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The Gifted (TV Series) How do bạn rate Season 1?

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 nermai posted hơn một năm qua
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Articuno224 picked Amazing:
10/10 for me!!! Not just my current obsession, but one of my absolute favorite shows.

I LOOVE Teen Wolf, Riverdale and Game of Thrones A LOT, but I honestly feel like GoT S6 +7 + Riverdale and TW has a of cheesiness to it.

Game of Thrones S6-7 changed the whole concept that made the show special, it used to be about realistic characters with different perspectives, of course their were people who consider better than others, but the only characters you could truly call "The good guys, good people" were the innocent children Myrcella and Tommen. The Starks are obviously what comes next, but even they did questionable things, executed and killed people, sometimes where some people wouldn't see it justified. But Season 6 and 7 changed the whole thing into a VERY obvious and typical Good vs Evil, where they couldn't possibly make it any clearer who is what, but they ALSO started overly protecting all the good guys with LOTS of plot armor, where they survive situations that doesn't make sense, where the show used to kill off any character who ended up in the wrong situation. The show is still great and dramatic on many levels, but it really has become cheesy in many ways too.

TW and Riverdale has a lot of immaturity but that's because it's mainly directed at Teenagers, they have too much focus on romance for my taste, but like I said, it's directed at teenagers mainly, but there are still LOTS of things I LOVE about those shows.

Anyway enough rambling. I couldn't have been more right about my predictions... But I guess it was a bit too predictable, and it certainly saddens me that my favorite relationship is over for now, but I still think it was a great dramatic way to end the Season, there is nothing more intense and filled with emotion than all the characters we care about becoming divided and make huge decisions.
posted hơn một năm qua.
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nermai picked Amazing:
It was amazing, I think it's one of the best new shows of 2017! I have to confess that the show didn't appeal me much before watching it, but I fell in love with it since the 1st episode! It has a lot of interesting characters and storylines that makes you want to know more about them! The only low thing has been the lack of a great villain. Yes, there were Jace, the Sentinels and Campbell, but a real villain would make it even bigger. Anyway, I think it will happen in Season 2, with the Frost Sisters and now being in 2 different teams.

I agree, you guessed pretty well, but it was spectacular to see how it was made: Polaris being more powerful than ever crashing that plane, Andy and Lauren destroying the building. I will miss both relationships as well, but I think this will make it even more exciting to see when they will be back together again (because I really hope this will be only temporary, we need more Struckers powers and Polaris and Eclipse). ^^

Can't wait for the Season 2!
posted hơn một năm qua.
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RobbStark234 picked Amazing:
Haven't seen all the episodes yet. Still need episode 11-13

But I really like it so far
posted hơn một năm qua.
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Omega_Creation picked Amazing:
Awesome! Especially Andy and Polaris storylines
posted hơn một năm qua.
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RobbStark234 picked Amazing:
Amazing, that Finale was so intense!!! And my two favorite characters were mindblowing, even though they made some HUGE decisions they remain my faves. (Andy and Polaris)

Andy leaving was really sad, but at the same time I support him and Polaris SO MUCH! It's time to fight back.

Polaris taking down the plane was really intense as well and it was a huge decision, I'm honestly a little surprised with myself, I would have expected that I would dislike Andy and Polaris for their decisions and that I should like them less, but I really can't! I think it's actually great that they are more complex than the other characters, instead of just being pure "good guys" who always do the morally right thing, they are more conflicted about what to do and I fully support them.

I'm still really sad about Andy and Lauren separating though :( I want her to join him! (Maybe that could happen if Caitlin and/or Reed dies)

Speaking of Andy and Lauren, they finally got to embrace Fenris for real, WOW! that was awesome.

Also happy in general to see them all in action when Sentinel Services attacked.

And I hear Season 2 is confirmed! YAS! So exited for it... Hope to see a lot of Andy and Polaris.
posted hơn một năm qua.