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all right. xin chào guys and galls.

i am nghề viết văn a mark of athena that is coming up first.

some might make sense. when it's up tell me HONESTLY if its good.

all SoN and PJO stuff belongs to Rick Rordain

main characters:

i will post 2 days max!!!!

this is the mark of athena my style....

sorry. wont let me đăng lên so...
continue reading...
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So there we were.Me, Hazel, Leo drowning in a pit of tar.In front of us was a giant.He was laughing.The giant said, "Gaea will rise and bạn three will die to help awaken her.,"Then I đã đưa ý kiến "so bạn think.I have a secret weapon."I pulled out a rubber ball.The giant laughed and said,"Oh no your going to defeat me with a rubber ball."Hazel and Leo knew what to do.Hazel summoned lots of vàng and Leo shot fire.When they put it around the ball it turned into a bomb.I yelled ,"Hold your breath"!Right before the bomb exploded we went under.I heard a scream of agony and the tar disappeared.When we looked up the giant was gone.
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