Goddess of Justice
Holy Hephaestus, we're in for one amazing story. I think we all picked up on the curse in the book description, and ever since there has been discussion all over the place about which curse it might be. Is it old? Is it new? Has Hades' curse of the Oracle come back hoặc did Hera decieve Percy at the end of The Last Olympian? There are answers, my friends, about several curses and about the people who do the cursing.

First we are going to start with Hera. Hera cursed Annabeth in the Battle of the Labyrinth. It was a constant annoyance to Annabeth because Hera just kept getting in her way. We all...
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