The Giải cứu thế giới of Olympus fanfic Demigods kids

Nemisis posted on Feb 19, 2012 at 10:05PM
This will have several stories on our favorite Demigods kids (I will not put up stories on children of Thalia she is sworn to be a maidan for life) In including a THE KIDS READ PJO /HOO and some stories on there adventures ... remember not everything in these stories are what they seem *insert evil grin*

The Giải cứu thế giới of Olympus fanfic 13 các câu trả lời

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hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
first who I made
Luke Jackson
Klairisse Jackson
Bianca diAngalo
Jami Stoll
Kari Grace
Alex Grace
Maureen (Mo Mo) Valdez
Jonah Stoll
Luralle Underwood

theirs will also be some of the old characters like chiron but you already know all them
hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
okay you will never guess Bianca or Maureens mothers
you would never expect them to marry Nico or Leo ....but I'm cool enough to be completely unpredictable I wanna say it soooo bad okay I wont until it comes up in a story but its gonna be hard
hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
Klairisse had always known there was something abnormal about her family, but she was never sure what it was. Sometimes her or her brother would hear noises and then either her mother of father would dissapeare, and the other would make sure that her and Luke stayed put, when the other parent returned they would exchange a look. Other things like how nimble her parents were. To Klairisse her parents where different but to the out side world Annabeth Chase-Jackson was your average soccer mom, and Percy Jackson was a normal marine life activast. Klairi and her brother weren't so sure. On the first day of school, another new school, because they were always moving due to her fathers job on the ocean front, but they always stayed near long island sometimes within a fifteen minute drive from there previouse home, Her and Her older brother Luke were starting at some elementary school Her in fifth grade him in sixth it would have been fine , except it it was the end of May as in the thirtieth, they would still be new next year, Luke didn't have it as bad sure he wouldn't have many friends but next year every one would be new to the junior high she would only be a sixth grader, They walked to school together and said goodbye at the big gates in front that made it seem like a prison, she walked to the office alone and got a schedule and a room and locker number as she walked to find locker 157 pushing through the now crowded hallways she noticed her brother standing in front of a locker putting his stuff in and she memorized the number 231 she walked down the halls going by the numbers on lockers and finding hers on the second floor by the stairs to the third and miraculously her homeroom was right around the corner she walked in to find the only people there was a small group of girls wearing soccer jerseys. Klaire walked to the back of the room sat on the floor and took out her favorite book , My sister the Vampire : Vampolicus, to read until the bell rang, she had always loved to read which her brother had never understood since both ofthem had a serious case of dislexia
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hơn một năm qua swiftwater said…
Great keep posting.
hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
i post.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... tommorow
hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
chapter two
Luke walked into the small class room and saw the teacher sitting at a desk in the front of the room. He walked up to the desk and said
"Mam, Im the new kid Luke Jackson, where do you want me to sit? " without looking at him the woman pointed to a seat in the back next to a really big mean looking guy. He walked over and started putting his stuff in the desk..
after a while the teacher stood up and called roll.
"Tracy Allen, Edward Bell ", ect. , at Hue Bones the big guy grunted in acknowledgement
"Luke Jackson "
Luke mumbled here, which caused every one to look at him. That made him uncomfortable, so he spent the rest of the. class trying not to be noticed. It didn't work. while they where headed for lunch some of the guys stopped him.
"Your new " one of them who Luke thought was named Lois stated
"yeah " Luke agreed walking around them.As soon as he walked into the lunch room Luke searched for his sisters long wave of thick silky black curls . it took a while for him to find her and when he did he saw her surrounded by a gaggle of kids. both boys and girls. This often happened to Klairy on the first day of school. The girls would herd around her because of how quiet she seemed, and they thought she was secretive and they wanted to know what she was hiding. The boys, had always annoyed him. They would crowd her because with her big green eyes that seemed like tiny hurricanes, her thin face and full lips, along with her dark locks, they thought she was pretty. They locked eyes. Hers screamed 'Help me! ' Luke decided to have some fun and play up the protective older brother act, he had started that in his second grade school when some girls had been picking on Klairisse. Of course sometimes the other kids didn't believe that he was her brother, since the only resemblance was their sea green eyes and his didn't look like storms, they looked like pools of water, that with his sandy blond hair, made them look nothing alike. He walked over.
"Klairy, are they bugging you "? he asked pushing his way through the tide of fifth graders she smiled at him and nodded.
"Okay everyone back away from my little sister" he announced, Klairy raised her eyebrows at the little sister part but said nothing.
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hơn một năm qua swiftwater said…
Protective big brother? nice way to go
hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
chapter three

Klaire was annoyed that she couldn't join the soccer team because sign ups for the next season had already passed. But she still sat with the soccer players in almost every class. At lunch she sat with her brother at an empty table.
"Why did we come this late in the school year again? " She asked Luke
"Because Dad got a new job " he replied in a monotone "isn't that why we always move " it was a rhetorical question.
the day went on in a blur and by the time she met up with her brother at the gates to walk home she felt like collapsing on the ground and going to sleep. They walked to their new house in silence. She couldnt think of it as 'home ', the only place she had ever thought of as home was their apartment they had lived in in Manhattan when she was three.
-:-:-:-:-:-:- page break -:-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:­-:-­:-:­-:-­:-:­-:-­:-:­-:

"Tough day at school?" her father asked when she walked through the door, her mother wasn't home yet. She had gotten a job in a high school as a European History professor and got out a hour after they got out of school
" Only slightly " was her reply. Her father laughed and both her and her brother smiled. her brothers laugh was infectious. After a while her brother went upstairs to do homework, and soon after she did the same. Later they went downstairs and ate dinner at which a happy chatter was kept up by her parents. But it was night time when things went bad. She heard loud crashes and an exclamation of surprise. She tiptoed to the stair banister to see her brother was already there. He pressed a finger to his lips ' quiet ' . She heard her mothers irratated whisper
"Really Percy "
"Yes really, its not my fualt, there was five of them" her mothers reply sounded scared, but that was impossible, Annabeth Chase-Jackson didn't get scared
'"Five " yes she had heard her. mothers voice tremble .
"Their to close " her father said
"They can go to my father "
"Would that be to close to New R- " her mother cut him off
"No it wouldn't "
"Reyna wouldn't hesitate, shes been short on soldiers for years, she wouldn't care if they were ours " at that moment Klairisse relized that they were talking about her, and Luke. "that would probably make her want them more "
her mothers voice turned hard.
"if she tries to ..." she left the threat hanging . she spoke again but this time it was a whimper "its the only place I can think of "
"WiseGirl " his fathers voice was soft "its okay, if that's where you want to send them, then we'll send them there "
"What about Reyna " she asked
"I'll send a message ahead to Frank and Hazel, ask them to keep an eye on 'em "
then every thing was silent. and Klarrisse was in shock, her parents were going to send her and Luke away.

-)-(-)-)-()(-(-))-)---)-))()-) page break ()(-(-(-)-(---)-)-))-)-)(-(-))

Luke's head was buzzing with a million questions. Who was this grandfather he'd never known, why did his parents want to send him and Klairy to him? who was Reyna? who were Frank and Hazel? why did his mother sound so upset?

wow I forgot I even had this thing! Sorry for not putting any thing on
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hơn một năm qua Nemisis said…
kid. parent

Bianca. Nico, Clarisse

Jami. Conner and Lou-Ellen

Kari. Jason, Piper

Alex. Jason, Piper

Maureen. Leo, Reyna

Luralle. Grover, Juniper

Klairy. Percy, Annabeth

Luke. Percy, Annabeth

Here if anyone reads this remember these
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big smile
please post soon it was awesome
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I love your story!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST SOON!!!!!!!!!
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Yes I Have To Agree, This Is An Epic Worthy Of Riordan Himself. Though You Should, Hopefully, Correct The Very Few Punctuation Errors And Such. And Very Kindly, Please Continue The Story, For It Is An Interesting Read To Wait For The Mark of Athena (MoA) That Is All, I'm Not A Grammar Nazi, It Just Irritates Me (Because I Had A Very Strict English Teacher Who Would Mark Down A Grade For Misspelling A Word) And I Also Found This Way Of Writing Very Invigorating (Making Me Feel Smarter Than I Actually Am)
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PLEASE POST BEFORE I EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!
^hey Cadmus, I've been meaning to ask you, why do you always have the first letter of every word capitalized?